Tap Project ICO


ICO Name Tap Project
Description Tap Project’s main objective is to create a digital currency platform in collaboration with game developer’s network.
Website URL
ICO Launch 2017/07/30 00:00
ICO Closing 2017/08/27 00:00
Coin Price ETH 0.0001
Funding Target 500,000 USD
Funding Cap 75,000 ETH

Tap Project’s main objective is to create a digital currency platform in collaboration with game developer’s network. The ICO intends to devise a system based on blockchain to offer multiple gaming solutions. The platform will help online gamers to undergo cryptocurrency transactions. The Tap Project is powered by Tap Tokens based on ethereum. Holders of Tap Project tokens would also have the option to exchange their tokens with fiat currency or any other cryptocurrency.


Video games have become a huge entertainment industry over the last decade. It is estimated that people spend more than three (03) Billion hours weekly for playing games online. Tap Coin is introduced to enable video game players to use their time they spend playing video games effectively. What we mean by effectiveness is that all the gaming currency that video game lovers earn in their games can have a system through which it can be converted into Tap Coins. In short, Tap Project wants to become a default currency platform that gamers would need to access different gaming portals.

Other Features Of Tap Project Includes

Play Your Favorite Titles

Tap Project allows players to play their favorite titles listed on the platform.

Earn Currency

The platform enables users to earn gaming currency and get it converted into Tap Coins. So the players are actually being paid for the time they spend playing online games.

Sign In For Game Management

Game lovers can sign their Tap account to access the platform’s dashboard and manage their gaming portal. The powerful and interactive dashboard offered by Tap Project enables users to access online gaming market to play their favorite games.

Powered By Smart Contracts

Users are backed by the platforms’ smart contracts. Every player that logs into Tap Projects’ platform can enjoy payment protection in a way that gamers are compensated via cryptocurrency transactions without any need of a middleman. Everyone gets his share for his efforts on a fair basis.

As mentioned above, the platform enables gamers to earn currency that holds some value as well. The currency earned while playing games would now become possible to cash out. All you need to do is to get your earned gaming currency converted into tap coin and then tap coin can be exchanged with any fiat or cryptocurrency. The best thing is that all payments are monitored and secured by a blockchain technology. Gone are the days when only celebrities or hardcore professional gamers were compensated, now everyone has the option to make money by playing online games. Isn’t it amazing?

Earn Tap Project Tokens

Tokens for Tap project can be obtained in an exchange with any cryptocurrency since the ICO has already been launched. People wishing to buy the ICO token need to visit the official website of the ICO to buy tokens from there.

Buy Tap Project Tokens With E-WALLETS

The ethereum based blockchain platform needs you to have electronic wallets available with you if you wish to buy Tap Project tokens. All transactions taking place on the platform are compensated in e-wallets.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO plans to offer 750 million tokens for the public to subscribe. The exact date of the launch of the ICO isn’t available yet. It is expected that the ICO will last for 28 days approx. after its launch. As per the available information through its white paper, The ICO plans to distribute its reserves in the following pattern

  • 30% will be reserved for the foundation
  • 10% will be reserved for team and members
  • 8% will be reserved to meet legal affairs
  • 2% will be reserved to offer rewards to the participants.

Please note that the above figures are the publically available funds that the ICO plans to offer out of 1.5 Billion.  Moreover, the ICO also plans to distribute its funds

Allocation of funds:

  • 35% is planned to be allocated for Team
  • 25% is planned to be allocated for Marketing/Business Development
  • 15% is expected to be allocated for Technological Expansion
  • 10% is to be allocated for Business Unification
  • 10% is to be allocated for Business operations
  • 5% is expected to be allocated for Contingency

Bonus Offers

The ICO is not offering any bonus offer ad yet. However, to know any bonus offer in future, you can visit the official page of the ICO.

Team Members

The ICO has sincere members to take care of the project. The members include;

  • Haniff Knight is the Founder of Tap Project ICO
  • Hugh Knight is the co-founder of the company
  • Noel Duly is the business development head
  • Rory Piant is the community manager of the company.

Final Words

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that it is one of the best ICOS launched ever. With a clear strategy of introducing a global platform for gaming lovers, it has all features available needed to outclass all other competitors. We strongly express our extreme satisfaction on the ICO and wish them a good a future. We suggest people come and invest in Tap Project Tokens and do yourself a favor.

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