Luckchemy ICO


ICO Name Luckchemy ICO
Description Luckchemy is a decentralized blockchain based scalable platform driven by an innovative off chain cryptography. To know more visit
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018-05-22 05:00:00
ICO Closing 2018-07-20 05:00:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price 1 ETH = 12500 LUK
Funding Target 2000 ETH
Funding Cap 45360 ETH
Coins Offered 70% out of total token supply

What Is Luckchemy?

Luckchemy is a decentralized blockchain based scalable platform driven by an innovative off chain cryptography. The platform intends to bring revolution in the casino world by offering a turnkey solution to casino players. A wide range of casino products is offered at Luckchemy including lottery, dicing, and gambling etc. The platform plans to design and launch products on its own but also anticipates to collaborate with other third-party vendors as well to bring value to the platform. The platform offers a provably fair mechanism for gambling where all transactions will be transparent.


Luckchemy is a blockchain based gambling oriented decentralized platform that offers a unique solution to casino players by enabling them to access a wide range of casino products based on smart contracts technology. The platform is driven by an off chain cryptography mechanism. It’s a scalable provably fair platform that ensures transparency by keeping all concerned parties well informed about the happenings on the network. Its main features include scalability and diversified gaming options, scratch cards and lottery programs, legally compliant games, and LUK tokens.

How Does Luckchemy Work?

As it has already been mentioned that Luckchemy is decentralized scalable blockchain based gambling platform. We now would like to let you know how it works. The platform has a unique utility token mechanism through which it assigns an identifier to each token. This mechanism enhances the applicability of tokens on various features of the platform including feedback polls and Holder’s draw. The platform is powered by ERC20 tokens. It also offers lottery programs to its users. The main lottery products of the platform are a daily lottery, sweepstakes, mobile lottery, and prize funding.

Earn Luckchemy Tokens

People who wish to earn Luckchemy tokens need to contribute to the public sale of the ICO. The pre-sale of the ICO is currently in progress, investors can get themselves register with the platform in order to earn Luckchemy tokens. The ICO is likely to get listed on various exchanges of the world. Those who may not be able to participate in the pre-sale or public sale of the ICO can still earn Luckchemy tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

Buy Luckchemy Tokens Using E-Wallets

Since the platform is based on ERC20 standard tokens and supports ethereum as its base currency, therefore those wish to buy Luckchemy tokens need to use their e-wallets for the same. To buy Luckchemy tokens, you need to send ethereum from you e-wallets to the company’s wallets so you can receive Luckchemy tokens in your e-wallet after the ICO ends. Remember, whatever cryptocurrency you wish to trade, e-wallet is a must, so you must open an e-wallet account first before investing in any cryptocurrency platform.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO plans to launch its token sale on May 22, 2018. The IICO is expected to last a little longer as compared to other ICOs. The end date of the ICO is scheduled as of July 20, 2018. There will be a total token supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. The ICO will be holding a soft capping of 2000 ETH whereas its hard capping is defined as 45360 ETH. The starting price of the ICO is expected to be 1 ETH = 12500 LUK

Tokens Distribution

The ICO plans to distribute its tokens under the following proportion;

  • 70% tokens are planned to be distributed to the public during the pre-sale and main sale of the ICO
  • 15% tokens are planned to be distributed to the lottery fund of the ICO
  • 85% tokens are planned to be distributed for the private placement by the ICO
  • 65% tokens are planned to be distributed to the partners of the ICO

Funds Allocation

The ICO plans to allocate its funds generated from the tokens sale under following proportion;

  • 40% funds are planned to be allocated to the lottery program of the ICO
  • 30% funds are planned to be allocated to the marketing department of the ICO
  • 10% funds are planned to be allocated to the partners of the ICO
  • 10% funds are planned to be allocated to the research and development department of the ICO
  • 10% funds are planned to be allocated to the operation department of the ICO

Bonus offers

The ICO plans to offer bonuses to its early contributors. However, the ICO will follow a different scheme to offer bonuses to its early contributors. Those participating in the private sale of the ICO will be entitled to receive 40% discount on their purchases as a bonus amount. A discount of up to 20% will be available for investors putting their money in the ICO during the pre-sale phase of its tokens sale.

Team Members

The ICO has following team members;

  1. Alex Tatarchuk is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Company
  2. Alex Topchienko is also the Co-Founder and COO of the Company
  3. Alex Evseev is the Principal Legal Officer at Luckchemy
  4. Sergey Shkut is the Head of Product at Luckchemy
  5. Mark Beck is the Chief Marketing Officer at Luckchemy
  6. Sergey Riva is the lead Technical Officer at Luckchemy
  7. Mikhail Krishtop is the Mobile Developer at Luckchemy
  8. Sergey Kolesnik is the Senior Back-end Developer at Luckchemy
  9. Nataliia Nikitiuk is the SMM and Product Manager at Luckchemy
  10. Denis Onopenko is the Data Analyst at Luckchemy
  11. Anthony Stepovyi is the UI/UX Expert TL at Luckchemy
  12. Denis Koronets is the Senior Web Developer at Luckchemy
  13. Patrick Roberts is an advisor to the company
  14. Adam Krejcik is also an advisor to the company
  15. Todd Eilers is another advisor to the company

Invest In Luckchemy

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude the Luckchemy intends to bring innovation to the world of casino. It strives hard to introduce a provably fair gambling place where transactions are transparent and people can access a wide range of casino products. We believe, the ICO is working their way well towards success. We suggest people that they should invest in Luckchemy with full confidence. We hope people would not regret their decision ever.
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