Lympo ICO


ICO Name Lympo
Description Lympo is a decentralized blockchain based crowdfunding platform that intends to provide support to its users, seeking funds as well as expertise.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/01/23 05:00
ICO Closing 2018/02/03 05:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price 1 ETH = 40,000 LYM
Funding Target 15% of 100%
Funding Cap 650 Million LYM
Coins Offered 38.5% of 1,000,000,000 LYM

Lympo ICO

Are you struggling to find out the best investment opportunity in cryptocurrencies? Allow us to get your attention towards one of the best ICOs. It is none other than Lympo ICO. Lympo is going to be investors’ next big attraction because of its highly useable functions and sound data management application. The ICO has a lot more features to offer. If you wish to know more, please continue reading this review.

What is Lympo ICO?

Lympo is a decentralized blockchain based crowdfunding platform that intends to provide support to its users, seeking funds as well as expertise. It’s the world first bi-functional platform that focuses to monetize sports & health data using blockchain technology. It is estimated that over 52% people around the world search for information concerning health issues and sports updates. The platform brings an innovative solution to smartphone users who seek information related to health care and sports on their mobile phones. It introduces an ecosystem based on users’ generated and managed data.

Lympo ICO


Lympo is a blockchain based ecosystem powered by the data which is developed and controlled by its users. Currently, the world is facing many challenges and one of those is to have a sound data management system. Lympo tries to bring a solution to this contemporary problem by introducing blockchain applications in sports and health industry. These applications include electronic medical records, Genomic research, insurance, patient-generated data, and medical trials. The lympo system mainly relates to patient-generated data.

How Does Lympo Work?

As mentioned earlier, the main objective of lympo is to create an ecosystem which is based on user generated data concerning health and wellness issues as well as introduction of LYM utility tokens to exchange the value. The core objective of the platform is to develop a marketplace where everyone including members of the ecosystem and general public can use the data efficiently.

Two features comprising of user reward mechanism and digital fitness wallet are considered the core of Lympo ecosystem. Rewards can be of two types including a goal achieved set for leading a healthy lifestyle, and checking into a specified location for specified number of hours such as joining a yoga class or attending a horse derby.

Lympo ICO How it works

Earn Lympo Tokens

Like every other ICO, Lympo also plans to offer its tokens to general public during the pre-sale and main-sale phases of its launch. People who wish to earn Lympo tokens need to participate in the launch of the ICO which is expected to take place on January 23rd, 2018. Investors can also earn Lympo tokens by subscribing them during its pre-sale phase which is scheduled to end on January 23rd, 2018.

Buy Lympo Tokens With E-wallet

The platform is based on ERC20 tokens powered by blockchain technology. ERC20 is also termed as Ethereum. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency. All cryptocurrencies need to be stored in electronic wallets. Therefore people who wish to buy Lympo tokens need to have an e-wallet account before they decide to buy Lympo tokens.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO plans to hold its starting ceremony on January 23rd, 2018. The Lymp ICO is expected to last for about 12 days or so. Lympo ICO is scheduled to end on February 3rd, 2018. There will be a 38.5% token supply available, which is 38.5 Million LYM, for the general public to subscribe. The Lympo ICO plans to observe a soft cap of 15% of total token supply. The total token supply will be 1,000,000,000 LYM. The ICO has defined a hard capping of 650 Million LYM. The starting price of the ICO token is 1 ETH = 40,000 LYM.

Lympo Funds Distribution (100%)

The ICO funds distribution will follow the proportion as described below;

  • 10% funds are to be distributed among team and advisors of the ICO
  • 3% funds are to be separated to meet cost incurred for pre-sale and main sale
  • 5% are to be collected during the pre-sale period
  • 5% funds are to be collected during the main sale
  • 22% funds are to be kept separated for ecosystem and tokens empowerment

Bonus Offers

The ICO has planned to offer 20% bonus to subscribers who will buy Lympo tokens in early days of its launch.

Team Members

Unlike other ICOs, Lympo has a long list of its team members mentioned below;

  1. ADA JONUŠĖ is the CEO and founder of the Lympo ICO
  2. PATRICK BROWN is the solution architect at Lympo ICO
  3. MARIUS SILENSKIS is the operations head at Lympo ICO
  4. JUSTAS KREGZDE is the lead for smart contract at Lympo
  5. ADOMAS DICIUS is the senior full stack developer at Lympo
  6. TADAS MAURUKAS is the head of digital marketing at Lympo
  7. KAROLINE VON TSCHURTSCHENTHALER is the responsible to look after legal and operations at Lympo
  8. DIMITRA PAPADOPOULOU is in the healthcare partnerships department in Lympo
  9. ZIVILE KAIRYTE is the community manager in Lympo
  10. ERNESTA PETKEVIČIŪTĖ is the UX/UI expert at Lympo
  11. DOMAS AMBRAZEVIČIUS is the graphic designer at Lympo
  12. ANTANAS GUOGA is the crypto economics & business manager in the company
  13. SONIC ZHANG is the investments manager at Lympo
  14. DANILO S. CARLUCCI is responsible for marketing & growth of Lympo
  15. DAVID MANSET is the Tech at Lympo
  16. HAINAN HU is also a Tech at Lympo
  17. BILL ANGELIDIS is the business & asset management official at lympo
  18. ALEKS SOTIROVSKI is the Tech at Lympo
  19. NERIJUS SKRUODYS is also another Tech at Lympo
  20. VIKTORAS VATINAS is the business & asset management officer at Lympo
  21. TOMAS GURVICIUS is the business & asset management officer at Lympo
  22. STAN KULIAVAS is responsible for business & asset management at Lympo
  23. JORDAN TRAVERS is the holistic health coach at Lympo
  24. LAURYNAS GUMBIS is the physical therapist, sports entrepreneur at Lympo
  25. PAULIUS RITTER is the fitness coach and former boxer at Lympo

Invest In Lympo

After a careful research and detailed analysis of the Lympo ecosystem, we hereby conclude that Lympo is going to be a revolutionary blockchain based platform that intends to monetize data related to health and sports. With its user-generated data and advanced features, such as a mechanism for reward and digital fitness wallet, it supersedes all its competitors. It is surely going to be a threshold platform that focuses the data searched over the internet by smartphone users. Investment into Lympo should be done after careful research into the ICO and we recommend reading through their whitepaper.
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