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UTRUST is a decentralized blockchain based platform offering safe and sound online payment solutions to the world. UTRUST is considered to be the safest platform both for sellers and buyers. Unlike other ICOs, UTRUST tokens are backed by the platform itself. Holders of UTRUST tokens can make cost-free payments within the platform. In other words, the ICO’s tokens can be considered as valuable assets that are backed up by its own platform. The more the platform expands, the more places become available where the tokens can be spent.

UTRUST tokens also have a coupling mechanism by which investors’ value is protected. The platform accepts all major currencies for making payments such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. The platform converts a small fraction of the fee charged to UTRUST tokens and burn it. This is how the supply of UTRUST tokens in the market is made less available. Doing so ultimately increases the value of UTRUST tokens across the market.


UTRUST brings innovative online payment solutions based on blockchain technology to the world. Traditional transactional methods are supposed to be riskier, therefore, UTRUST introduces a smart online payment mechanism which is more secure and reliable. Some people out there may suppose this platform to be an exclusive tech-savvy’s attraction. But, in fact, it’s an open platform available to everyone. The platform is designed to have a human-centered approach to empowering people having distinct backgrounds. The UTRUST app is quite power and has user-friendly operating interface. The platform is striving hard to bring a revolution in digital, industrial and payment mechanisms.

How Does UTRUST Work?

Since we all know cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the way people make payments online. With the help of blockchain technology payments are considered faster, secured and cost-effective. But have you ever gave it a second thought that without a sound protection mechanism for payments, any payment solution can work? No. absolutely not. UTRUST brings you a blend of payment protection mechanism and blockchain technology to provide you a safer and reliable payment environment by enhancing trust between buyers and sellers.

The platform makes sure that every purchase made is protected until it is delivered. In case, there comes a dispute between buyer and seller, UTRUST appreciates both parties involved to solve it in a friendly manner. However, if it persists, UTRUST steps in and compensate the buyer as per the organization’s policy. Buyers have the freedom to make payment using any major cryptocurrency with a low rate of conversion fee. Alternatively, buyers can choose to pay using UTRUST tokens without incurring any fee.

Earn UTRUST Tokens

The ICO held its main sale back in November 2017.  As per the available information on the official website of the ICO, it has successfully managed to raise USD 1500,000 during its pre-sale phase and $17,875,000 from its main sale. Since the ICO has already been closed, therefore, people who wish to earn UTRUST tokens need to exchange them against other major cryptocurrencies.

Buy UTRUST tokens with E-Wallets

URTUST tokens are also powered by Ethereum. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, therefore, it needs to be stored in the electronic wallet. People who want to buy UTRUST tokens need to have an E-wallet account before they buy UTRUST tokens. Many companies are offering the facility of free-wallets these days, you can search over the internet to locate the best company offering e-wallet. When you are done opening an e-wallet then you can go ahead to buy UTRUST Tokens.

THE ICO Distribution

As mentioned earlier, the ICO has already been closed. The ICO inaugurated in November last year. There was a total token supply of 500 Million. The maximum cap for crowd sale was set at 21 Million. The supported cryptocurrency of the platform is Bitcoin and Ethereum. The starting price of the ICO token was 0.065 USD.

Tokens Distribution (100%)

  • The ICOs token distribution took place in following proportion
  • 10% tokens were distributed during the pre-sale phase of the ICO
  • 20% tokens were separated to be distributed between private investors
  • 5% tokens were to be distributed to Marketing and Bounty department
  • 10% tokens were retained by the ICO itself
  • 55% tokens were made public for subscription.

Allocation of Funds – Post ICO

  • 40% funds are allocated to Engineering and Deployment departments
  • 20% funds are allocated for Partner Engagement
  • 15% funds are allocated for promotional and Marketing Campaigns.
  • 12% funds are allocated to meet legal requirements
  • 10% funds are allocated to for administrative purposes
  • 3% funds are kept reserved for miscellaneous activities.

Team Members

  1. Nuno Correia is the CEO of the ICO
  2. Filipe Castro is the CIO at UTRUST
  3. Artur Goulão is the CTO at UTRUST
  4. Roberto Machado is the CPO of the company
  5. Luís Zamith is the Engineering Head at UTRUST
  6. Nick Olender is the Vice President of Marketing at UTRUST
  7. Sydney Lai is the Engagement Partner at UTRUST
  8. João Ferreira Head of Design department at UTRUST
  9. Laura Esteves is the Head of Operations at UTRUST
  10. Francisco Baila is the Product Designer at UTRUST
  11. Gabriel Poça is the Software Engineer in UTRUST
  12. Ronaldo Sousa is also a Software Engineer in UTRUST
  13. Fernando Mendes is another Software Engineer at UTRUST
  14. Bruno Azevedo is yet another Software Engineer in UTRUST
  15. Pedro Costa is also a Software Engineer in UTRUST
  16. Marc Howland is the Financial Advisor of the ICO
  17. David Bryan is the Strategic Advisor of the ICO
  18. Lilian Yu is the Marketing Advisor of the ICO
  19. Sascha Benz is the Business Develop. Advisor at UTRUST
  20. Dhiveshan Govender is also the Strategic Advisor of the ICO
  21. João Figueira is the Legal Advisor to the Company
  22. João Paulo is responsible for Cloud Security at UTRUST
  23. Francisco Cruz is an Architecture Advisor IN UTRUST
  24. Francisco Maia is the Distrib. Systems Advisor of the Company
  25. Arthur Zubkoff is the Marketing Consultant at UTRUST

Invest In UTRUST

After collecting detailed information about the ICO, we hereby conclude that UTRUST is going to be a market leader to offer online payment solutions to the masses. The platform provides its users a payment protection mechanism based on blockchain technology making it impossible for intruders to break in. We suggest people should definitely invest in UTRUST. We believe this will be the best decision of people’s life.

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