IQeon ICO Review


ICO Name IQeon
Description IQeon is a decentralized gaming PvP platform, which allows players to earn real (fiat) money on their achievements.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018-01-30 09:00:00
ICO Closing 2018-03-13 09:00:00
Token Platform Ethereum ERC20
Coin Price 2.59369 USD
Funding Cap 17,291,240 USD
Coins Offered ETH, BTC, LTC

IQeon is one of the more interesting ICOs we’ve seen in recent days. Right out of the gate IQeon has a working product, devoted users, a large development network, and a reason to offer a new cryptocurrency to the market.

IQeon IQN will be the currency used in the IQeon network of video games. Users who play the games on the network will receive IQeon for their time, and especially for their success. Players will compete against players for rewards as well.

The platform will also facilitate betting on outcomes of the most interesting games occurring on the network. With many fun games, and the potential for serious profits, the IQeon ICO seems like a no-brainer for new investors.

How Does the IQeon Network Work?Qeon ICO Review

Right now, IQeon is already live with a phone app (or dApp in this case) called IQClash. Much like Lumosity, in IQClash, a user will face various puzzle challenges which will test their mental abilities and purportedly strengthen them over time.

The difference lies in the competitive aspect of the game. Users can battle it out in a game of wits for rewards. When IQeon goes live, victory in these game environments will result in financial rewards, paid in IQeon (IQN).

IQeon already has 5 more dApp games in development, which will each play into their intelligent gaming ecosystem with financial rewards. In addition, 200 third party games are already being developed for inclusion in the coming months. 

Finally, the IQeon API is open source, so that even more third-party gamers can develop dApp games for the platform, or simply add the IQeon financial incentives system to their non-blockchain game. This links IQeon to other gaming networks. 

IQeon intends for their service to be competition-focused. Interactive mobile gaming, played with friends or strangers through the blockchain, will be good in itself, but it’s the financial payment system which may be the biggest incentive. 

Numerous other blockchain projects have shown how cryptocurrency incentives create loyal users, the most famous example being Steemit. This proven model seems like a natural fit for the mobile gaming industry, just as IQeon hopes. 

Who is the Target Audience for IQeon?

Already, IQeon has a strong user base with their IQClash dapp, which is available for smartphones today. The company has done consumer research among these players to learn that no fewer than 14% of current users would readily migrate to the platform with financial incentives for the same gaming behavior they use today, effectively earning money with their intelligence.

The most interested group, according to IQeon, is the 12-25 year old population, who currently use IQClash in droves. The company expects this target demographic to cross over to the other intelligence training apps in their development pipeline. However, as the company expands and many third party games are added, the age range should dramatically widen.

This is all not to mention the games which exist outside of the IQeon ecosystem, which can employ the IQeon incentives model, without ever having to migrate to the blockchain. This should give IQeon access to customers across many demographics, all around the world.

Why Does IQeon IQN Token Have Value?

Qeon ICO Review

Any potential investor in the IQeon ICO will want to know the basis of IQeon IQN’s intrinsic value. Obviously, the coin will have utility in the IQeon games and larger ecosystem. As more users enter the IQeon ecosystem, the demand for and awareness of IQeon IQN will expand, both for users of the system and the outside investors who simply want to benefit from the increase in IQeon coin’s value.

All of this fails to take into consideration the small number of IQeon coins which will ever exist. Only 10,000,000 coins will be released through the system, at max. 10,000,000 is well less than the current supply of Bitcoin, which itself is one of the smaller circulating supply coins on the market. If some coins go unsold in the ICO, they will be destroyed, thus making the circulating supply even smaller.

The IQeon token has additional value, in that it will be used to reward developers for hard work that benefits the network. It can also be used to pay royalties incurred by developers whose games are used within the IQeon network.

In all of these cases, the laws of supply and demand will greatly inflate the price of IQeon IQN. This will directly benefit investors, but it will also be felt by those who use the IQeon system for games and income. The financial incentive rewards of the IQeon games may not be worth that much in the beginning, but as traffic expands through the network, this is sure to change. 

How Many Games Should Be Added to the System Following IQeon ICO?

The current supply of 1 game (IQClash) may seem like small potatoes for a hyped ICO like IQeon, but let’s consider the larger picture. IQeon is actually among a distinguished few ICOs which has a working product that is already well received. This alone allows IQeon to hit the ground running, but this isn’t all for the platform.

Around 50 games and applications are expected to come to the IQeon blockchain, each one adding new value, user base, and development interest to the young platform. It’s quite possible that as this number rises, interest will increase exponentially in the IQeon network, as it did with Ethereum for ICOs.

How Much Does IQeon IQN Cost During ICO?

There will be two stages to the IQeon ICO: the pre-sale and the official ICO. Here are the prices in Ethereum for both stages:

  • At the pre-ICO stage 1 ETH = 700 IQN
  • At the ICO stage 1 ETH = 325 IQN

IQeon is an ERC20 token, so obviously, Ethereum will be accepted in exchange for these new tokens. In addition, Bitcoin and Litecoin will also be accepted in proportional relative portions to the chosen price of Ethereum.

IQeon Bonuses will be awarded to early investors in the IQeon ICO. During the first day, investors will receive a bonus 30% more coins than they paid for, as a reward for being on the ball. The first week will feature a bonus reward of 25% to investors. Every subsequent week will have a bonus reward of 5% less (20%, 15%, 10%…) until the 5th and final week of the IQeon ICO, when investors will receive a bonus 5% over and above the amount of Ethereum they sent in.

Are There Any Restrictions on Who Can Participate in the IQeon ICO?

Unfortunately, citizens of the United States and Singapore are not allowed to take part in the IQeon ICO. It’s important to note that KYC standards are not demanding for the IQeon ICO. However, because of securities laws, the ICO is not formally extended to US and Singaporean investors.

How to Buy IQeon IQN in the IQeon ICO

Believe it or not, buying Ethereum and sending it to MyEtherWallet is just about the hardest part of this process. Start by going to, the home of the IQeon ICO Presale and ICO.


On the homepage, you’ll see a colorful button labeled “Buy Tokens”. Click it.


After a very brief and undemanding registration process, you’ll be taken to your IQeon ICO account dashboard. Here, you’ll have to add your Ethereum address, which we already identified in your new MyEtherWallet account as pictured above. Copy this address and paste it here. Your IQeon coins can be sent to this address after you pay for them, though they will appear in this dashboard first, in the menu on the left currently at zero IQN.


Now go back to the “Invest” page of the dashboard, as pictured above. When your account is registered and you’ve added your Ethereum address, the Ethereum address for the IQeon ICO will be seen here. Now you’ll be able to send your Ethereum from MyEtherWallet to the IQeon ICO. 

Head back to MyEtherWallet, as pictured in the image we’ve already used above. Choose “Send Coins” and select “ETH” for “Ethereum”. Paste the IQeon ICO address in the address bar, choose the amount of Ethereum you want to spend, and confirm the transaction when you are ready. 

Once your Ethereum coins have been received and the ICO team and smart contracts have had a chance to process the transaction, your coins will be available in your IQeon ICO dashboard, and can be sent from there to your Ethereum address in MyEtherWallet or anywhere else you choose. 


Final Thoughts on the IQeon ICO

Now you know all about IQeon, their plans for the future, how to buy and store Ethereum, how to contribute Ethereum to the IQeon ICO, and how to send your IQeon to MyEtherWallet or another destination of your choice.

There are many reasons to think that the IQeon ICO and final platform will be hit. This is an opportunity for investors and gamers alike. As the way we use games changes, you can bet that IQeon will be on the forefront of this new model.
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