Kodak ICO


ICO Name Kodak
Description Kodak is an American company known for its imaging products. Not so long ago, the Kodak was well-known and probably the only market leader to provide people with photography and print imaging solutions.
Website URL N/A
White Paper URL N/A
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Funding Target N/A
Funding Cap N/A

Investing in an ICO can be profitable provided that you choose the right one. Since hundreds of ICOs have already been launched, so selecting the right ICO for investment purposes can be very challenging. However, by following some guidelines as mentioned below, you can make the right decision. So let’s get started;

Visit Different Crypt Forums

You can visit different forums that talk about cryptocurrencies and ICOs. You may find people sharing their experiences of investing in different ICOs. You may find a lot of people appreciating some cryptocurrencies while other may show their thumbs down for the same cryptocurrencies. You can also try to find what cryptocurrency is popular at the moment, so you could take a chance to invest in it.

Go to the Official Website of ICO

Another good way to have an idea about the ICO you wish to invest in, is to visit the official website of the ICO. Usually, ICO tends to be as explanatory as they can through their official website. You may find a lot of attractions pushing you to give it a try. We however don’t suggest taking it negatively, because good ICOs are supposed to have worked on their website quite well so the potential investors can have a confidence that the team behind the ICO is full of life and enthusiastic. However, if the website of the ICO doesn’t touch your heart, it is better to stay away.

Read Whitepaper of the ICO

Almost every ICO publishes its whitepaper to officially declare all its concerns. Normally a whitepaper of the ICO contains the ICO launching schedule along with some information on its fund’s distribution and allocation. The ICO may also post some information about its founding members and advisors in the whitepaper. In short, you may come to know much about the ICO by just reading its whitepaper.

Look For the Members

You can also search the ICO team members over the internet to know if there is any relevant information about them available online. Relevant means their professional qualification and experience to give you an idea about their competency level.

By following the above-mentioned points, we hope you can make a good decision as to whether you should invest in a certain ICO or not. In this piece, we review an upcoming ICO, so let’s get started;

What is Kodak?

Kodak is an American company known for its imaging products. Not so long ago, the Kodak was well-known and probably the only market leader to provide people with photography and print imaging solutions. Kodak was founded in 1888 by Georges Eastman and his fellow Henry A. Strong. During the whole 20th century, the Kodak almost outclassed all its competitors such as Fuji, Agfa etc. In the late 1990s, the Kodak began to observe financial difficulties due to the less demand for photographic films since the world was witnessing the transitional era when photographic technology transformed to digital imaging. Anyhow Kodak managed to survive by focusing on digital photography and digital printing. The Kodak now tends to launch its ICO to raise funds.


As mentioned earlier, Kodak is the name people are familiar with because of its photographic and image printing solutions. Kodak is about to embrace the latest technology and announced its plan to launch its ICO soon. The platform plans to incorporate blockchain technology to improve the user experience. With the help of blockchain technology, the Kodak is going to empower its people, such as photographers, video makers, and cameraman etc. by enabling them to keep the track of their photos. Using blockchain technology it has now become possible to know where your photos have been used and claim the propriety rights on your photos.

How Does Kodak Work?

Kodak offer digital photography and print imaging solutions to its clients. With the incorporation of blockchain technology Kodak now offers photography aspirants and enthusiast a new hope to control their work and its usage. Earlier, the industry was facing copyright issues, Kodak tends to solve this apparently unsolvable issue forever.

Earn Kodak Tokens

Like all other ICOs, Kodak also plans to hold its launching ceremony soon. As per the available information the ICO is expected to be launched in 2018. Investors who wish to earn Kodak tokens need to participate in the launch of the ICO. The ICO is expected to offer its tokens to the public following two phases including pre-sale phase and the main sale phase. People can also earn Kodak tokens by getting themselves registered in the pre-sale phase of the ICO.

Buy Kodak Tokens With E-Wallets

The Kodak plans to launch its own personalized token KodakCoin. Since the ICO is an ERC20 token based platform and ERC20 is also known as ethereum, so you may be aware of the fact that ethereum needs to be stored in e-wallets. Therefore, people who wish to buy Kodak tokens need to have an e-wallet account before they decide to buy Kodak tokens. Many companies are offering free e-wallet accounts these days, you can open an account with any of these companies. Please be aware that there are some companies who are as bad as a scam. Make sure to open an e-wallet account with a reputable company only.

Team Members

Like all other ICOs, Kodak is also supposed to have team members including CEO, CTO, Technicians, Investment directors, analysts, and advisors. Since the ICOs whitepaper has not yet been published, therefore, information about team members of the ICO is currently unavailable. We hope that once the ICO will publish its white paper, it will make sure to add enough details about its team members in it.

Why Invest In Kodak ICO?

After collecting detailed information from several resources, we came to a conclusion that Kodak intends to rise up again by embracing the change and launching its blockchain based platform, it will provide the world with the innovative photography and imaging solutions. Since the ICO’s whitepaper is not available yet, therefore, we are unable to support our assumptions with relevant information. However, considering its past record, we believe the ICO has a tendency to outclass all big names once again. We suggest people should wait until the ICO publishes its whitepapers and opens its pre-sale phase.


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