Tipper ICO


ICO Name Tipper ICO
Description Tipper is the world’s first platform founded on tipping – a game-changing paradigm shift that brings two-way monetisation and unlimited earning possibility, while ending view fraud, demonetization and censorship.
Website URL https://www.tippereconomy.io/
White Paper URL https://www.tippereconomy.io/Documents/TIPPER_WHITEPAPER_DRAFT_1.pdf
ICO Launch 2018/02/01 18:49
ICO Closing 2018/03/31 18:49
Token Platform Ethereum
Coin Price $0.25 apiece
Funding Target $15,000,000
Funding Cap $50,000,000
Coins Offered TIPR

Everybody knows that social media has completely changed the way we live. Social media has many forms and contributes to the way we communicate, plan, form friendships, find entertainment, learn about the world, and so much more. Social media actions like “Likes” have become household terms, synonymous with support for content which stimulates us or adds value to our daily lives.

Social media has contributed to the democratization of content creation. Decades ago, most Americans got their entertainment and news from a couple of television networks and the radio. Today, there are seemingly endless news sources, from trusted providers like the Guardian to the purveyors of so-called “fake news”. Internet users have a passive say in the content that is produced, by subscribing, patronizing, and “liking”, but in the future content-users will have even greater control.

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Tipper is going to bring tipping and micro-transactions to every conceivable action on social media platforms. Today using Patreon, a viewer can give money directly to a content creator, but usually only in single lump sums. Tipper wants monetization streams to constantly flow, as users tip content they like as a means of stimulating the production of even more valuable pieces of content.

There’s a lot more detail to get into, so if you’re interested in the Tipper ICO at this point, read on to learn how they plan to create the 21st century Social Economy.

tipper tppr

What Is Tipper (TIPR)?

Tipper is a blockchain project which introduces Tipper TIPR coin to the blockchain space. When the Tipper platform launches in Q3 2018, TIPR holders will be able to use their coins to monetize various actions on social media platforms, while being incentivized for doing so by incoming TIPR payments performed by smart contract on the TIPR network.

Tipper dreams of an international social media ecosystem where micro-transactions and tips create a content meritocracy which elevates great content and motivates healthy social media behaviors by social media users. They will accomplish this through four pillars of the Tipper ecosystem, which look a little something like this:

  1. The Tipping Model – Today, “Views” and “Likes” are what is used to portray interest and appreciation for a piece of content. And while no content creator is sorry to perform well by these metrics, these tools are still blunt instruments. “Likes” and “Views” can be bought or faked, whether we’re talking about a new Youtube channel or the Twitter account of a prominent world leader. Tipping, however, is a decision made by individuals as an investment in quality, as they perceive it. Like Patreon, tips are sent to content creators directly from users/patrons/followers. But rather than demand that a user submits a large, one-time payment (which many users are unwilling to do), Tipper allows micro-transactions, or tips, which any social media user can afford. This provides a stream of revenue for the content creator which exceeds current models. What’s more, the more users tip, the more income opportunities they create for themselves! This incentivizes the user base to constantly use TIPR as they spend many hours on social media platforms we all use every day.
  2. Content Investing – The blockchain has introduced the most revolutionary fundraising model seen in decades: the ICO. While the ICO is perfect for businesses which benefit from blockchain tech, it’s not a solution for most people, especially content creators. With “Content Investing”, Tipper makes it possible for content creators to offer shares in their work, like selling a 5% stake in a new Youtube channel, for example. Early adopters who invest in content will receive returns in proportion to the percentage of the channel they own. This way, independent content creators can scale their work beyond their current abilities, all while incentivizing support and advertising from the supporters who believe in their potential the most.
  3. Monetization – There are many viral moments each year that hundreds of millions of people view and enjoy. Maybe it’s a game-winning goal from the NBA, or a viral video that captures the cultural zeitgeist. In many cases today, moments like these are pirated and copied, cutting off income channels from the owners of the content. With Tipper, content owners will be able to control these special moments absolutely, bringing in greater financial rewards which will enable them to bring more content of this type to people all around the world.
  4. Tipper Ad Model – 100% of Advertising revenue within the Tipper ecosystem will be distributed amongst its users. This incentivizes people to use the system and to engage in content. Advertisers can buy advertising within the Tipper ecosystem, and can also directly incentivizing certain users to engage with this content. Today’s social media users passively interact with advertising every day. By introducing this monetization model, advertising efforts can be more precise and profitable, while users can monetize the valuable commodities of their time and attention. 

This is exciting stuff and helps the potential Tipper ICO investor quickly understand how this remarkable platform could change the social media world as we know it. There are a number of other interesting Tipper TIPR details which you can find in the Tipper whitepaper, some of which we’ll cover here in this Tipper ICO review

What Else Makes Tipper TIPR Exciting for Investors?

You’re advised to read the complete Tipper Whitepaper if you want to know the total nitty-gritty of the platform, but if you choose to use this Tipper review as an authority, we’ll cover a couple other reasons why Tipper TIPR is likely a coin investment.

  • Tipper Incentives are Strong. Tipper doesn’t simply give users a platform for communication, like Facebook or Reddit. Instead, they act as a layer over these major SM platforms, monetizing every action of their users who engage the platforms through Tipper. 
  • Each user has a “Stimulation Score” based on how much they perform actions which are good for the network. This score is automated, and high scores come with increased TIPR incentives and monetization opportunities. 
  • So-called “Basic Income” is built into the platform. Tipper will give power users (those with sufficiently high Stimulation Scores) a monthly reward, which scales with their ongoing performance within the network. 
  • We could go on, but these examples are sufficient to demonstrate that there are many ways to send and receive TIPR for profit. With any cryptocurrency, multivarious use cases always are a good sign for long term value. Casual users can enjoy Tipper, and benefit from a few tipping and monetization opportunities; dedicated users can open up many tipping opportunities and income channels. In short, TIPR has many examples of utility with the Tipper ecosystem, not to mention its use as a general currency in the wider cryptocurrency market. Utility = Value, so investors are urged to get in on the Tipper ICO while there’s still time.

    How to Invest in the Tipper ICO

    The Tipper ICO is already in progress. It will be going through March 31. US residents are technically not allowed to take part, but our signup didn’t prevent us from registering so we could get photos of the process. Here’s what we found out.

    First, go to Tipper’s official website: TipperEconomy.io.

    tipper tipr

    Click on the green button at the top of the screen, “ICO LIVE NOW”.

    buy tipper ico

    Click the green “Register Below to Buy” button, or just scroll down a little bit.

    tipper economy

    Input the basic information requested of you here, then submit.

    tipper cryptocurrency

    That’s it. As we have not yet received our confirmation email, we can’t say whether or not KYC is incorporated in that email, or anything else the Tipper ICO might require. As early registration went smoothly, we expect the process to be not that difficult.

    How to Create a MyEtherWallet Address to Store Your TIPR Coins

    As with any ICO, you’ll have to supply a wallet address to which the Tipper ICO will send your new coins. As you might have noticed in the above image, Tipper only accepts Ethereum as payment, and only accepts MyEtherWallet addresses as destination addresses for the coins you may buy. So how do we go about getting a MyEtherWallet address.

    First things first, let’s make sure we understand what MyEtherWallet is. You may or may not know that ANY Ethereum address can receive any ERC20 token. The problem is, not all Ethereum wallets have a mechanism to interact with those coins, meaning that all but the most skilled users will lose access to them. MyEtherWallet, on the other hand, has clear support of all ERC20 tokens. When the Tipper ICO sends you your coins, you’ll immediately see them in this handy web wallet, and will be able to interact with them in any manner you please. So let’s go to MyEtherWallet.com and create an account.

    tipr crypto

    Go to MyEtherWallet.com and create your account. This is a fairly easy process. The only thing you have to be careful of is to record your private address/private key when it is displayed while you’re making your account. Each private key is unique and will be what you can always use to access your account or regenerate it if you lose access for any reason. We recommend writing it down because storing it on your computer or other device is not secure. Anyone who steals your private key can steal your coins. Write it down twice, and store in two separate and secure locations, like a safety deposit box at the bank and in a good hiding place in your basement.

    Once inside your MyEtherWallet, you’ll see a number of important things.

    1. Your Account Address is the address people (including the Tipper ICO) can use to send coins to you. You’ll have to give the Tipper ICO this address in order to buy TIPR. Ethereum and any ERC20 token can be sent to this address and stored in MyEtherWallet. 
    2. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a grey button called “Show Tokens”. Your TIPR, once received, will be visible by clicking this button and looking through the long list of ERC20 tokens (thankfully alphabetized) for “TIPR”. Here you’ll see your balance. 
    3. You can also send tokens from this screen. You can click on the box in red above to select “TIPR” or any other currency you hold in MEW. Then select the amount and hit the “Generate Transaction” button. 

    That’s it! Enjoy your TIPR.

    Final Thoughts on Tipper TIPR

    Tipper seeks to introduce important functionality to the social media universe. Almost every American with access to the internet uses social media in some form. Social media has represented a great democratization of opinion, content creation, and monetization. While some still marvel at the many new income channels social media has created for content creators, Tipper doesn’t think this goes far enough.

    Tipper envisions a social media ecosystem where users are financially incentivized to participate, where content creators get paid for their material in real time, where advertisements give power to the people, and where income can be drawn from everyday behaviors to change the way we make money. This is a tall order, and Tipper is not alone in these ambitions.

    However, Tipper is well positioned to make a splash in this world. When their mainnet drops later this year, expect early adopters of TIPR to see a huge increase in the value of their funds. As the Tipper ecosystem grows, you might even see it become a household name, changing the way the masses use social media and interact with friends, strangers, brands, and more.

    If that sounds great to you, don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy TIPR for only $0.25 each. You can bet that once TIPR hits the exchanges, the TIPR price will rise significantly. Whether this growth sustains and increases will only be seen after the Tipper ICO resolves. But if you’re as interested in Tipper as we are, you might have good reason to believe that Tipper’s future is bright.

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