WePower ICO


ICO Name WePower
Description WePower is a green energy blockchain system based on smart contracts to transform the dirty energy to locally distributed power.
Website URL
ICO Launch 2018/02/01 05:00
ICO Closing 2018/02/14 05:00
Token Platform ERC20
Coin Price ETH 0.001
Funding Target 5000,000 USD
Funding Cap 35000,000 USD
Coins Offered 289 M

WePower is a green energy blockchain system based on smart contracts to transform the dirty energy to locally distributed power. The ICO serves to be a platform based on blockchain where all new and existing energy producers can connect with each other to invest and trade in green energy tokens. The ICO is powered by a smart contract token that collects digital energy so that more digital energy tokens can be produced.


WePower is a revolutionary blockchain platform that helps energy developers to raise capital from end users by providing an easy investment solution to support green energy projects. It is a transparent network powered by smart contract technologies to improve the green energy deficit. The ICO will help green energy producers to access international market for fundraising. It will not only boost up the entire process of trading but will also provide investors an opportunity to invest in green energy projects. The basic concept is to provide a transparent, decentralized platform to producers and investors of green energy.The platform enables them to meet and undergo deals for the exchange of green or renewable energy and to replace dirty energy with green energy and help people start living in a healthy environment.

How Does WePower Work?

Energy is a great requirement of this age. However, the problem lies with the consumption of dirty energy that is being produced from coal &gas and other unhealthy resources. This ICO will enable energy developers to sell a certain volume of future energy to investors through smart contracts. Investors buying the future energy will not only take benefit of discount offers but would serve a noble cause as well by providing the world green energy solutions. Later on, they can use the purchased energy themselves or may sell it at a bit higher price to make reasonable profits.

The ICO offers a transparent trading platform where energy is sold and purchased in the market. This arrangement is done when the demand of green energy is already met. The ultimate objective of the ICO is to increase the renewable energy volume so that it may become a pioneer to bring a revolutionized system as far as the acquisition of renewable and healthy energy is concerned.

Earn WePower Tokens

Like all other ICOs, WePower also offers its token for the general public. Since the pre-sale of the ICO is closed now, therefore, investors need to earn WePower tokens by participating in the launch of the ICO that is going to take place on 1st February 2018. For more details investor can visit the link https://wepower.network/

Buy WePower Tokens With E-Wallet

Like all other ICOs, WePower is also based on blockchain technology. Its base currency is Ethereum. Ethereum is stored in an electronic wallet. Therefore, all transactions taking place on the ICO platform will be stored in an electronic wallet. People who wish to buy WePower tokens need to have an e-wallet account first. The best thing about e-wallet is that it is secure and transparent. Everyone knows where all funds, that were accumulated to support green energy projects, are being invested.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO plans to raise funds up to minimum 5,000,000 USD with a capping of 35,000,000 USD. The ICO is based on blockchain technology, and ethereum is the only supported currency of the ICO. The ICO will be launched on 1st of February 2018 and will last for only 14 days. It will be closed on 14th of February 2018. There will be 55% of the tokens available to the public to subscribe. Soft cap for the ICO funding is declared to be 5 million whereas 15 million will be the hard capping for the ICO.

Other allocation is in below format

  • 20% of token will be reserved for WePower team
  • 15% are to be allocated for community users’ growth
  • 10% will be allocated to stakeholders (future)
  • 55% are to be allocated to the general public

Team Members

  • Nikolaj Martyniuk is the Co-Founder of the ICO WePower
  • Artūras Asakavičius is the Co-Founder and looking after Investments Options at WePower
  • Kaspar Kaarlep is a CTO energy at WePower
  • Jon Matonis is a Blockchain advisor to the company
  • Eyal Hertzog is a Blockchain advisor to the company
  • Heikki Kolk is Energy IOT Expert at WePower

Invest In WePower

We reviewed the ICO and conclude that it is going to bring a positive change in the world by replacing dirty energy with fresh green energy.  The transition will take place through smart contracts based on blockchain technology. The ICO will serve as a marketplace to enable consumers, producers, and investors of green energy to meet and collaborate with each other in the best interest of mankind. The company has already published its white paper for the general masses. Soon it will be on its way, making its stakeholders enjoy the best of health by consuming healthy energy. We suggest people should invest in WePower and try their fate.

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