TANZO ICO Review – Is Tanzo a Good Investment?


Description Etsy for the blockchain
Website URL Tanzo.io
White Paper URL https://tanzo.io/assets/pdfs/Tanzo_Whitepaper.pdf
ICO Launch November 1, 2018
ICO Closing January 10, 2019
Token Platform Ethereum
Coin Price 1 TZO = $0.06
Funding Target $3,500,000
Funding Cap $15,000,000
Coins Offered TZO

TANZO is a developing platform for the buying and selling of artisanal and/or handmade goods. Using the immutable ledger of the blockchain, craftspersons will have verified accounts, proving the authenticity and quality of their goods. Payments will be made in Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, or TANZO Token TZO. To learn more, read the full TANZO ICO review.

What is TANZO?

TANZO is, basically, Etsy on the blockchain. Like Etsy, craftspeople will be able to sign up and market their handmade goods to people all around the world. Buyers looking for artisanal quality will know that the products they’re searching for are the real deal. Every seller will have a verified account, sealed against hacks and fraud attempts on the blockchain. Transactions will be completed in BTC (What is Bitcoin?), ETH, or TZO, and all buyer and seller actions will be rewarded with TZO.

The TANZO ICO Concept

TANZO is already building their seller base, with more than 2,000 already reported to have signed on. TANZO will widely market their ICO before and during its three-month duration. TZO tokens will be distributed to Ethereum address of investors following the ICO’s completion.

Which Blockchain Will TANZO Launch On?

TANZO will be an app on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum has more active decentralized applications than any other smart contract platform, as well as more ICOs performed using their service. The partnership with Ethereum all but ensures that the TANZO ICO registers strongly, and completes without a hiccough.


TANZO has an impressive team of technologists, financial talent, marketing professionals, and advisors. There are 13 team members currently listed in TANZO marketing materials, all of whom are visible on unrelated professional networks like LinkedIn.

(6 of TANZO’s 13 team members and advisors)

The TANZO ICO Roadmap

The bulk of the TANZO roadmap is made up of events already in progress. Q4 will bring the TANZO POC. Q2 2019 will see the alpha version of the TANZO platform launched. Finally, TANZO V1 will be formally released in Q4 2019.

The TANZO roadmap isn’t ideal. It requires investors to wait a whole year after the ICO for the technology to even have a slated release date. Furthermore, many of the items (partnerships, marketing, etc.) that we often see in these roadmaps aren’t listed here.

Above, you can see the current TANZO ICO roadmap, from Q3 2017 through Q4 2019

Is TANZO a Scam?

TANZO is most likely not a scam. The company behind TANZO has crafted one of the best, most communicative marketing pushes of any ICO we’ve analysed. Furthermore, the TANZO concept seems ideal for blockchain technology. If TANZO continues to comport itself with this level of transparency, it’s very unlikely to be a scam.

Strengths & Challenges of the TANZO ICO

The biggest challenge TANZO has is the classic “blockchain version of…” problem. TANZO may turn out to be a remarkable platform, but does the world need a blockchain version of Etsy when it already has Etsy itself? We think that TANZO’s financial incentive model (paying all users in TZO) is an innovation that may attract users. On the other hand, we’re unsure that Etsy buyers really worry about the authenticity of the goods they purchase, or that they feel they have difficulty discerning real artisanal goods from fakes.

The TANZO Token Sale

68% of the TZO supply will be distributed at ICO

68% of this pre-mine ICO supply will be sold to investors who completed TANZO ICO registration and payment. The TANZO token sale will reserve 32% of the TZO supply (10% for founders, 10% for reserve, 10% for team and advisors, 2% for bounty, 2% for third party).

As seen above, bonuses will be awarded to earlybird ICO buyers, with the greatest bonuses going to the earliest birds. Funds raised during the TANZO token sale will be spent on marketing (63%), development (20%), operational costs (14%), and legal costs (3%).

How to Buy TANZO (TZO) Tokens

TANZO ICO registration can be completed at TANZO.io

The TANZO ICO registration process is very simple. Because TANZO is meant to be an international platform, they put very few requirements on would-be investors. Just go to TANZO.io and click “Join Private Sale” (the red button pictured above. You’ll be asked for your email address. From there, instructions will be sent to this email. Respond with your Ethereum address and other requested information. Once the sale is active, send in payment (as early as possible for the best possible bonus rates!).

Should I Invest in the TANZO ICO?

No investment is a sure thing. If you’re impressed with the TANZO token sale and the qualifications of the team behind it, the TANZO ICO may be a good idea for you. However, TANZO (as an ICO) is an inherently untested technology. If you want to invest in proven cryptocurrencies, eToro has a fine selection of proven digital currencies, sold within a proven and regulated platform (see eToro review for more details).

Similar Projects & Alternatives to TANZO

We’re unaware of any other similar project to TANZO in the blockchain space. However, there are many places online where people can buy authentic handmade goods (Etsy, eBay, etc.). It’s unclear if the millions who already use these platforms are looking for a blockchain alternative, or if there are as yet untapped markets for these platforms among blockchain users.

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