Gilgamesh ICO


ICO Name Gilgamesh
Description Gilgamesh is a blockchain based decentralized social networking platform that focuses book community and enables them to share their knowledge through innovative, cohesive knowledge sharing module based on ethereum and blockchain technology.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/01/13 05:00
ICO Closing 2018/03/24 02:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price 0.1 ETH
Funding Cap 12500 ETH
Coins Offered 18 Million

What Is Gilgamesh?

Gilgamesh is a decentralized blockchain based knowledge sharing network that connects users including readers, authors, and critics, so they can share their perspective, information, and experiences enabling them to use GIL as a utility token on this ethereum supported platform. The platform provides its users a secure environment that helps them learn, educate and become more information-centric while incentivizing them to earn Gilgamesh tokens as a reward for making their productive contribution to the network through smart contracts execution.


Gilgamesh is a blockchain based decentralized social networking platform that focuses book community and enables them to share their knowledge through innovative, cohesive knowledge sharing module based on ethereum and blockchain technology. People use books as their main source of information and knowledge for ages, however, in spite of the technological advancement and availability of the internet, there isn’t any productive user-friendly platform that enables book readers as well as authors to come into contact with each other and share knowledge.

Instead, the market has almost been bombarded with outdated and stagnant platforms that are incapable to meet the modern needs of the book reader community. Gilgamesh serves to be an ultimate solution for book lovers in a way that using the platform they are not only able to share productive knowledge but also earn a reward against it.

How Does Gilgamesh Work?

Ever since the world was created, man is craving knowledge that serves to be an intangible asset with an immense power. First the man started talking, then he started making paintings, later on, he discovered how to write meaningfully. The journey proceeded and all written documents started getting copied and printed. Now is the time, when most of us use to type.

But think for a while, do we really get a reward for what we do? I mean there should be a difference between just and information and knowledge. People share their product knowledge over the internet that is read and appreciated by millions of people all around the world but doesn’t bring any good to the author of that knowledge. Instead, the publisher whose platform has been used to share the knowledge enjoys not only the financial benefit but also reserves the full right to modify the content. This leaves authors to earn next to nothing.

Gilgamesh brings the solution by empowering authors to have complete command over their content by eliminating the middleman (publishers). It’s an ethereum supported IPF and blockchain based platform that connects authors, readers, critics and services providers through a safe environment where people can socialize, write a review, contribute, provide a service and earn GIL tokens as a reward for their productive contribution to the network.

Earn Gilgamesh Tokens

People can earn Gilgamesh tokens by participating in the crowd sale of the ICO that is currently in progress. Those who participated in the pre-sale phase of the ICO have not only earned Gilgamesh tokens but availed 6% bonus offer as well for being the early contributors of the ICO. Investors can also earn Gilgamesh tokens by contributing their services to the platform. Gilgamesh tokens will also be available on the major exchanges across the world. People can buy Gilgamesh tokens in exchange for another cryptocurrency.

Buy Gilgamesh Tokens With E-Wallets

Gilgamesh platform issues ERC20 standard tokens as its utility tokens. These tokens are as equal as ethereum. They are stored in e-wallets. Since every cryptocurrency needs to be stored in e-wallets. Therefore, people who wish to buy Gilgamesh tokens need to have an e-wallet prior they buy Gilgamesh tokens. Many renowned exchanges around the world offer free e-wallets these days, you just need to make sure that the exchange you select to open e-wallet is not a scam.

The ICO Distribution

According to the information available on the official website of the ICO, the expected starting date of the token sale is January 13th, 2018. Therefore, we assume it to be the same. The ICO planned to last for almost 70 days. It will end on March 24th, 2018 (02:10 AM – PDT). There will be a total of 18 Million tokens available for the sale. The minimum amount for transaction is set by the ICO as 0.1 ETH. The ICO will observe a hard capping of 12500 ETH. The ICO supports ethereum as its only accepted form of payments.

Token Distribution

The ICO plans to distribute its tokens under following proportion;

  • 30% of the total tokens will be distributed to users of Gilgamesh platform
  • 25% of the total tokens will be made public during the Token Sale
  • 20% tokens are planned to be retained by the platform itself
  • 20% tokens are planned to be distributed to the Founding members of the ICO
  • 5% tokens are planned to be distributed to Advisors and early contributors of the ICO

Funds Usage (100%)

The ICO plans to allocate its funds generated through the ICO under following proportion;

  • 65% funds are planned to be allocated to employees of the ICO
  • 16% funds are planned to be allocated to operations department of the ICO
  • 13% are planned to be allocated to the marketing department of the ICO
  • 6% are planned to be kept separate to meet legal obligations.

Bonus Offers

Like all other renowned ICOs, Gilgamesh also plans to offer bonuses to its early investors. It also offered bonuses to those who participated in the pre-sale phase of the ICO. Those contributing to the crowd sale of the ICO can avail 6% bonus offer up to March 10th, 2018.

Team Members

The ICO has following team members;

  1. Mahdi Pedram is the Founder and Software Architect of the ICO
  2. Atefe Mosayebi is the Software Engineer and Project Manager at Gilgamesh
  3. Ali Rasekh is the Director Operations and Security Manager at Gilgamesh
  4. Mo Vahedi is the Product Manager and Lead for Solution Delivery at Gilgamesh
  5. Mohammad Amoozegar is the Analyst of Blockchain Data at Gilgamesh
  6. Nathan Christian is the advisor to the Company
  7. Kumar Gaurav is also an advisor to the Company
  8. Douglas Park is yet another advisor to the Company
  9. Reza Dibadj also serves as an advisor is the Company

Invest In Gilgamesh

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that Gilgamesh is going to be the world’s first social networking platform based on blockchain with its main focus on book community. The platform intends to provide knowledge contributors their due right in form of financial compensation. We believe Gilgamesh is pursuing a workable objective that will be beneficial for masses on a larger scale. We, therefore, suggest people should invest in Gilgamesh with a positive frame of mind. We hope, people won’t regret their decision ever.
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