Signals Network ICO


ICO Name Signals Network
Description Signals Network is a decentralized blockchain based platform that enables traders to trade crypto assets using automated trading bots and innovative trading algorithms invented by the community.
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018/03/12 05:00
ICO Closing 2018/04/12 05:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)
Funding Target $2,000,000
Funding Cap $18,000,000
Coins Offered 50% of the total token supply

What Is Signals Network?

Signals Network is a decentralized blockchain based platform that enables traders to trade crypto assets using automated trading bots and innovative trading algorithms invented by the community. The platform intends to offer a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require traders to have some previous experience of programming. It allows users to buy and sell various trading strategies using the SGN utility tokens on the Signals Network.


Signals Network is a blockchain based decentralized platform that focuses to introduce traders oriented network through which traders are allowed to trade crypto assets following exceptional trading algorithms. Traders can also use trading bots to buy or sell different trading strategies. The platform intends to equip traders with data science and computational power so they can make quick trading decisions to have maximum profits. It also provides a learning mechanism and in-depth trading analysis accompanied by the state of the art trading algorithms that help even novice traders to trade effectively.

How Does Signals Network Work?

Signals Network let users create algo-trading models without having a knowledge of programming. Users can select from a range of indicators such as technical analysis and deep learning based on media-oriented monitoring and link them together. However, if any of the users are the data scientist or programming expert, then they can create new and innovative trading indicators and monetize their skills through the Signals Network.

The platform also enables users to connect their model to a cryptocurrency exchange so they can backtest it using the historical data in the training center of the Signals Network. Users can also use the platform’s supportive analytics and optimized algorithms, so they can find the most appropriate settings for their chosen strategy. Users have the freedom to either exploit the platform’s computational power or optimize their model on their own devices using the desktop application of Signals Network.

Once users are confident that their trading model worth to be tested using a real-time data to make informed and rational trading decisions they can choose to go for. Users can also choose that if they wish to receive notifications indicating possible trading opportunities or they would like to automate their trades. Now is the time for users to place their trading model into the platform’s market so people who copy their trading strategy, pay them. Users can also interact with other traders to share their learning and ideas.

Earn Signals Network Tokens

To earn Signals Network tokens people need to participate in the token sale of the ICO that is expected to be taking place this month. Users can also earn Signals Network Tokens by contributing to the pre-sale of the ICO. The pre-sale of the ICO is currently in progress. People who may not be able to contribute to the crowd sale of the ICO due to any reason can always earn Signals Network tokens by exchanging them against other cryptocurrencies on supported exchanges.

Buy Signals Network Tokens With E-wallets

Signals Network is an ERC20 token based platform. Its supported currency is ethereum. Ethereum being cryptocurrency needs to be stored in electronic wallets. Therefore, people who wish to buy Signals Network tokens are required to open e-wallet account first even before they buy Signals Network tokens or any other cryptocurrency.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO plans to hold its token sale on March 12, 2018. It will last for a month. The ICO will end on April 12th, 2018. However, it may close a bit earlier if the hard cap set by the ICO is reached. There will be a total token supply of $18,000,000 worth of SGNs. The ICO plans to observe a hard capping $18,000,000 with a minimum fundraising target as $2,000,000.

Token Distribution

The ICO plans to distribute its tokens under following proportion;

  • 50% tokens are planned to be distributed to the public to subscribe
  • 20% tokens are planned to be reserved for the ICO community to offer rewards to data scientists and developers
  • 18% tokens are planned to set aside as company reserve
  • 10% tokens are planned to be distributed to partners and advisors of the Company
  • 2% tokens are planned to be distributed to offer rewards and bounty programs

Funds Allocation

We couldn’t find any information concerning the funds’ allocation of the ICO. We explored the official website as well as whitepaper of the ICO in detail but nothing came to our observation that could let us know the planned funds’ allocation of the ICO.

Bonus Offer

Apparently, it seems that the ICO does not have any plan to offer bonuses to its early contributors. However, the ICO is offering a 30% discount to its early investors.

Team Members

The ICO has following team members;

  1. Pavel Němec is the CEO and Co-founder of the ICO
  2. Pavel Volek is the CTO and Co-founder of the ICO
  3. Jan Budík is the Expert Of Algorithmic Trading
  4. Zdeňka Šeděnka is the Data Scientist at Signals Network
  5. Michal Krajňanský is the Specialist of Machine Learning at Signals Network
  6. Josef Jelacic is the Developer of Smart Contracts at Signals Network
  7. Matouš Roskovec is the Growth Marketing Head at Signals Network
  8. Jaroslav Šeděnka is the Cryptography & Security Expert at Signals Network
  9. Martin Solárik is the Backend Developer at Signals Network
  10. Gabriel Zanko is the advisor to the company
  11. Philip Staehelin is also an advisor to the company
  12. Milan Pašek is another advisor to the company
  13. Benn Godenzi is yet another advisor to the company
  14. Martin Drdul is also an advisor to the company
  15. Samuel McCulloch also serves as an advisor to the company

Invest In Signals Network

After a detailed review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that Signals Network is one of the best ICOs we have ever reviewed. It has a sound workable objective with a well-planned fundraising schedule. It is going to be a market leader in the cryptocurrency world. We believe the ICO has solid potential to achieve its objective. We, therefore, suggest people invest in Signals Network with full confidence.
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