Starbase ICO



Starbase is a decentralized crowdsourcing platform that focuses to build a network based on ethereum blockchain.


ICO Name Starbase
Description Starbase is a decentralized crowdsourcing platform that focuses to build a network based on ethereum blockchain.
Website URL
ICO Launch 2017/09/18 00:00
ICO Closing 2017/11/10 00:00
Token Platform ERC20

Starbase ICO

Starbase is a decentralized crowdsourcing platform that focuses to build a network based on ethereum blockchain. It is a platform that helps in raising funds to support projects that are designed for offering a new range of services and products to the masses. Some of the details we found about that project appeared vague, still, the idea behind the project is quite convincing. It just offers people a mechanism to transparently support and fund projects they think worthwhile.


As we mentioned before, the platform is incorporated to serve the crowdfunding purpose. The main objective of the platform is to create awareness among the project creators who are currently unaware of this amazing blockchain technology.

The Starbase platform enables people to create and offer innovative projects and issue tokens for fundraising or compensating individuals as a reward for their work. It also offers a transparent system where participants can buy tokens or offer their services for different projects and receive tokens, consequently making it a long-term incentive.

Starbase token is considered as rewardable, consumable and inflationary. Let’s simplify the aforementioned terms in easy words. When we say tokens are consumable, we mean to say that you can use these tokens to buy different products or services via starbase platform. The term rewardable represents that people having these tokens can earn rewards for creating projects. These rewards are actually paid from the revenue earned by different projects. Inflationary means that the ICO can issue more tokens once crowdsale is done.

Whenever a token is issued, sold or consumed for outsourcing any work, a nominal fee is applied. This earned fee is distributed among all token holders following a reward program mechanism.

Earn Starbase Tokens

People can earn Starbase tokens by exchanging them with other cryptocurrencies. People can also offer their services to become a part of the ICO and receive compensation in the form of starbase tokens. Since the ICO has already been launched, therefore you can also go to earn Starbase tokens with ethereum and avail bonus offers as well.

Buy Starbase Tokens With E-Wallet

Starbase tokens are based on blockchain technology, therefore compensation can only be done in e-wallet accounts. People wishing to buy Starbase tokens need to have an e-wallet. Every transaction carried on the platform is recorded on blockchain and is held in e-wallets. E-wallets are considered more secure than any other source for holding cryptocurrency since they are encrypted with a long alphanumeric blockchain address which is very difficult to hack.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO has been announced with a total token supply of 125 million. The ICO had a funding target of 1000000 with no upper cap or lower cap defined. The platform supports BTC and ETH as a payment method. The ICO, however, plans to raise at least $2,000,000 USD.

Bonus Offers

Bonuses are also available for Starbase token holders.

People who plan to buy starbase tokens within seven (07) days of its launch will receive a 20% bonus. Those subscribing starbase token between the 8thday of its launch up to 21st day are entitled to receive 15% bonus. The bonus is also available for people who would buy Starbase tokens between 22nd to 35th day, and 36th to 42nd day at 10% and 5% respectively.

Below is the bonus detail listed in chronological order to help you understand better

  • 1st to 7th day – 20 % bonus
  • 8th to21th day- 15% bonus
  • 22nd to 35th day – 10% bonus
  • 36th to 42nd day – 5% bonus
  • 43th to 45th day – 0 % bonus

Team Members

  • Tomoaki Sato is the Founder & Blockchain Engineer
  • Yu Yamanaka is CTO of the company
  • Ernana Luis is Frontend Engineer at Starbase
  • Gustavo (Gus) Guimaraes is Software and Blockchain Engineer in the company
  • Charles Leslie is COO at Starbase.

Invest In Starbase

StarbaseICO aims at raising funds by means of tokens and help project creators to create opportunities for people to work and get compensated. After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that Starbase ICO is not a lucrative investment. Please note that we are not demotivating people to invest in the Star Base ICO. All we wish is to warn people to undergo extensive research before they decide to invest in Starbase.

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