Scorum ICO


ICO Name Scorum
Description Scorum is a media platform dedicated for sports. It is powered by blockchain technology that offers benefits to its active stakeholders by allowing them to earn tokens of Scorumcoins.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/01/14 21:00
ICO Closing 2018/02/11 21:00
Coin Price USD 1.00
Funding Target N/A
Funding Cap $17 Million
Coins Offered 20.00 M

Scorum is a media platform dedicated for sports. It is powered by blockchain technology that offers benefits to its active stakeholders by allowing them to earn tokens of Scorumcoins. Scorum intends to cope with monopoly-oriented media culture, specifically in the sports industry where media owners receive all benefits and profits, leaving sports fans to earn nothing. Scorum presents a solution in this scenario by interlinking blockchain technology with a sound economic model.


Scorum is going to establish a sports media platform based on blockchain technology that is equally beneficial for all concerned entities including media owners, sports enthusiasts, authors of sports publications and creative content writers on sports. Scorum works following three main principles including a support for scorum cryptocurrency in the real economy, offering rewards to all stakeholders of a scorumcoins ecosystem and distributing rewards following a transparent method governed by user’s community.

It is estimated that around 1 billion sports’ lovers visit different sports websites for about 8.5 billion times a month. These visits undeniably bring monetary benefits to the sports media, but visitors are not paid even a single penny. Scorum is committed to bring revolution in sports media industry by making it possible for the sports lovers to receive some benefit for each visit to sports websites.

Earn Scorum Tokens

People wishing to earn scorum tokens can participate in the launch of scorum ICO that is being held on January 14th, 2018. The pre-sale of the ICO has already been closed. However, people who wish to buy scorum tokens at a cheaper price can avail the bonus offers of the ICO by purchasing scorum tokens in early days of its launch.Open

Open E-wallets before You Buy Scorum Tokens

Like all other ICOs, scorum is also based on blockchain technology. Its supported cryptocurrencies are bitcoin and ethereum. Since both of the supported currencies are cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies need to be stored in e-wallets, therefore, people wishing to buy scorum tokens need to have an e-wallet account first.

The ICO Distribution

As per available information, the ICO will take place on January 14th, 2018. It will last for about 29 days and will end on February 11th, 2018. There will be 93% of the total token supply available. The initial price is expected to be $1. Funding target of the ICO is not announced yet, however, the ICO will observe a funding cap of $170, 00,000. The supported currency of the ICO is bitcoin and ether.

Token Reserve Split (7%):

The ICO reserve split will follow the following pattern

  • 930K is expected to go to the affiliate program
  • 470K will go to the project team.

*Please note that any unused tokens will be burned.

Bonus Offer

Currently, we are not aware of any bonus offers; however, it is very likely that bonus offer will be made available during the early days of the ICO launch. People wishing to benefit from the bonus offer need to wait until the ICO kicks off.

Team Members:

The ICO has six core team members that are mentioned below;

  • Vladislav Artemyev is the co-founder and CEO of Scorum
  • Nikolai Pobol is the co-founder and operations manager at Scorum
  • Andrei Filipovich is the co-founder and user-experience director at Scorum
  • Alexei Belov is the co-founder and chief sports analyst at Scorum
  • Alex Shkor is the CTO and blockchain architect at Scorum
  • Andrew Avdeev is the head of web development at Scorum

Invest In Scorum

Scorum is going to be an ultimate sports media platform where your passion and craze for sports will be paid off.  At the moment, sports media industry is making millions of dollars without paying sports lover a single cent. Scorum has just revolutionized the tradition and introduced a new viable economic model to benefit every individual that is related to the sports industry. We suggest people should invest in Scorum to have viable profits.
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