ICO Name ODMCoin
Description ODMCoin ICO is a system based on blockchain through which fundraising for an oil company is being done.
Website URL
ICO Launch 2017/12/01 05:00
ICO Closing 2017/12/31 05:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Funding Target 1,400,000 USD
Funding Cap 4,200,000 USD

ODMCoin ICO is a system based on blockchain through which fundraising for an oil company is being done. ODM stands for “Oil drilling mud,” and is basically a mixture of oil, solid particles of ground and water. It looks like a thick liquid or paste-like material. It is sometimes also known as Oil sludge. The utilization of this substance is considered to be an important economic and environmental need. Oil sludge is used to extract raw materials for building fuel and electricity. Millions of dollars have been invested so far in the research and development of material extraction processes through which it can be processed more efficiently.


To make it simple, let us start with the ICO objective. Similar to other companies seeking finance to build and grow, ODMC needs funding to invest in more advanced technologies for inventing new techniques to process the mud mixture and to extract the materials used for making fuel as well as electricity. The ODM will also help in making material for the construction of roads.

The ODMCoin ICO is a process of crowdfunding powered by ODM smart contracts. The buyers of ODM tokens are entitled to receive 5.5% of the company’s profit in preference to all other stakeholders. The ICO is based on ethereum and plans to declare ethereum as its only supported cryptocurrency.  People wishing to invest in oil and gas sector can take advantage of this very first investment opportunity based on the blockchain technology.

Earn ODMCoin Tokens

To earn ODMCoin tokens, people need to wait until the ODMCoin is launched. The ICO is going to take place in December. The ICO plans to offer 50% off for investors who wish to earn ODMC tokens on the very first day of its launch. The price will continue to increase on following days in an even manner.

Buy ODMCoin Tokens With E-Wallet

All transactions taking place at the ICO will be based on blockchain technology. Every concerned party will be compensated through cryptocurrency transactions. The ICO has ethereum as it’s only supported cryptocurrency, and ethereum can be held in e-wallets only. Therefore, people wishing to buy ODMCoin tokens or buy smart contracts need to have an electronic wallet account even before they decide to buy ODMCoin tokens. The best thing about e-wallet is that it is safe and transparent.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO is scheduled to take place in December 2017. The expected date of the ICO is 1st December 2017. It will last for a month so the expiry date of the ICO will be 31st December 2017. The ICO plans to raise a minimum fund of up to $1400,000 with an upper capping of $4200,000. So far the ICO has managed to raise $200,000 through ICO pre-sale. There will be 25000 token supply which is equal to 88% of total tokens available to the general public. As per the information available in the ICO’s whitepaper, it plans to keep a mid-capping of $2800,000, and this will be reserved for ODMCoin’s development projects.

Unlike other ICOs, the fund’s allocation of ODMCoin is unique. Out of 100% total funds, 5.5% is to be given to the token holders whereas remaining 94.5% funds are to be reinvested in project’s development.

Team Member

Introduction to ODMCoin’s founding members is as follow;

  • AleksandrDoronin is the CEO and founder of ODMCoin.
  • Mikhail Tsekhanskii is the Deputy Director of Finance at ODMCoin.
  • Oleg Novikov is the Chief of Science at the company.
  • FanilYusupov is the IT Chief of the company.
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov is the Production Director at ODMCoin.
  • Irina Barzhak is the Press center Director of the company.
  • VasiliyVasilkov is the Head of International project support

Invest In ODMCoin Tokens

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that the ICO will be first ever legitimate investment opportunity for investors wishing to invest their funds in Oil and Gas sector. The best thing about the project is its solution-oriented approach to fulfill the need of fuel and power using advanced processing methods for oil drilling mud and to make it useful. The ICO is not looking to make big profits. Instead, it plans to reinvest 94.5% of its funds in the development of the project. We, therefore, express our extreme satisfaction about the ICO and would like to suggest people come and invest in ODMCoin with full confidence. We wish them to have successful endeavors.

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