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Tezos is a decentralized smart contract oriented platform which is rebuilt from scratch, incorporating both the prospect for future growth and the security.


ICO Name Tezos
Description Tezos is a decentralized smart contract oriented platform which is rebuilt from scratch, incorporating both the prospect for future growth and the security.
Website URL https://www.tezos.com/
White Paper URL https://www.tezos.com/static/papers/white_paper.pdf
ICO Launch 2017/07/01 05:00
Token Platform ETH (ERC20)

How to Spot a Good ICO?

Do you plan to invest in an ICO? If so, let us share some quick points that you must keep in mind before making investment in any ICO;

  1. Visit different cryptocurrency forums to know the most favorite cryptocurrency so you can have the confidence that you have picked the right one.
  2. Visit the official website of the ICO, this is because the website of a reputable ICO is supposed to be telling you a lot about its potential. If you feel horrible after closing the website of the ICO, we’d suggest staying back.
  3. Look for the team member’s professional qualification and competencies to predict how likely the ICO is going to be a successful venture.

The list is quite long. But these are some quick points that you must not forget to look at in any case. Now let’s move onto our today’s topic which Tezos ICO.

Tezos – A Good ICO for Investment

Tezos is a Greek ancient word stands for “smart contracts”. It’s a new innovative decentralized platform based on blockchain technology. The platform intends to establish a digital commonwealth ecosystem based on true values. Tezos do not only facilitates formal verification but also provides a cutting-edge security to the highly sensitive financial smart contracts.


Tezos is a decentralized smart contract oriented platform which is rebuilt from scratch, incorporating both the prospect for future growth and the security. Smarts contracts are considered to be cost-effective, efficient and generous for providing options to automate complex transactions. The world is changing and the future belongs to smart contracts. In future, you may need smart contracts to allow you to check in your hotel room or smart contracts will be taking care of internet routers to allocate bandwidth dynamically. Smart contracts may also be helpful in accessing your healthcare records. Here comes the big challenge that almost every other blockchain platform seems to be facing. That is the agreement on changing the protocol and upgrading to the platform.

How Does Tezos Work?

As mentioned earlier that almost every other blockchain based platform faces the issue concerning the consensus of participants on networks direction. Tezos solve this issue. It has a mechanism of formal governance on blockchain platform. The platform allows its contributors or in other terms its token holders to decide the direction of the network or how they think the protocol should advance. Decisions are made rigorously and transparently and are recorded on the blockchain. Once done with the decision-making process, the platform pushes the upgrade to the network automatically.

Earn Tezos Tokens

Investors who wish to earn ICO tokens are usually required to participate in the pre-sale phase or main sale of ICOs. Since the ICO token sale has already been concluded, therefore, investors who wish to earn Tezos tokens need to exchange them against major cryptocurrencies provided that Tezos tokens are supported on all major exchanges.

Buy Tezos Tokens with E-Wallets

The ICO is based on ERC20 tokens. These tokens are also known as ethereum based tokens. Etherreum is a cryptocurrency and it needs to be stored in electronic wallets. People who wish to buy Tezos tokens need to open an e-wallet account first before they even decide to not only buy Tezos Tokens but any ICO tokens since ICO tokens are always backed up by cryptocurrencies.

Token Distribution

Like all other ICOs, tezos also held its launching ceremony last year. It was July 1st, 2017 when the ICO started offering its coins to the general public. Beside the launched date, we are unable to collect additional information about the ICO as to whether it was successful in raising funds or not? Did it reach its target funding? We also couldn’t find any information about the starting price of the ICO, token distribution proportion, funds allocation etc. It is very unlikely for an ICO to have not mentioned all such details on its official website. Nothing is available in its whitepaper as well.

Bonus Offer

We explored the official website of the ICO, we also read its whitepaper thoroughly and then we could find out that the ICO planned to offer its early investors some bonuses as well. These bonuses were planned to be offered in pool form. What we mean to say is that the ICO decided to make a pool for the different types of investors.

  • 20% bonus offered to early investors of pool A (The Fund Raiser)
  • 20% bonus offered to early investors of pool B (Early Backers)
  • 10% bonus offered to Pool C participants. (PR Development)
  • 10% bonus offered to participants who fall in Pool D (DLS Acquisition Department)

Team Members

The ICO has following core team members.

  1. Johann Gevers Diego Ponz is the founding member of the ICO
  2. Guido SchmitzKrummacher is the Co-founder of the ICO
  3. Arthur Breitman is part of the development team
  4. Benjamin Canou is a member of the development team
  5. Çağdaş Bozman is also another member of the development team
  6. Pierre Chambart is one of the core members of the development team
  7. Grégoire Henry is also a member of the development team
  8. Mohamed Iguernlala is part of the development team
  9. Fabrice Le Fessant is the core member of the development team
  10. Alain Mebsout is also a part of the development team.
  11. Vincent Bernardoff is also a part of the development team
  12. Guillem Rieu is yet another member included in the development team

Invest In Tezos – Yes Or No?

After a careful review of the Tezos, we find ourselves not to be very much impressed. Although the ICO plans to incorporate innovation in smart contract technology still there are some areas that needed a further description. We couldn’t find information about the fundraising breakdown of the ICO. We feel a bit reserved in expressing our opinion about the ICO. All we would like to say is that people should do a complete research and collect information as much as they can before they come up with a decision to invest in Tezos.

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