Safein ICO


ICO Name Safein
Description Safein is a decentralized blockchain based digital identity solution network that focuses to provide users a single sign-on identity and payments wallet.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/04/25 01:00
ICO Closing 2018/05/25 13:45
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Coin Price 1 ETH = 9,000 SFN
Funding Target 4000 ETH
Funding Cap 12500 ETH
Coins Offered 10% of the total token supply

What Is Safein?

Safein is a decentralized blockchain based network that provides users a platform where they can carry out their online activities more efficiently with increased security protocols and convenience using a one-stop-shop to authorize online transactions and make payments. The platform intends to bring a digital identity solution where customers are no more required to go through lengthy registration processes and people can have instant access to various online shopping portals. The platform also helps users to have full control over their personal data they wish to share with service providers. In short, Safein aims to revolutionize the concept of old identity system by enabling people to control their profiles in a modern as well as secured manner.


Safein is a decentralized blockchain based digital identity solution network that focuses to provide users a single sign-on identity and payments wallet. The platform aims to bring an end to the era where registrations, password recoveries, and KYCs are subjected to repetition by replacing it with a multifactor authentication wizard that grants users an instant access. Additionally, it eliminates the concept of redundant accounts providing great data protection and security mechanism that worth valuable for almost any user. The platform has also simplified the process of making payments by enabling users to choose their preferred medium.

The platform doesn’t only benefit customers but it also helps merchants to incur a low cost for customers’ verification and onboarding processes. Safein also reduces transaction cost and eliminates the need for lost password management for the customer services. Crypto payments at lowest commissions are also accessible by merchants with an absolutely free ID verification tool.

How Does Safein Work?

The concept of the platform is very simple. It intends to provide customers a single place to store their login credentials as well as crypto and fiat currencies without needing to go through repeated signup and identity verification processes. Users only need to download the “Safein” app available on Microsoft App Store, Google Play Store, and APP store for their windows, android, and iOS-based mobile phones and tablets respectively. After downloading the app in their mobile phones, users can now configure it for once and for all. What we mean to say is that it happens that people are asked multiple times to sign up or prove their identity on different platforms during online surfing that makes people annoyed.

It is not only time consuming but bother users to remember multiple passwords. Safein offers a single sign-on identity and payments wallet that can be used to access any platform without needing to signup multiple times using the platform’s smart blockchain functionality and payments can also be authorized with the help of few clicks. The app keeps a record of all of your transactions and passwords so you do have to enter them manually. It also provides great protection to your sensitive data by security them with blockchain identity encryption module.

Earn Safein Tokens

People who wish to earn Safein tokens need to participate in the token sale of the ICO that is expected to take place in April 2018. People can also earn Safein tokens by getting them in exchange for other digital currencies/crypto from supported exchanges.

Buy Safein Tokens

Since the platform is based on ERC20 standard tokens and accepts ETH as its acceptable form of payments, therefore, people who wish to buy Safein tokens need to make contributions in form of ETH using their e-wallets. So users who are looking to buy Safein tokens but have not opened an e-wallet yet need to open one before they are able to buy Safein tokens because payments for Safein tokens in form of ethereum and token receipts can only be done to and from e-wallets.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO plans to hold its token sale on April 25th, 2018. The ICO will last for about a month. It will end on May 25th, 2018. There will be a total token supply of 1,000,000,000 SFN TOKENS. The ICO will observe a soft capping of 4000 ETH. Its hard capping is defined as 12500 ETH. The starting price of the ICO is expected to be 1 ETH = 9,000 SFN. There will no token be generated after the ICO ends. All unsold tokens will be burned out by the ICO.

Token Distribution

The ICO plans to distribute its tokens under the following proportion;

  • 10% tokens are planned to be made public so people can buy/subscribe them
  • 10% tokens are to be kept in the registration pool of the ICO
  • 10% tokens are planned to be distributed amongst advisory and team members of the ICO with a lock period of 6-24 months.
  • 5% tokens are planned to be distributed to the ICO’s login pool
  • 5% tokens are planned to be distributed as Bounty and Referrals
  • 60% tokens are planned to be distributed to Company reserve for the upgrading and scalability of the platform.

Funds Usage

At this time, the ICO has not shared any details concerning the prospected usage of funds collected through the ICO. However, it is very likely that the ICO will come up with a proposed funds usage plan close to the public sale of the ICO tokens.

Bonus Offers

Like other ICOs, Safein also plans to offer bonuses to its early investors/contributors. However, only a small percentage has been allocated by the ICO to offer as a bonus or referral program which is no more than 5%. People buying ICO tokens in early days of the ICO or referring friends in first 90 days of the ICO’s launch will receive the 5% bonus offer.

Team Members

The ICO has following team members;

  1. Vladas Jurkevičius is the Co-Founder of the ICO
  2. Audrius Slažinskas is also the Co-Founder and looks after Legal Affairs at Safein
  3. Lukas Deksnys is also the Co-Founder and Lead Operations at Safein
  4. Mushegh Tovmasyan is the Lead FinTech at Safein
  5. Joseph Steinberg is responsible for Cybersecurity at Safein
  6. Arthur Zubkoff is the head of Marketing and Growth at Safein
  7. Pierre Roberge is also responsible for Cybersecurity at Safein
  8. Jonas Tirevičius is the Senior Manager of the IT Project at Safein
  9. Bogdan Kuštan is the Senior Team Lead for Development at Safein
  10. Ilya Tereshin is the Senior Developer for Ethereum Blockchain at Safein
  11. Dr. Vilius Benetis is also responsible for Cybersecurity at Safein
  12. Vilius Semėnas is responsible for Business development at Safein
  13. Joseph F. Borg looks after Regulatory affairs at Safein
  14. Marius Miškinis takes care of the Finance division at Safein
  15. Justas Brazauskas is the UX/UI/Data expert at Safein

Invest in Safein

After a careful review of the ICO, we are much delighted to express our opinion in favor of the ICO. We hereby conclude that Safein is the undoubtedly the world’s most safe and secure blockchain based platform that has a simple workable objective and has a bright future ahead. It’s one-stop-shop facility and single sign-on ID and payments wallet features make it incomparable in form of supremacy. We suggest people must invest in the Safein to do themselves a great favor.
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