PopulStay ICO


ICO Name PopulStay
Description AirBNB on the Blockchain
Website URL https://www.populstay.com/
White Paper URL https://www.populstay.com/White_paper.pdf
ICO Launch 2018/11/01 00:00
ICO Closing 2018/12/15 00:00
Token Platform Ethereum
Coin Price 1 PPS = $0.01
Funding Target $5,000,000
Funding Cap $10,000,000
Coins Offered PPS (PopulStay Coin)

PopulStay ICO

What is the PopulStay ICO?

The PopulStay ICO is a coin offering based upon a travel lodging/house share platform, similar in function to the Airbnb business model. PopulStay’s CEO, Walter Wang, was a first-class Airbnb host, with over 200 reviews. He noted problems with the model and endeavoured to create an improved version of the app, with blockchain and hardware integration. This ICO launches the new platform.

The PopulStay ICO Concept

Ever since Airbnb proved that regular people could let out their homes on the internet to travellers, the hotel industry has never been the same. PopulStay allows homeowners and travellers to create profiles and automate listing/booking tasks. Users collect reviews for a transparent and safe process for both parties. PopulStay’s hardware locks add further security, opening only for travellers registered on the blockchain.

Populstay ICO homepage
(PopulStay introduces blockchain hardware to the hospitality industry)

Which Blockchain Will the PopulStay ICO Launch On?

PopulStay coins (PPS) will be released on the Ethereum blockchain, and PopulStay will be an app operating on the Ethereum blockchain for the foreseeable future.

The PopulStay ICO Team

PopulStay has assembled an impressive lineup for the ICO and general corporate functions. CEO Walter Wang has a corporate background, as well as entrepreneurial-level experience as an Airbnb host. He leads a growing team of 17, hiring in anticipation of a high profile ICO and immediate demands of a growing business following the fundraising round.

The PopulStay ICO Roadmap

PopulStay ICO roadmap
PopulStay ICO roadmap

The PopulStay app is already live in certain Japanese markets. Following the ICO, PopulStay will have a fair amount of data to explore to see how the app is working in the real world. Bugs will be worked out. Partnerships will be made and hardware will be optimised.

By Q1 2019, the team hopes to have 1,000 active listings in Tokyo. By the end of 2019, PopulStay should be active in the United States, and the company will be truly transcontinental by 2020, with listings in New York, Shanghai, London, Paris, Tokyo, and possibly more.

Is the PopulStay ICO a Scam?

The PopulStay ICO doesn’t seem to be a scam at all. The company is very active outside of the blockchain community. PopulStay already has active partnerships in Tokyo and broader Japan. The company’s blockchain-connected smart locks are already in production and operational. First listings are being completed in Tokyo. No one can say if PopulStay will be a success or not, but the ICO seems to be the furthest thing from a scam.

Strengths & Challenges of the PopulStay ICO

PopulStay has a great concept, with a proven business model (though the model was proven by a different company). This is the best and worst circumstance for PopulStay. Airbnb and several less well-known apps are already hugely popular in the house sharing industry. Will PopulStay’s improvements to the model and hardware locks be enough to set the company apart from their non-blockchain competition?

App-specific cryptocurrencies will only be successful if their parent companies are successful. These odds are the same as with any startup, blockchain or non-blockchain. We think PopulStay has a good chance at success, but investors should be aware of their immediate industry competition and challenges.

The PopulStay Token Sale

The PopulStay token sale has modest goals, hoping for at least $5 million and capping the sale at $10 million. We would we surprised if it didn’t meet the hard cap goal. Tokens will be distributed to Ethereum addresses and will be usable almost immediately when the PopulStay platform drops in Q4, right around the time of the ICO conclusion.

How to Buy PopulStay ICO Tokens (PopulStay ICO Register)

PopulStay will accept investors through a KYC (Know Your Customer) and whitelist process. Neither PopulStay ICO registration function is active at this point. Interested parties should sign up for the PopulStay newsletter on their website, as updates will be released here for the fast-approaching PopulStay ICO.

When the time comes, users will submit ID and Ethereum address information. Users must be verified. Once KYC PopulStay ICO registration is granted, the user will be given an address to which they may send Fpo once the ICO begins. Once payment has been made, PPS tokens will be delivered to the investor’s Ethereum address, following completion of the PopulStay token sale.

Should I Invest in the PopulStay ICO?

Only you can decide if the PopulStay token sale is a compelling investment for you. We think that the app shows real promise, but acknowledge that it enters a crowded and competitive field where success is not guaranteed. At the very least, travellers in Tokyo should be able to have a practical use for their PPS tokens immediately upon purchase.

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Similar Projects & Alternatives to the PopulStay ICO

We’re unaware of any other cryptocurrency or ICO doing exactly what PopulStay is planning. Travala on the NEO blockchain is related to hospitality, lodging, and travel, but not like PopulStay’s ICO model. PopulStay’s main competition comes from outside the blockchain industry. This may be an advantage, a disadvantage, or both. Only time will tell if PopulStay can differentiate itself from its competitors and succeed across borders.


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