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Today we have reviewed an ICO known as Red Pulse. Please continue reading below and let us know how you feel after reading it. Do you think investors should invest in an ICO? If not, then what are those parameters that have made you think not to invest in the ICO. We would love to hear from you. Please use the comments section below to provide your feedback about ICOs.

What is Red Pulse

Red Pulse is a decentralized event-oriented MI (Market Intelligence) platform that aims to help clients in making informed corporate decisions across China. The platform incorporates the machine driven natural process of Chinese language followed by traditional practices for research and development making information accessibility more viable. The platform’s research ecosystem helps in scaling up the area coverage of R&D processes by incorporating blockchain technology and independent analysis via shared research economy.


Red Pulse is a decentralized blockchain based platform that intends to cover the economy and capital markets of China. The platform automates and scales up the process of data collection with the help of machine-oriented process of natural language. It also aims to incorporate digital currency to develop an open source transparent economy. In short, the platform intends to bring the solution to the contemporary problem of information overload.

How Does Red Pulse Work?

As mentioned earlier, Red Pulse is a market intelligence decentralized platform focusing China’s capital markets as well as its economy. It incentivizes its partners to create authentic and well research information. It also provides advanced technical analysis tools to help in solving the most common problem of today’s world that is information overload.

Earn Red Pulse Tokens

Since the ICO has already been concluded, therefore. Investors wishing to earn Red Pulse tokens need to exchange them against other cryptocurrencies on major exchanges. However, those participants who purchased Red Pulse tokens through its launch needed to send NEO tokens to the ICO to earn Red Pulse tokens.

Buy Red Pulse Tokens With E-Wallets

The platform is based on cryptocurrency. All cryptocurrencies are stored in electronic wallets. Therefore, people who wished to buy Red Pulse tokens needed to have an e-wallet before they buy Red Pulse tokens. In addition, the ICO required its investors who wanted to buy Red Pulse tokens to first buy Neo tokens from the exchanges such as Bittrex or Binance and send it to Red Pulse to receive Red Pulse tokens in their wallets.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO took place last year i-e October 8th, 2017. The ICO aimed to raise a minimum of USD 15,000,000. The ICO accepted method of payment is NEO tokens. The starting price of the NEO token was RPX 1000. The ICO offered its tokens to the public following two sale phases including the pre-sale and the main sale.

The ICO token distribution followed the below-mentioned proportion

  • 40% tokens were planned to be allocated to the Red Pulse.
  • 40% tokens were planned to be separated as reserves
  • 15% tokens were planned to be distributed between shareholders of the company
  • 5% tokens were planned to be offered to employees of the company

Funds Usage (100%)

  • 40% funds collected from the token sale were planned to be spent on Research and Development that includes blockchain
  • 20% funds were planned to be spent on editorial staff and Research Staff.
  • 20% funds were planned to be spent on Marketing & sales staff, travel expenses
  • 10% of the total funds generated were planned to set aside for meeting Operational expenses
  • 10% funds were planned to meet accounting as well as legal expenses

Bonus Offered

The ICO also planned to offer bonuses to its early investors/contributors in the following sequence.

  • 30% bonus was offered to subscribers participated in the token sale on the first day of its launch
  • 20% bonus was planned to be offered to those participants purchasing Red Pulse tokens on the 2nd and 3rd days of the launch of the ICO.
  • 10% bonus was planned to be offered to buyers who buy Red Pulse token between the 4th and 7th day after the ICO is launched.

The ICO planned to offer no bonus to investors who bought the ICO tokens in the second week of the launch of the ICO.

Team Members

The ICO has following team members.

  1. Jonathan Ha, CFA is the Founder and CEO of the Red Pulse
  2. Stanley Chao is the Co-founder and Data Science Head at the Red Pulse
  3. Peter Alexander is the Co-founder as well NED Chairman at the Red Pulse
  4. Hongfei Da is a Company Advisor
  5. Tanfeng Cheng is also a Company Advisor
  6. Richard Wang is also an advisor to the Company
  7. Mark Kuo is yet another Company Advisor. He also takes cares of Legal Counsel of the Company
  8. Tony Tao is also a Company Advisor
  9. Sombat Southivorarat is the Blockchain and Crypto Advisor to the Company
  10. JC Xu is also the Blockchain and Crypto Advisor to the Company
  11. Kenneth Hsia is yet another Blockchain and Crypto Advisor to the Company

Invest In Red Pulse

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that Red Pulse is one of the best ICOs we have reviewed ever. It’s a market intelligence platform developed to help corporate clients to make informed decisions. It has offered the world new dimensions to cater the information overload issues. The information about the ICO is well presented. We are delighted to see that the ICO has explained each and everything in a way that it is easily understandable by an ordinary person. We feel contended after reviewing the Red Pulse and would like to suggest that traders should invest in Red Pulse with full confidence. We believe investors won’t regret their decision ever.
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