OpenPoll ICO


ICO Name OpenPoll
Description OpenPoll is a decentralized polling platform that intends to offer the world an alternate polling solution.
Website URL
White Paper URL
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price $0.15 per token
Funding Target $1.5MM (15MM POL)
Funding Cap $8.5MM (85MM POL).
Coins Offered 50% of the total token supply

What Is OpenPoll?

OpenPoll is a decentralized polling platform that intends to offer the world an alternate polling solution. The platform revolutionizes the way polling was done traditionally. By incorporating blockchain and smart contracts technology the platform intends to become the people’ voice acting on their behalf as a self-representation and authenticity agent. The platform aims to disrupt the industries of market research and polling by leveraging crypto and blockchain technology thereby offering unbiased polling results, more individuals’ representation, and better business and political insight. The platform enables its users including corporations and politicians to conduct surveys and hold polls via OpenPoll global network.


OpenPoll is a blockchain based decentralized polling platform that brings revolution to the contemporary polling methodologies. The platform integrates blockchain technology and crypto protocols to disrupt the research industry and political aspects to offer more transparency in polling results, better representation of individuals, and a detailed business and political insight. The platform allows researchers including politicians and organizations to conduct surveys and polls through the universal OpenPoll network. On the other hand, users can complete surveys by keeping their identity anonymous using the platform’s mobile app. On the top of that, these surveys are paid, users receive compensation against their valid responses.

How Does OpenPoll Work?

OpenPoll is an innovating poling solution that helps users to have accurate polling results. It incorporates blockchain technology to ensure transparency. Users who wish to become a registered member of the platform need to subscribe the whitelist of the platform. This can be online by visiting the official website of the platform or a supported mobile app available on Google Play Store and App Store can also be downloaded for the same purpose. Users are required to cast their votes against or in favor of a proposed objective, usually, it relates with political scenarios. Their responses remain confidential and rewards are paid to users submitting valid feedback. The platform doesn’t have any language barriers that have always been the cause of skewed polls in the past. It is to be noted that accurate data collection is done at fractional cost. In short, the future of polling and market research belongs to OpenPoll.

Earn OpenPoll Tokens

To earn OpenPoll tokens you need to contribute to the platform by participating in the pre-sale or crowd sale of the ICO. Users who wish to earn OpenPoll tokens may get themselves registered with the ICO, the registration process requires you to submit your full name, email id, and your wallet address. Like most of the ICOs, a condition is in place to earn OpenPoll tokens which is to pass KYC element. People can also earn OpenPoll tokens by submitting their responses to the surveys conducted by the platform and casting their votes to the polls held at OpenPoll network.

Buy OpenPoll Tokens Using E-Wallets

The platform is based on ERC20 standard tokens. Users who wish to buy OpenPoll tokens need to send ethereum to the platform using their E-Wallets. Please note that you cannot use an e-wallet opened with an exchange to buy OpenPoll tokens, else you are at risk to lose OpenPoll tokens if purchased any. The ICO is likely to be listed on major exchanges of the world, people can also buy OpenPoll tokens from all such exchanges in exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO planned to hold its public sale on March 31, 2018. However, it seems that the ICO couldn’t execute its plan. As per the information available on the official website of the ICO, the ICO will be launching its mobile app in coming June. The exact dates concerning the opening or closing of the public of the public tokens sale have not been disclosed by the ICO except the ones which have become obsolete now. The ICO intends to hold a soft capping of $1.5MM (15MM POL) whereas the hard capping of the ICO is defined as $8.5MM (85MM POL). There will be a total supply of $8.5MM (85MM POL) during the ICO. The starting price of the platform’s token is defined as $0.15 per token.

Tokens Distribution

The ICO plans to distribute its tokens under the following proportion;

  • 50% tokens are planned to be distributed to the public during the pre-sale and main sale of the ICO
  • 35% tokens are planned to be distributed to the company funds by the ICO
  • 15% tokens are planned to be distributed to the corporate sector by the ICO

Funds Allocation

The ICO has not shared any information concerning the prospected usage of its funds generated through the public token sale of the ICO. Since the ICO has not fully developed yet, therefore, it may take some time for the ICO to post a plan concerning its funds’ usage, until then users are left with the only option and that is to wait.

Team Members

The ICO has following team members;

  1. Zachary Wynegar is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company
  2. Ryan Fournier is the President at OpenPoll
  3. Mia Chamberlain is the Chief Operating Office at OpenPoll
  4. Nicholas Huber is the Chief Strategy Officer at OpenPoll
  5. Jessa Marie Barre is the Software Engineer at OpenPoll
  6. Joshua Karper is also the Software Engineer at OpenPoll
  7. Jesse Stewart is the UX Developer at OpenPoll
  8. Salvatore Romano is the Project Manager at OpenPoll
  9. Benyam Ephrem is the Blockchain Developer at OpenPoll
  10. Michael Weinberger is also the Blockchain Developer at OpenPoll
  11. Ruben Rutten is the Developer at OpenPoll
  12. Lindsey Didsbury is the Brand Manager at OpenPoll
  13. Sammie Ayoub is the International Development manager at OpenPoll
  14. Alan Castillo is the Community Relations Associate at OpenPoll
  15. Rio Chamberlain is the Finance Manager at OpenPoll
  16. Ritwik Pavan is the Mobile App Developer at OpenPoll
  17. Aidan Curtis is also the Mobile App Developer at OpenPoll
  18. Casey Riemann is yet another Mobile App Developer at OpenPoll

Invest In OpenPoll

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that the ICO intends to modernize the way traditional polling is done. It incorporates blockchain technology to offer the world with pooling solutions. The objective of the ICO seems workable, however, since the ICO has not yet been developed fully, therefore concluding anything concerning the success of the ICO might not be appropriate. We, therefore, suggest people invest in OpenPoll after the platform is fully developed.
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