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SETHER is the world’s first intelligent blockchain based platform designed for social marketing. Using SETHER, corporations can now target their customers more conveniently. Creating customer loyalty, deploying marketing campaigns, making audience segmentation and studying customers’ behavior on social networks has now been more simplified. The platform brings an idea of transforming intelligently analyzed social networks data into smart contracts. Marketing strategies with integrated smart contracts offer businesses to have a transparent and efficient engine for advertisement. The platform intends to provide potential clients an innovative way to interact with brands by saving companies the cost of monitoring and super-visioning.


SETHER is a decentralized ERC20 token based platform that intends to introduce the innovative way of social marketing. The platform uses behavioral science, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to understand every potential individual thus making organizations interact with him/her more informally. The platform enables the organization to take decision holistically by providing them a better understanding of group behaviors. The platform collects such information through public social platforms and community voices.

How Does SETHER Work?

The platform enables entities to get into smart contracts by empowering transparency. These smarts contracts are then executed inside the blockchain networks that are isolated from the outer world and other social networks. Businesses embracing blockchain technology need analytics and data from social networks for targeting their audience, creating customer loyalty and retention, to run marketing campaigns and to offer bounty programs more precisely.

Let’s be simpler, consider for instance a person who promotes the products bought from an online store by twitting them on his social media profiles, receives a discount or promotional offer from that online store on his/her next purchase. This is how one feature of the ICO which is to create customer loyalty, works.

Earn SETHER Tokens

Like all other ICO, SETHER also held its launching ceremony last year. It offered its tokens to 16200 contributors worldwide by raising a total of ETH 22000. Although SETHER tokens sale has been concluded. However, the alpha version of the SETHER is yet to be announced. It is expected to be released in late January this year. Investors who wish to earn SETHER tokens can participate in the ICO’s alpha launch. People can also earn SETHER tokens by exchanging them for all major cryptocurrencies.

Buy SETHER tokens With E-Wallets

Almost every second ICO is based on ethereum tokens. SETHER is not an exception too. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and cryptocurrencies are stored in e-wallets. Therefore, people who wish to buy SETHER tokens need to have an e-wallet account even before they decide to buy SETHER tokens. There are many companies worldwide offering free e-wallets accounts these days. You can choose to open an account with any of them. The only thing you should take care of is that when you buy SETHER tokens, make sure to store them in an e-wallet opened with a reputable company.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO plans to launch its beta phase in January 2018. The pre-sale of the ICO has already been finished. It started on December 4th, 2017. There is a bit conflict in the information presented in the ICO’s whitepaper and its website. As per the available information in whitepaper of the ICO, it was expected that the main sale of the ICO will take place in January 2018. Whereas, the official website of the ICO tells a different story. A thanking statement in pasted on the official webpage of the ICO declaring that the token sale has been concluded.

Anyhow, the ICO has set its crowd sale cap as 11Million. The total pool of tokens is set as 20 Million tokens. The starting price of the ICO’s token is 1 SETH which is equal to 0.003 ETH.

Tokens Allocation

The ICO had planned to allocate its token following proportion mentioned below

  • 55% tokens were planned to be offered to the public
  • 35% tokens were planned to be reserved for offering incentives to strategic partners and beta testers.
  • 10% tokens were planned to be sold out to service consumers.

The ICO planned to burn all such tokens that remain unsold.

Usage Of Funds (100%)

  • 55% funds are planned to be used for R&D – Research and Development
  • 10% funds are planned to be used for Partner enablement
  • 20% funds are planned to be spent on Marketing & Business Development
  • 10% funds are to be used for Administrative Purposes
  • 5% funds are to be used to meet legal obligations.

Bonus Offers

The ICO also planned to offer bonus offers to its early investors. The bonus was planned to be offered in the following sequence.

  • 25% bonus was planned offered to subscribers who buy SETHER tokens in the first week of its launch.
  • 20% bonus was planned to be offered to investors putting their money in SETHER in the second week of its launch.
  • 20% bonus was planned to be offered to people buying SETHER tokens in the third week of its launch.

Team Members

The ICO has following Team Members

  1. Ovidiu Oancea is the CEO of the ICO
  2. Flavius Burca is CTO at SETHER
  3. Cristi Savescu is COO at SETHER
  4. Dan Chirila is the Technical Manager at SETHER
  5. Daniela Sandu is responsible for Marketing
  6. Adina Nedelcu is the Software Development Officer at SETHER
  7. Radu Rapeanu is the Communication Specialist at SETHER
  8. Adrian Buzoi is the Software Development specialist at SETHER
  9. Adrian Ionita Is also the Software Development specialist at SETHER
  10. Adrian Simion is yet another Software Development specialist of the company
  11. Catalina Oancea is responsible for Business Development of the company
  12. Razvan Ionescu is the Technical Consultant at SETHER
  13. Cristina Ion is also a Software Development specialist at SETHER

Invest In SETHER

After a careful review of SETHER, we hereby conclude that SETHER is going to be the world’s most powerful platform for social media marketing. It has advanced tools and features available to revolutionize the marketing strategies and target the specific audience. We suggest people should invest in SETHER with full confidence.
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