Hada DBank ICO


ICO Name Hada DBank
Description Hada DBank is a decentralized blockchain based cryptocurrency bank that incorporates Islamic fundamentals to carry out its business operations.
Website URL https://www.hada-dbank.com/
White Paper URL https://drive.google.com/file/d/16nbPwXqjXRRmVKstu1dn4NobywANASkH/view
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)

What Is Hada DBank?

Hada DBank is a decentralized blockchain based cryptocurrency bank that incorporates Islamic fundamentals to carry out its business operations. The platform focuses people having strong religious beliefs to help them avail cryptocurrency and blockchain based services. The platform intends to ensure that basic Islamic principles are followed while delivering its services to its clients without making them compromise their religious commitments and values. Other than carrying out operations as per Islamic perspective, the platform offers many other positive features such as a transparent risk-sharing feature, which can be equally satisfying for a Non-Muslim stakeholder.


Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular these days, and every individual living around show their interest in them and wishes to avail the benefits associated with cryptocurrencies. However, some people having strong religious beliefs may feel reluctant to embrace technological advancement in form of a digital currency. They may consider it contrary to their religious values. We are essentially talking about the Muslim community that forms a big total of overall population of the world. Hada Dbank is the first blockchain based decentralized banking system that works on Islamic fundamental principles. The platform appears to be the pioneer in introducing halal blockchain based financial module.

How Does Hada Dbank Work?

As mentioned earlier, the platform incorporates Islamic banking, it is now important to know that this doesn’t mean that Hada DBank doesn’t allow non-muslims to avail its services. It is just that Hada DBank intends to build ties preferably with Islamic banks than other traditional banks. However, it will be collaborating with other banks as well. Banks working with Hada DBank need to follow strict guidelines of the company concerning the capital usage, deposit mobilization and so on. Another interesting feature of the Hada DBank is that its operations are somewhat same as that of a credit union, where members of the system are allowed to contribute personally. Investors may also have the authority to know where their funds are being used followed by a control over their funds to restrict them from getting used in haram activities. Moreover, the element of interest is completely forbidden for both investors and lenders in the Islamic banking system.

Earn Hada DBank Tokens

Investors who wish to earn Hada Dbank tokens can get themselves registered in the pre-sale phase of the ICO since it is in progress. The ICO plans to keep its pre-sale open until February 28th, 2018. Buyers can also earn Hada Dbank tokens by participating in the crowd sale of the ICO.

Buy Hada DBank Tokens With E-Wallets

Besides being an Islamic cryptocurrency bank, like all other ICOs, Hada Dbank is also based on ethereum. Investors need to have an e-wallet account to store Hada tokens in it. Therefore, it is pertinent for investors who wish to buy Hada Dbank tokens to sign up for an e-wallet account before they actually buy Hada Dbank tokens. Many exchanges around the world offer free e-wallets these days. Investors only need to make sure that they use a legitimate company’s e-wallet to buy Hada DBank tokens.

Trade Hada Coins at F1cryptos

Hada DBank plans to introduce its own coin, known as Hada Coin. The coin will be listed at f1cryptos exchange. So anyone who is interested in trading Hada coin should get an ewallet at f1cryptos.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO is expected to launch its token crowd sale in March 2018. We, however, couldn’t find the exact opening and closing date of the crowd sale of the ICO. The pre-sale phase of the ICO is ending on February 28th, 2018. There will be a total token supply of 500 Million Hada Dbank tokens out of which 295 Million tokens will be made available to the general public to subscribe.

Special Announcement

The platform has announced that Hada Coins will be listed on the world’s famous cryptocurrency exchange F1Cryptos. In an answer to a question asked from the F1Crypto partner Michael Buchbinder that what made F1Cryptos to put a proposal to Hada Dbank to get their coins listed on the exchange, he explained that F1Cryptos found the objective of Hada Dbank quite appealing. It was more about the well being of clients than about the platform itself.  The transparent risk-sharing module offered by the platform has also persuaded them to shake hands with the Hada Dbank.

Token Distribution

The ICO plans to distribute its tokens under the following proportion.;

  • 295 Million tokens will be distributed the general public
  • 20 Million out of 295 Million tokens will be distributed to institutional buyers and private investors
  • 50 Million out of 275 Million tokens will be distributed to the participants of the pre-sale phase of the ICO.
  • 225 Million tokens will be offered in the crowd sale of the ICO.
  • 10 Million tokens will be distributed to offer bounty and reward programs.

Funds Usage (100%)

The ICO plans to use the funds generated from the crow sale under following proportion;

  • 35% funds will be allocated to research and development department of the ICO
  • 30% funds will be allocated to the operations department of the ICO
  • 20% funds will be spent on Capital Expenditure
  • 15% funds will be separated as a reserve by the ICO

Team Members

The ICO has following team members.

  1. Mohd Al-Shazanous is the CEO / CFO & CO-FOUNDER of the ICO
  2. Linda Azmi is the CMO & CO-FOUNDER of the ICO
  3. Juan Mahussin is the CTO & CO-FOUNDER of the ICO
  4. Marcos Macias is the COO at Hada DBank
  5. Ernest Loh is the PR and SPOKESPERSON at Hada DBank
  6. Barjoyai Bardai is the advisor to the company
  7. Ayad Almutairi is also an advisor to the company
  8. David Drake is also an advisor to the company
  9. Guan Seng Khoo is yet another advisor to the company
  10. Yousuf Ikram is also anther advisor the company
  11. Robby Schwertner also serves as an advisor to the company
  12. Tim de Rosen is also an advisor to the company
  13. Zahid Ali is another advisor to the company
  14. Faiz Ahmed Faiz is also one of the advisors to the company
  15. Darrell Emmanuel is also an advisor to the company

Invest In Hada Dbank

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby, conclude that Hada DBank is going to be the world’s first Islamic cryptocurrency bank with an idea to introduce banking system as per the basic fundamentals of Islam. The announcement of the ICO to list its tokens on world’s most reputable exchange F1Cryptos have also led investors to invest in Hada DBank. The platform also offers its clients a transparent risk-sharing module which even further adds credibility to the ICO. We believe people should definitely invest in Hada DBank.

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