Stoby ICO Review – Is Stoby a Good Investment?


ICO Name Stoby ICO
Description Student job platform
Website URL
White Paper URL
ICO Launch 2018-12-01 00:00:00
ICO Closing 2019-01-01 00:00:00
Token Platform Ethereum
Coin Price 1 STB = 0.20 Euro
Funding Target 2,400,000 STB sold
Funding Cap 25,000,000 STB sold
Coins Offered STB

The Stoby ICO is launching STB, the propriety token of the Stoby student job platform. Busy people will post remote jobs of all kinds and students with free time will bid on them – getting paid in cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology enables Stoby to add new standards of transparency and efficiency to the platform, protecting students and job posters. Read on to find out more about the Stoby ICO!

What is the Stoby ICO?

We have talked about cryptocurrencies helping with employment before, but Stoby is an upcoming job listing platform aimed at students. Founder and CEO Julien Labatut recalls working long hours as a server to help pay for university. With few options available to him for extra money, he slept little and struggled academically. His new platform will give students all kinds of remote, digital jobs to choose from, so they can monetise their skills and free time and get paid in Stoby coin.

The Stoby ICO Concept

Stoby will introduce its proprietary token, STB, during its ICO. The coin can be used for all payment and transactions functions on the Stoby platform, launching in 2020. A full 80% of the STB supply is reserved for the token sale, and funds will be delivered to the investor’s Ethereum address following Stoby ICO completion.

Which Blockchain Will Stoby Launch On?

The Stoby ICO will launch on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum has launched hundreds of similar projects, offering the simplest ICO process and the widest potential pool of investors (all ETH holders) in the cryptocurrency industry.

The Stoby ICO Team

(Stoby has an existing team of 10, with additional advisors)

Stoby has a working team of ten, already working full time in an established office space. The team has a strong bench of engineers, including a Fullstack developer and Solidarity expert. The team also has dedicated marketing personnel, financial leadership, and legal counsel. The team is supported by a team of advisors with expertise in the blockchain space.

The Stoby ICO Roadmap

(Stoby’s roadmap communicates plans stretching into 2021)

The Stoby ICO roadmap is somewhat sparse, though it does provide general dates for all important platform release milestones. The Stoby marketing and development team will use the entire 2019 to prepare the platform, and students will start to be recruited in May 2019. Stoby will launch in Spanish-speaking markets in November 2019, followed by English and German support in February 2020. An Italian launch is slated for early 2021.

Is Stoby a Scam?

Stoby does not seem to be a scam. The Stoby team is one of the more transparent in the upcoming ICO lineup. Furthermore, as a French ICO, the Stoby token sale is forced to be a bit more transparent than some of the token sales launching from countries with more lax regulatory frameworks. Partnerships seem to be of a high quality, and Stoby’s future plans are concrete and easy to understand.

The only issue that might cause someone to label Stoby a scam is the sheer length of time between now and the ostensible launch dates of the Stoby platform. A great deal can happen in two years, especially in the blockchain space, so ICO investors tend to favour ICOs that bring products to market very quickly.

Strengths & Challenges of the Stoby ICO

The Stoby Token Sale

(80% of STB tokens will be allocated for the Stoby crowdsale)

80% of the STB supply is reserved for investors of the Stoby token sale. It’s unclear what will become of unsold tokens. A further 8% of STB tokens will be sold at the pre-sale. This leaves only 12% of STB for the Stoby team. These will be distributed through a private sale (34%), and the rest reserved for marketing (20%), team payments (17%), partners (22%) and for unspecified TBA purposes (8%).

How to Buy Stoby Tokens

(Find the Stoby ICO Register page at

Stoby employs Know Your Customer (KYC) standards for the Stoby ICO registration process. To complete Stoby ICO registration, you visit and click “Apply for Whitelist”. You’ll be emailed instructions and asked to include images of government-issued documentation. You must buy Ether to take part in this token sale. Once you’ve completed these steps, your application will be vetted, and you will be notified about where to send payment once the ICO begins.

Should I Invest in the Stoby ICO?

Only you can determine whether the Stoby ICO is a good use of your Ether. The best ICOs of 2018 have provided truly impressive returns for investors, while others have lost value in spectacular fashion. If you want to invest in cryptocurrency for the first time, perhaps it’s a good idea to investigate established tokens and cryptocurrencies. Broker platforms like eToro are well regulated and provide easy entry into a sensible selection of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, NEO, and Bitcoin. You can read our eToro review for more details.

Similar Projects and Alternatives to the Stoby ICO

Most alternatives to Stoby lie in the conventional web application space. Take, for example, Upwork – a job listing site where people around the world can hire students (and anyone else) for a variety of remote, digital jobs – jobs range from gigs to full-time work. We’re unaware of any other platform that targets only students, as Stoby does. Assuming the success of the Ethereum dApp ecosystem, Stoby could bring this model to the blockchain space in a significant way, improving upon previous versions of the model through blockchain’s unique security and transparency features.
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