WaBi is a digitalized token powered by Walimai’s safe products. The platform places secure labels (anti-counterfeit) on products within as well as outside China.


ICO Name WaBi
Description WaBi is a digitalized token powered by Walimai’s safe products. The platform places secure labels (anti-counterfeit) on products within as well as outside China.
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How To Spot A Good ICO

Are you looking to make some quick profits? Have you tried investing your money in an ICO? If not yet, this is the time to make a wise move. Investing in an ICO can bring you more money than any other source of investment provided that you invest your money in a good ICO. What we mean by a good ICO is that it should have workable objective, sound strategy to raise funds, tradeable tokens on major exchanges and a team of skilled professionals. If you wish to spot a good ICO, make sure that the ICO have all these characteristics. Let’s have a look at these features one by one in a bit detail;

1.      Workable Objective

Visit the official website of the ICO and read its objective. It should sound sensible. For example, an ICO telling you to reserve your apartment on planet Mars is simply making fool of you. On the other hand, an ICO mentioning its objective to employ blockchain technology to make the way people donate, more transparent, sounds logical. Therefore, you must not invest your money in an ICO whose objective is not achievable.

2.      Sound Strategy for Raising Funds

Some ICOs don’t follow a pre-planned schedule and make amendments in their plan to launch the ICO for no good reason. This obviously can affect the investor’s mind. Think for a while, if an ICO is not been able to adhere to the schedule of its fundraising campaign, do you really think it would successfully meet its objective?

3.      Tradable Tokens

This is the foremost important point that you must be concerned about. ICOs with tradable tokens should be your first choice. Obviously, you may need to sell your token sometime later due to any reason such as you wish to buy a better investment opportunity or you may simply need some quick cash to pay your loan. If the ICO tokens are not supported on major exchanges of the world, you can end up in a problem. Always make sure that the token of the ICO you are about to invest in, is supported on major exchanges at least.

4.      Skilled Professionals

Every successful company is supposed to have a group of highly skilled individuals. Obviously, you can’t expect much from people known for their failures. Try to search and collect some information about the team members of the ICO you wish to invest in. You may find some facts about the previous achievements of the team members of the ICO resulting in your increased confidence in them.

The list doesn’t end here, but following above-mentioned points, you can at least save yourself from getting into a bigger trouble. Let’s read the following review.

WaBi Review

WaBi is a decentralized blockchain based platform that supports anti-counterfeit system of Walimai. The walimai’s system intends to link physical and digital assets with anti-copy mechanism using RFID identification. It enables its users to authenticate and purchase products using their phones. All products being sold at WaBi are supposed to be fully protected by Walimai’s technology. The platform also awards its users with WaBi tokens to show them gratitude for using Walimai channel.


WaBi is a digitalized token powered by Walimai’s safe products. The platform places secure labels (anti-counterfeit) on products within as well as outside China. People can then use WaBi to purchase them. The platform intends to address the problem of imported goods that are fake plus the unavailability of regular authentication and lack of food safety measurements. Fake pharmaceuticals are also not an exception. It is very difficult to solve the problem even by using blockchain unless digital and physical assets are linked to each other using radio frequency identification.

How Does WaBi Work?

The WaBi application is available to download from Google Play Store and App Store for android and iOS-based mobile phones and tablets. After downloading and installing the app, users just need to touch their mobile phones to the products that are being labeled by Walimai. Within a matter of just three seconds, the app recognizes the product and displays its all relevant data as to where the product was made, what stores the product is available at, Was this product ever be marked as fake? Etc. If the product is not safe, users get an instant alarm.

Earn WaBi tokens

To earn tokens of the ICO, investors need to pass KYC. The ICO may need a photographic document to verify your identity.  Since the ICO has already concluded its sale, therefore you need to earn WaBi tokens by getting them exchanges against other cryptocurrencies.

Buy WaBi tokens With E-Wallets

The ICO is an ERC20 token based platform. ERC20 tokens are commonly known as ethereum. Since ethereum is a digital currency, therefore, it needs to be stored in e-wallet. People who wish to buy WaBi tokens need to open an e-wallet account first. Many companies these days are offering free e-wallet accounts, you only need to find a reliable one.

The ICO Distribution

Like other ICOs, WaBi token sale took place in November the previous year. As per the available information, the ICO managed to sell token of worth around 300,000 USD. The ICO planned to offer tokens of worth 46.000.000 out of 100.000.000 worth at starting price of $0.25. It was also planned to distribute 8.000.000 worth tokens between team members, founders of the ICO.

Team Members

  1. 1Alex Busarov is the Co-founder and the CEO at WaBi
  2. Yaz Belinskiy is the Co-founder of WaBi
  3. Kitty Xu is the Marketing Director at WaBi
  4. Chi-Tung ‘Duomo’ Pan is the Project Manager of Sales Department at WaBi
  5. Danjie Hu is the Project Manager at WaBi
  6. Wouter ‘Walt’ de Hoogd is the Social Media & Community Manager at WaBi
  7. Zhu Fang Customer is the Support Manager at WaBi
  8. Artur Pinchyuk is the IT lead at WaBi
  9. Igor Livant is an advisor to the company
  10. Mario F. Pazos is also an advisor to the company
  11. Long Chiu is yet another advisor to the company
  12. Mark Zavadskiy is also another advisor to the company

Invest In WaBi

After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that WaBi is going to revolutionize the current system of the product’s authentication and validation. Although we couldn’t gather much information about the ICO, we still believe that people should invest in WeBi and try their fate for once at least.

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