imusify ICO Review – Is imusify a Good Investment?


ICO Name imusify
Description music platform w/ incentives for artists and fans
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 3.1.19
ICO Closing 4.1.19
Token Platform NEO
Coin Price 1 IMU = $0.044 USD
Funding Target $1 million USD
Funding Cap $25 million USD
Coins Offered IMU

The imusify ICO is one of the hottest platforms yet to launch on NEO. It’s a digital music platform (think Soundcloud, but better), with capabilities only possible with blockchain technology. Financial incentives help musicians get paid, fans get rewarded for listening, and every other stage in the music creation-delivery pipeline achieve monetization. imusify 1.0 is already available, making this one of the most developed and promising ICOs of 2019, so read on to find out more!

What is imusify?

The imusify ICO Concept

imusify is a platform where musicians can upload their content, people can listen to it, and all of the above can get paid. In the beginning, imusify works something like Soundcloud – it’s a place for indie musicians to host and monetize their music. But as time goes on, imusify wants to be a hub for the whole digital music industry, where labels and publishers can work with fans and content creators to craft a grassroots ecosystem where great music lives and where all parties are paid in IMU for their positive contributions to the network.

Perhaps more simply put, it’s a place where you can get paid to create and listen to music.

Which Blockchain Will imusify Launch On?

blockchain world
imusify runs on NEO [Visual Generation/]
imusify runs on NEO. The NEO blockchain has numerous advantages when compared to alternative smart contract platforms. It’s much faster than Ethereum, never updates by fork, and has an easier path towards high-performance scalability than any other decentralized applications (dapps) platform.

NEO requires certain quality standards of its ICOs, and imusify is among the cream of the crop. With all of the challenges that have faced the ICO industry, and the Chinese blockchain specifically, it’s good to see imusify finally approaching its token sale.

The imusify ICO Team

imusify has a strong team composed of music industry business people, blockchain and computer science developers, marketing minds, and business advisors. Today, the team totals more than 30. imusify 1.0 is already live, so much of the team are working in the daily operations of a digital music platform.

The imusify ICO Roadmap

imusify is different than a lot of other ICOs in that they already have a fully functioning product. The imusify app is available for use at It’s pretty simple, mostly including the music of amateur imusify users, but you’ll quickly notice that content creators and listeners can already get paid for their contributions. When the ICO is completed, the real IMU tokens will go live on the site.

From here, imusify plans to expand its reach, while adding features that will launch with imusify 2.0 in March 2019.

Is imusify a Scam?

We’re about 100% sure that imusify is not a scam. NEO has pretty high standards for its ICOs, and imusify has been required to jump through many regulatory hoops to list their token on the IMU ICO register. The team has already proven that their technology and economic model work well. With imusify 1.0 already working and following the successful IMU ICO registration, it’s only a matter of on-boarding new users, adding features, and marketing around the globe.

Strengths & Challenges of imusify

imusify is a great idea, and the product it is executing does not already exist (at least in a high-quality form) in the current blockchain industry. However, the IMU Token sale launches in the midst of the “Crypto Winter”, and imusify itself has to challenge conventional music platforms like Spotify, Tidal, and Youtube. Can imusify gain enough users to put down roots and become a player in the global industry?

The imusify IMU Token Sale

About 75% of the 1,000,000,000 IMU tokens will be sold in the ICO, Private Sale, and Pre-Sale. The rest will be distributed according to the chart above.

How to Buy imusify Tokens

  1. To buy IMU tokens, first go to and click on “whitelist” in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Input your email and password to create your account.
  3. Add the rest of the requested information and submit.
  4. Click the link in the email they send you.
  5. Add your NEO address, and sign the private sale agreement. You will be led to instructions about how to proceed.

Should I Invest in the imusify ICO?

Only you can decide if imusify is the right investment for you. All ICOs, especially at this time in ICO history, are risky investments, although these can be made somewhat safer through the use of regulated platforms like eToro. However, if you were to choose on an ICO, the combination of NEO’s quality and imusify’s hard work make a compelling case for IMU. Think it over; you’ve got a couple of months to decide.

Similar Projects and Alternatives to imusify

There are a bunch of music platforms on various blockchains. VOISE, Ujo Music, and others all work to bring music to the blockchain and to monetize all steps in the production and publishing process along the way. Larger platforms like TRON have big ambitions for bringing music to the blockchain as well.

No one can say if imusify will stand head and shoulders above the rest, but we like their chances of distinguishing themselves within the NEO ecosystem at the very least. If NEO continues to grow, imusify has a real chance of standing out on the world stage, starting in Asia and moving beyond as NEO decentralises and goes global.



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