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Selfkey is a decentralized blockchain platform used for digital identity purposes.


ICO Name SelfKey
Description Selfkey is a decentralized blockchain platform used for digital identity purposes.
Website URL
ICO Launch 2017/12/15 00:00
ICO Closing 2018/02/01 00:00
Token Platform ERC20
Coin Price USD 0.015
Funding Target 2,500,000 USD
Funding Cap 21,780,000 USD

Selfkey is a decentralized blockchain platform used for digital identity purposes. The platform enables its users to control, own, manage and protect their digital identity. Today, the technology has been so advanced that most of our daily life activities are being carried out online. There was a need for a platform which can provide a secure way to use different services such as services related to finance, electronic IPs, exchange of digital currency and acquisition of passports etc. Luckily, we have found a reliable platform offering all such services at a single place.

What Is the Concept Behind Selfkey?

Selfkey offers multiple services to its customers. Whether you are looking to submit an application for acquiring residency in a country you wish to live in or you want to invest some funds, you can use Selfkey as your ultimate solution provider. It is a peer-to-peer platform consisting of a large number of components including Selfkey Foundation. The foundation doesn’t intend to generate profits rather it incorporates the rules of SSID- Self Sovereign Identity with functions as described below;

Identity Wallet – It offers users to access ID documentation using key tokens

SelfKey Marketplace – It offers users to access the market in which they can avail different digital services and products such as a quick access e-wallets as well as a place to buy or store physical gold etc.

The Key tokens – The key tokens can be used for paying for the services you wish to avail such as notarizing your documents of identity.

SelfKey enables companies to easily set up subsidiaries or open bank accounts by going through linked identification module and complex verification system seamlessly. All data pertaining to the sensitive information can be stored on user’s device instead of blockchain server. The users can, however, decide to share the information publically whenever they wish to do so.

Selfkey enables its users to fully experience the concept of SSID by providing them an ecosystem through which users can transfer their value by means of Key Tokens.

Earn SelfKey Tokens

The ICO is not launched yet. It is going to be launched in December 2017. People wishing to earn SelfKey tokens can either wait until the ICO is launched or they can get themselves registered for the pre-sale of ICO by visiting the official website of Selfkey. In addition, people can also earn selfkey tokens by making contributions in the early days of the launch of the ICO.

Buy SelfKey Tokens With E-wallet

Like most of other ICOs, Selfkey tokens are also based on ethereum. They need to be store on e-wallets. Therefore you need to have one before you buy Selfkey tokens. There are a number of online websites available offering free e-wallet accounts. All you have to get yourself registered with them and verify your account by submitting the supporting documents.

SelfKey ICO Distribution

The ICO plans to hold its launch in December 2017. The ICO will last for approx. 15 days from its launch. It will end on 15th of December 2017. The initial price of a SelfKey token is expected to be around 0.015E. The ICO has managed to raise $ 2,000,000 as of yet. Please be aware that the ICO is not tradeable on any exchange yet.

The ICO distribution will take place as per the following pattern

  • 33% will be made available for Crowdsale
  • 33% SelfKey are expected to be reserved for Foundation (staff and business)
  • 33% SelfKey are to be distributed to Foundation (support and network)
  • 1% will be reserved to meet legal costs

Team Members

  • Edmund John Lowell is the Founder of the ICO.
  • Joonas Ruotsalainen is the Technical Leader at SelfKey Foundation
  • Giorgi Maisuradze is the Technical Leader at SelfKey Foundation
  • Andre Goncalves is also a Technical Leader at SelfKey Foundation

Invest In SelfKey

After a careful review of Selfkey ICO, we hereby conclude that it is one of the complex ICOs we have ever come across. People wishing to invest in the ICO should take great caution before investing their hard earned money. We would like to warn that ICOs possess great risk, some or part of your investment can be lost in case of ICO failure.So you must be ready for both favorable and unfavorable outcomes. We suggest people should undergo a comprehensive research before they decide to invest in Selfkey tokens.

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