Wanchain ICO


ICO Name Wanchain
Description Wanchain is a decentralized blockchain based platform that intends to rebuild finance regime. The platform aims to create an innovative distributed finance oriented infrastructure.
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Do you have some extra funds available? Would you like to generate some quick cash? If so, try investing in an ICO. Investors from all around the world put their money in ICOs to make money fast, you too can be one of them. Remember, although investing in an ICO can fetch you fruitful results, still investing in a bad ICO can make your life miserable. You can end up losing all or maybe a major portion of your hard-earned money. Therefore, it is always better to undergo a thorough research about an ICO before investing your money in. Given below are some factors that you may consider before investing in any ICO to avoid inconvenience;

Cryptocurrency Resources –Places to Explore Famous Cryptocurrencies

You can visit various cryptocurrency forums or websites to know about your favorite cryptocurrency. People on cryptocurrencies forums tend to share their views on varying cryptocurrencies. You need to consider both positive and negative reviews on cryptocurrency and try to find out reasons behind it.

Some people may flag reputable cryptocurrencies just because they think it not to be a worthwhile investment without looking at facts and figures. Judgment without logic is useless. Therefore, always look for the reason why an ICO or cryptocurrency is not appreciated, if you find a reasonable answer then it’s better to avoid investing in that particular currency.

1.      Whitepaper of ICO – A Quick inside View

Reading whitepaper of an ICO can be a great idea to establish an opinion on an ICO. Whitepaper usually tells you about the objective of an ICO, its funding targets, funds raised during a certain period of time and starting price of the ICO. You can estimate by looking at the figures mentioned in the whitepaper of an ICO that whether the ICO could be successful or not.

2.      Team Members – The Face of the ICO

An ICO is considered to be a strong venture if the team members of the ICO are well known. They should have at least prior experience of working with a reputable organization. You can try to find out some details about them over the internet. It is very unlikely that people behind a strong ICO are totally new.

3.      Capital – A Good Indicator Of An ICOs Future

Don’t invest your money in an overcapitalized ICO. Obviously, if an ICO is overcapitalized and there is less demand for it in the market, then it is very likely that the token price of the ICO will fall resulting in an obvious loss of your investment. So why to take a chance? Just avoid investing in such ICO.

Following above-mentioned factors, you can decide better as to whether you should go for a certain ICO or not? Today we have reviewed another ICO for you. We would like to hear from you as well. Please continue reading and share your comments below.

Wanchain ICO

Wanchain is a decentralized blockchain based platform that intends to rebuild finance regime. The platform aims to create an innovative distributed finance oriented infrastructure. Wanchain plans to empower the digital economy using cross-chain smart contracts. The ICO looks to connect the modern age to the future by incorporating blockchain technology. The platform uses latest theories based on cryptography to develop a distributed ledger as well as a cross-chain protocol that records all intra-chain and cross-chain transactions. The platform has five features to offer including payment and receipts settlement, investment finance, exchange transaction, and lending.


Wanchain is a blockchain based platform that aims to create a distributed “bank” based on innovative distributed digital assets’ infrastructure and to design an improved version of the modernized framework. The Wanchain enables individuals as well as corporations to offer their services such as origination of loans, credit payments following their settlements, and asset exchanges by setting up their own virtual window in the bank.  To cut it short, the Wanchain is a distributed infrastructure having a blockchain based super-financial market. The Wanchain ledger supports smart contracts as well as ensures privacy protection.

Earn Wanchain Tokens

Since the ICO has already been ended, therefore people who wish to earn Wanchain tokens can exchange them on supported exchanges.

Buy Wanchain Tokens With E-Wallets

Since the platform is based on ethereum, therefore investors who wish to buy Wanchain tokens need to have an e-wallet account before they buy Wanchain tokens. Many companies have started offering free e-wallet accounts, unfortunately, a lot of them are nothing but a scam. Investors need to make sure that they open an account with the world’s renowned exchanges such as Coin base, Coin Mama Etc.

The ICO Distribution

Unlike other ICOs, the wanchain has not disclosed any information about its starting date, its ending date, target funding, funding cap, and starting price. All we could find by exploring its official website is the complex formulas and mathematical equations. We read the ICOs’ whitepaper, yellow paper, and commercial paper, but failed to find any information about the fund’s distribution or allocation of the ICO.

Bonus Offers

As we couldn’t find any information about funds distribution of the ICO, we couldn’t find any information concerning rewards and bonuses too.

Team Members

There is a huge list of team members Of the ICO. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Jack LU is the founder of the ICO
  2. Dustin Byington is the co-founder of the ICO
  3. Zane Liang is the core team member of the ICO
  4. Ying Zhang is another core team member of the ICO
  5. Tony Zhang is also a core team member of the ICO

Decide Yourself Whether You Wish To Invest In Wanchain Or Not?

Since we couldn’t find enough information about the ICO, except its basic theme, therefore, we leave this decision to you. However, we would like to suggest people should undergo a detailed research about the ICO before they decide to put their money into it.

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