Virtual Rehab ICO Review – Is Virtual Rehab a Good Investment?


ICO Name Virtual Rehab
Description Virtual substance abuse services network
Website URL
ICO Launch June 1, 2019
ICO Closing August 15, 2019
Token Platform Ethereum
Coin Price 1 VRH = $0.10
Funding Target $5,000,000
Funding Cap $20,000,000
Coins Offered VRH

Virtual Rehab is a blockchain network offering virtual reality and artificial intelligence substance abuse services to people struggling with addiction. It will be a decentralised network bringing applications and professional services to vulnerable populations, B2C (Business to Consumer). The goal of Virtual Rehab is to make rehabilitation services very accessible and affordable, with crypto economic incentives to help users develop healthy new habits.

The Virtual Rehab ICO Concept

Drug abuse epidemics are now universal. With chronic abuse of drugs like opiates, benzodiazapines, and stimulants affecting millions, and resulting in hundreds of overdose deaths each day, any effective new rehab technology can make a big difference.

Virtual Rehab wants to offer a decentralised digital network of rehabilitation services, using methods from virtual reality and artificial intelligence. It will also bring virtual services from living healthcare experts to these vulnerable user populations. Users will be rewarded in VRH for using the services, and they can use it to buy more services within the network. This feedback loop will help users develop healthy new habits.

Which Blockchain Will Virtual Rehab Launch On?

Virtual Rehab will launch on the Ethereum blockchain, home to more ICOs and digital applications than any other blockchain network. Users can buy Ethereum to trade for VRH during the Virtual Rehab token sale.

The Virtual Rehab Team

VRH team
Team members are fairly visible on the internet, and all have verifiable previous experience and accomplishments through LinkedIn.

The Virtual Rehab team includes 7 founders, engineers, consultants, legal support, technologists, and strategists. There are various advisors associated with the team as well.

The Virtual Rehab Roadmap

Virtual Rehab Milestones/Roadmap
Virtual Rehab has already completed numerous roadmap tasks in previous quarters.

In the years to come, Virtual Rehab will launch its platform, introduce many new features, enter the European market, find new partnerships, and much more. The roadmap will be updated for 2020-2022 at the end of 2019.

Is it a Scam?

Virtual Rehab does not appear to be a scam. Its claims are reasonable, its technology is demonstrable, and the team has accomplished all goals it has set for itself so far. It’s always possible the Virtual Rehab may turn out not to be a good investment, but we do not believe that this would be the result of insidious behaviors on the part of those running this ICO. Virtual Rehab seems to be on the up-and-up.

Strengths & Challenges of Virtual Rehab

Virtual Rehab seems to provide a very important service, in a novel way, to a huge population of needy individuals. Rehabilitation services are expensive. They often require inpatient care, medication, and time spent away from work and family. Digitising these services for affordable access to everyone could prove to be an excellent model, with a nearly endless potential user base.

On the other hand, there are hundreds of dapps on the Ethereum blockchain that sound like good ideas, but fail to make a splash in the real world market. It can be difficult to get users outside of the blockchain industry to use a blockchain application, specifically because of the unfamiliar technology, token economics, and media sources where this sort of thing is advertised.

The Virtual Rehab Token Sale

token economics virtual rehab
token economics virtual rehab

60% of the VRH supply will be distributed at ICO. The remaining 40% will be distributed among the VRH team and and advisors, allocated for team payment, marketing, research and development, and other operational costs.

How to Buy Virtual Rehab Tokens/Coins?

The Virtual Rehab does not begin for a few more months, so you’ll have plenty of time to learn about the Virtual Rehab register process. Go to to join the whitelist, complete KYC registration with Civic, and find out more information about future contribution. Soon you’ll be on the Virtual Rehab register.

Start by going to and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the 16 page homepage. You will see what’s shown in the image below.

virtual rehab page
virtual rehab page

Click on “Whitelist”. This will bring you to a page like the one you see below. Input the requested information to complete this step of Virtual Rehab registration.

virtual rehab whitelist
virtual rehab whitelist

Now click on the “Connect With Civic” button. This will bring up a QR code that can be scanned with the Civic app. Complete this step to perform the KYC process.

virtual rehab civic kyc
virtual rehab civic kyc

Now click the “Contribute” tab to see information about the future sale. This will answer all of your questions. This is as far as you can go in the Virtual Rehab registration process for now.

Should I Invest in Virtual Rehab Token Sale?

We can’t offer formal financial advice. All ICO investments are risky and many lose much or all of their value in the days and months following Virtual Rehab token sale complete. Other ICOs multiply value many times over. Do your own research. At the very least, we think Virtual Rehab has the potential to provide returns.

There are less risky ways to invest in cryptocurrency, using trusted investment platforms like eToro. See our eToro review for details.

Similar Projects and Alternatives to Virtual Rehab

There are many digital services networks, like those in the Stellar network, the new Nash decentralised exchange launching on the NEO blockchain, and even artificial intelligence markets like on EOS. However, we’re not aware of any market, artificial intelligence blockchain, or virtual reality system that caters specifically to people suffering from substance abuse disorders. If Virtual Rehab succeeds, it may stand alone in the blockchain industry, at least for now. Early adopters could stand to earn a big reward.


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