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Telegram is one of the most famous companies known for offering end to end encrypted messaging service to users all over the world


ICO Name Telegram
Description Telegram is one of the most famous companies known for offering end to end encrypted messaging service to users all over the world
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Telegram ICO

Are you looking for a sound investment opportunity? Would you like to pocket some quick profits? If so, we suggest you invest in Telegram ICO. People are investing in different ICOs and making good money out of them. You too can earn some handsome profits with ICOs. Before we move forward suggesting you a very good ICO to invest your money in, we would like to have your attention towards another important factor. Investing in an ICO can be deteriorating if goes wrong. What we mean to say is that you must undergo a detailed research before you decide to invest in any ICO. Try to collect as much information as you can. After you complete your research, only then you can reach to a point where you can think that the ICO you plan to invest in is a worthwhile investment. Now let’s move forward to our subject matter which is Telegram ICO – the biggest ICO that is going to take place in the world of cryptocurrencies.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is one of the most famous companies known for offering end to end encrypted messaging service to users all over the world. It is a free of cost cross-platform messaging application connecting millions of people across the globe. It has the ability to generate self-destruct messages or in other terms time restricted messages that are meant to get expired after a certain period of time automatically.  It also enables its users to have multiple accounts and different profile photos for the same account.

It first came into existence after a famous app “WhatsApp” broke out. The issue persisted for a week or so, a large number of people then started using telegram as an alternative app and to their amazement, it worked so well. Since then it continued to keep its users interested and was successful to grab the attention of new users as well. Now, the company is planning to incorporate blockchain technology to offer its services and make the quality of its services more promising.


We have already witnessed much business being diverted from traditional operational activities to blockchain based operations. Telegram might not be an exception, but it has something new for sure. First, it is going to be a new innovative chat-oriented platform based on blockchain having more features than ever. Second, the ICO’s token is anticipated to be a bigger one.

The platform intends to hold its ICOs launch soon, where it expects to raise enough funds to embrace the transition to a blockchain based network. The ICO will be offering its coins in two phases including pre-sale phase and of course the main sale. As per available resources, the platform anticipates to raise hundreds of million dollars through its “initial coin offering” and become the largest network around.  Some people might argue that what is really going to make a difference as there are more than thousands of ICOs have already been launched? Well if you think for a while, most of the ICOs include startups, but telegram is an existing network which is already established, well known and appraised by the public.

How Does Telegram Work?

As mentioned earlier, it’s a messaging app that has no associated cost to use. People use this app to connect with other people around the world. It serves as a cross-platform messaging app. Users who wish to use the app need to have it downloaded via Google Play Store or App Store for their android and i-OS based mobile phones and tablets respectively. Once the app is downloaded it needs to be configured by entering your mobile phone number. After verifying your number, the app becomes available for use. The app has many newly introduced functions such as advanced media player, an option to add three different accounts and use them simultaneously as well as time-based messaging etc.

Earn Telegram Tokens

Like all other ICOs, telegram also plans to hold its launching ceremony to let its users earn telegram tokens. People who wish to earn telegram tokens need to participate in the launch of the ICO that is going to be held soon. The final date of the ICO’s launch is not confirmed yet. Investors who wish to earn telegram tokens before its launch can also participate in the pre-sale phase of the ICO. Again, the date has not been finalized, once it is finalized, we’ll let you know.

Buy Telegram Tokens With E-wallet

It is very likely that “Telegram ICO” will be based on ERC20 tokens. So, people who wish to buy ERC20 tokens or in other terms ETH tokens need to have an e-wallet account. Why is it so? Because ethereum is a cryptocurrency and all cryptocurrencies are supposed to be stored in e-wallet accounts only. Therefore, people who want to buy telegram tokens have got no other choice but to open an e-wallet and have their upcoming telegram tokens stored in them.

Team Members

Like all other ICOs, telegram also has its founding members, developers, specialists etc. We’ll soon get to know their names and a brief history of them. Since the ICO is in its primary phase, therefore, we do not have enough content available in this regard. However, as soon as the ICO publishes its whitepaper, we’ll update our page as well letting you know each and every detail that you wish to know.

Why Invest In Telegram ICO?

After collecting information through reliable sources and undergoing extensive research, we hereby conclude that Telegram is going to be a game changer in coming years. It’s cool, it’s powerful, it’s innovative, it’s free and it’s a blockchain based network. So what else you can ask for? The ICO plans to introduce new features as well. We believe people should invest in the telegram ICO and try their fate. We hold a view that people won’t regret their decision in future.

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