Video games reward system


Description Video games reward system
Website URL https://token.rawg.io/en/
White Paper URL https://token.rawg.io/docs/rawg-whitepaper-en.pdf
ICO Launch 2019/03/01 00:00
ICO Closing 2019/03/15 00:00
Token Platform Ethereum
Coin Price $0.03
Funding Target 66,666,667 RAWG
Funding Cap 333,333,333 RAWG
Coins Offered RAWG

Video games are bigger than ever and the RAWG initial coin offering (ICO) is your chance to join the next wave of innovation. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, RAWG is a skills-to-revenue platform that allows gamers to earn money for their time online. Those looking to take part in the RAWG ICO can purchase a token for $0.03 and to show you why it’s a good idea to buy, here’s a quick guide to this intriguing project.

What is RAWG?

As part of the RAWG ICO registration process, the company has outlined exactly what it’s system will do.

The RAWG ICO Concept

RAWG is a platform divided into two revenue streams. Fundamentally, RAWG will award gamers with tokens based on their performances. Players that earn RAWG tokens can use them to demonstrate their status within a game and spend them on tangible rewards.

As well as being a reward system, companies can use RAWG tokens to buy adverts on the network. The benefit of this is that advertisers have access to a target audience and, moreover, direct links to those wanting to purchase their services. Through this dynamic, RAWG is hoping to connect gamers and gaming companies in a more intimate and productive way.

RAWG tokens

Which Blockchain Will RAWG Launch on?

The RAWG ICO will go live on the Ethereum network. The benefit of using Ethereum is that it can handle multiple programs at once. In other words, the system is designed to host thousands of decentralised apps (dApps) and automatically calculate the amount an ICO has raised, verify transaction and distribute tokens.

Additionally, GHOST (Greedy Heaviest Observed Subtree) allows blocks to be created faster which means transactions are processed quickly when you buy Ethereum. Finally, the Gas fees system prevents DOS attacks by aborting programs that run out of power (something that happens when a system is compromised). When you piece all of this together, it’s great news the RAWG token sale is on the Ethereum blockchain.

The RAWG Team

Heading the company is Gadji Makhtiev. With master’s degrees in business and media, Makhtiev went on to create gaming media company Kanobu. Still active, this company will run alongside RAWG and is a good promotional partner for Makhtiev’s blockchain venture.

The RAWG Roadmap

Prior to the RAWG ICO, the company has already achieved a number of milestones:

  • November 2016: Launch.
  • July 2017: Open testing + 45,000 games added to database.
  • December 2017: Alpha launch.
  • May 2018: Community feed added.
  • August 2018: Reward with RAWG tokens added.
  • September: RAWG ICO presale.

Moving forward, RAWG will take its gaming database to 100,000 games in October before partnering with advertisers and launching the token sale in March.

Is it a scam?

Although we can’t guarantee there won’t be any glitches, the company is already up and running. As well as going live in 2016, the RAWG team has been active in the gaming world for more than a decade. So, in our opinion, RAWG ICO isn’t a scam.

Strengths & Challenges of RAWG

The best reason to take note of the RAWG ICO is the strength of the gaming industry. Although blockchains are still proving their worth, we already know that gaming is worth $137.9 billion. In addition to the market booming, statistics show that gamers are playing more and more. Research by Big Fish Games has shown the average playing time is 6.5 hours per week.

Because RAWG has created a reward system based on the effort a player puts in, the data suggests its network will be extremely busy. For those looking to invest in the RAWG ICO, that’s a positive. The main problem this project might have is copycats. With other companies looking to develop similar systems, RAWG may have to overcome some stiff competition if it wants to thrive.

The Token Sale

The RAWG ICO registration page tells us that the sale will last for a two-week period between March 1 and March 15, 2019. Each token will cost $0.03 and the minimum spend is $300. Investors will be able to buy tokens using ETH or BTC and the RAWG ICO soft/hard cap will be 66,666,667 RAWG/ 333,333,333 RAWG.

How to buy RAWG Tokens?

To take part in the RAWG ICO, complete the following steps:

Visit the RAWG homepage.

  • Read more about the RAWG ICO.

RAWG community

Complete the RAWG ICO registration process and join the community to receive alerts.

  • When the RAWG token sale goes live, input the number of tokens you want to buy.
  • Transfer ETH or BTC to the RAWG wallet.

Should I Invest in RAWG ICO?

Investing in any ICO is risky. Even if it looks like the best project in the world, it’s tough to get a tech company off the ground. The benefit of RAWG is that it’s already been operational for two years. What’s more, it’s part of a booming industry. These facts don’t necessarily mean the RAWG ICO will be a success. However, there is potential.

In lieu of investing in the RAWG token sale, it’s worth reading our eToro review. Broker sites allow you to trade cryptocurrencies without buying the underlying asset. By trading contracts for difference (CFDs), you can speculate on the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum et al going up or down. In contrast, you’ll only make money from an ICO if the value of its coin increases.

By using eToro, you can trade in a more flexible way and learn about the crypto market via its social trading feature. After gaining some experience here, you’ll be better informed when it comes to joining the RAWG ICO in March 2019.

Similar Projects to RAWG

For something similar to the RAWG ICO, we’d suggest taking a look at this gaming-based token sale:

U Run It – Based on the Ethereum network, the U Run It ICO is running until 15/10/2018 and is designed to fund a “new era in gambling.” As a concept, U Run It gives gamblers more control over their payouts, game rules and house edge. In essence, this platform is taking power away from unscrupulous operators and allowing players to bet in a fairer way.

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