Paycent ICO


ICO Name Paycent (PYN)
Description Paycent aims to be the global leader for complete mobile and cashless transactions.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2017/10/12 00:00
ICO Closing 2017/11/30 01:00
Token Platform ETH
Coin Price 0.00166 ETH
Funding Cap 450,000 ETH
Coins Offered 450,000,000

Paycentos is a mobile application designed to bridge the gap between fiat currency and cryptocurrency. It’s a universal mobile electronic wallet that has dual functionality such that it can be funded with traditional currency as well as cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum). Paycent mobile e-wallet gives users freedom with power to enjoy straddling the world of crypto and fiat currency and undergo unlimited cryptocurrency transactions. Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin is the accepted currency of the ICO. To make contribution, participant can use any of these currencies Parity, imToken, Mist, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Litecoin, BitcoinCore, Wallet, Copay, Armory Exodus, and Jaxx.


Paycentos is an electronic mobile wallet that offers users to keep their fiat money with cryptocurrency in a single account. Users are allowed to interchange cryptocurrency with traditional currency and can make or receive payments with each of them. It is the first ecosystem of its kind that established to facilitate both crypto and fiat currency holders using the same mobile application. Paycentos has multiple regulatory licenses and they are expanding their ecosystem network rapidly. As per the available information on the official website of Paycent, they are in discussion with several governments and banks to collaborate and expand their ecosystem even further.

Earn Token

You can earn tokens of Paycent by participating at the launch of the ICO which is expected to be held in November 2017, or you can join the presale offer by the ICO to earn your contribution in tokens. The presale of the ICO is in progress if you wish to earn token, kindly visit the official website of the ICO (i-e The pre-ICO sale will end on 21st October 2017. There is good news for all of you out there who wish to participate in Pre ISO sale that you can avail a bonus of up to 33%.


Paycent mobile e-wallet offers multiple services to its clients such as sending and receiving denominations in real time wherever of whenever you wish to do so in both currencies. Users can also convert cryptocurrency to the currency of their choice. It allows them to pay for services, goods, and utilities without having any jurisdictional or operational restrictions. Using mobile e-wallet users can even top up the mobile balance, pay cable, water or electricity bills. Since Paycent has partnered with many banks and merchants, therefore, it allows you to cash out your cryptocurrency to fiat money through them.

Bonus Scheme

Currently, the ICO is offering a bonus of up to 33% for the participant subscribing the Pre-ICO token sale. The ICO also plans to offer a bonus to participant buying tokens in first ten days of the launch. People buying tokens within 48 hours of the launch will receive a bonus of 27%. Those purchasing token between the third and fifth day of the ICO launch will receive 18 % bonus. Buying token on 6th to 10th day of the launch will bring you a bonus of 12%. The ICO will not be offering any bonus for the subscribers buying tokens after 10 days of the launch of ICO.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO plans to hold its launching ceremony on 2nd November 2017. The ICO will last for almost 28 days and will end selling its token on 30th November 2017. The initial price of the Paycent token is 1 PYN = 0.001667 Ethereum. The ICO will be offering a 0.5% of the total exchange rate revenue as a benefit to all Paycent token holder on a quarterly basis. In addition to that, tokens worth 0.5% of interest rate collected on a loan will be disbursed every 3 months. 

The ICO distribution will adopt the following pattern

         Token supply – 60% of the total token supply will be available for the public to subscribe.

         Reserve – 19% will be kept as reserve

         Education & Research – 10% of total funds will be distributed for education and research work

         Founders & Project Team – 10% will be distributed between founders of the ICO and team members

         Bounties – 01% will be distributed to offer bounties and rewards

The Usage of Funds

         10% – will be used to acquire banking, wallet and Remittance license

         35%– will be used for the acquisitions of users and market promotions

         20%– will be used for Strategic Partnership and Merchant Acquisition

         20%– will be used for Sale force and Country operations

         15%– will be used for integration cost and technical development

Team Members

         Sumedha Goel is the president & founder

         Svetlana Umarova is the vice-president and Co-Founder.

         Brian Tan is the Chief Executive Officer.

         Nitin Gupta is COO.

         Arthur Munsayac is CIO.

         Helen Laylo is the Head of Corporate & Public Relations.

         Jon Kudera is the Head of Business Development.

         Rogime Fajutagana is Risk & Compliance Manager.

         John Paul Logon is Customer Experience Leader.

         Arriane Arenas is Senior Fraud Analyst.

         Khristianne Grace Natividad is Management Trainee.

         Hassan Alshiek is Technical Lead.

         Alexander Virtucio is Senior Software Architect.

         Deanson Yeo is the manager of Business Development Department.

         Vishal Taneja: is the manager of Business Development Department.

         Pratik Savaiya: is the manager of Business Development Department.

         Katrin Mae Jose is Business Analyst.

         Charro Mae Haboc is Creative Director.

         Jennifer Navarro is Senior Finance Officer.

Final Words

We reviewed the ICO and found that it will be a game changer. It is going to bring a revolutionary change by bridging the gap between the contemporary form of fiat currency and cryptocurrency. People have been waiting this fortunate ICO anxiously. We do hope that it will become a market leader as far as the cryptocurrency wallets are concerned.
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