ICO Investment List – 2019 Calendar

Below are a list of all the upcoming ICOs! ICO coins have been thrown into the public view and if you are looking to invest in ICOs this year, we have all the best initial coin offerings you need to know about.

To invest in ICO is to invest in the future. As a currency that is evaluated and governed by its users, it is a perfect example of a community taking control of their finances. There are new ICOs joining the ICO list market every week, and the enthusiasm for the phenomenon hasn’t gone away.

Our upcoming ICO list is ranked in chronological order, with the ICOs closest to their launch heading the top of the list. Our live ICO list is comprised of all ICOs that are currently taking place and are ordered by end time. We also have featured ICOs that have been scrutinised by our cryptocurrency experts and feel that they pose less risk, whilst also having a positive investment rating.

ICO Description Live Countdown Start Price Funding Target Funding Cap Open Acount
ICO Description Live Countdown Start Price Funding Target Funding Cap Open Acount
imusify ICO Review – Is imusify a Good Investment?
music platform w/ incentives for artists and fans
00 DAYS 00 HRS 00 MIN 00 SEC
1 IMU = $0.044 USD $1 million USD $25 million USD
Stoby ICO Review – Is Stoby a Good Investment?
Student job platform
1 STB = 0.20 Euro 2,400,000 STB sold 25,000,000 STB sold
Virtual Rehab ICO Review – Is Virtual Rehab a Good Investment?
Virtual substance abuse services network
1 VRH = $0.10 $5,000,000 $20,000,000
Brewery Consortium ICO Review – Is BEER a Good Investment?
Blockchain platform for beer brewing, marketing
1 BEER = $0.05 USD $2,500,000 USD $25,000,000 USD
TANZO ICO Review – Is Tanzo a Good Investment?
Etsy for the blockchain
1 TZO = $0.06 $3,500,000 $15,000,000
Fishcoin ICO Review – Is the Fishcoin ICO a Good Investment?
Fishing industry supply chain management
1 FISH = 0.00002898 ETH 40,000 ETH 40,000 ETH
ICOVO Services Platform
One OVO = £0.23 5,868 ETH 60.360 ETH
ICO Description Start Price Funding Target Funding Cap Open Acount
Autoria ICO
Autoria is a decentralized network based on ethereum blockchain. Its digital currency Autorium is used in all applications of Autoria.
Tap Project ICO
Tap Project’s main objective is to create a digital currency platform in collaboration with game developer’s network.
ETH 0.0001 500,000 USD 75,000 ETH
CPROP is a decentralized blockchain organization focuses on real estate transactions.
25,000,000 USD 35,000,000 USD
Electroneum ICO
Electroneum is a mobile currency designed in a way that it helps users to access cryptocurrency easily.
40 Million
Starbase ICO
Starbase is a decentralized crowdsourcing platform that focuses to build a network based on ethereum blockchain.
DMarket ICO
Dmarket is a platform where every virtual item can be converted into a real commodity.
0.001333 ETH 5,000,000 DMT 50,000,000 DMT
DreamTeam Token
DreamTeam is a group of companies offering eSports as well as gaming recruitment/management solutions.
0.0005 ETH N/A 75,000,000
Paycent ICO
Paycent aims to be the global leader for complete mobile and cashless transactions.
0.00166 ETH 450,000 ETH
FundRequest ICO
FundRequest is an integrated platform to fund open source projects, thus financially incentivizing the open source community.
0.20 USD 2,000,000 USD 15,000,000 USD
ARNA Panacea
Decentralized technology based on blockchain to reliably analyze and store clinical data
0.08 USD $1,000,000 $40,000,000
Facilitates algorithmic trading, mainly via indices and the forex market
0.01 ETH 10 Ether None
FoodCoin ICO
Offer a globally accessible platform for food and agricultural products and bi-products where more than 1000 Ecofarms could bring their expertise and experience to make the venture successful.
0,0001 ETH N/A 125,000 ETH
BankEx ICO
The bank tokenizes long-term assets to extract tradable derivatives by applying third-party Fintech technology.
800 ETH N/A N/A
ODMCoin ICO is a system based on blockchain through which fundraising for an oil company is being done.
1,400,000 USD 4,200,000 USD
Envion ICO
Envion is a decentralized blockchain based platform that intends to provide a solution for the energy-starved disruptive market.
GATcoin is an ultimate platform that allows merchants to issue customized digital tokens for public so they can use them as gift cards, discount claims and shopping vouchers at different shopping points across the globe.
ETH 0.00006757 $20M $35M
ZaberCoin ICO
Zabercoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency network powered by ethereum tokens and is based on blockchain technology.
ETH 0.02857 250,000 USD 50,000,000 USD
Allows user to contribute micro-payments to fund a social cause
LoyalCoin ICO
LoyalCoin is a decentralized blockchain based digital asset that intends to reward its loyal customers via advanced reward point’s mechanism.
$12 Million $19 Milliom
X8Currency ICO
X8Currency is a token based on ethereum which is 100% backed by gold and eight fiat currencies.
EUR 0.1000 N/A EUR 3400000
Bitfincoin ICO
Bitfincoin is a decentralized, ERC20 token based platform that aims to introduce its users a passive way of generating income with ultimate financial risk management strategies and transparency.
$0.6/token N/A N/A
AriseBank ICO
Arisebank is a decentralized blockchain based banking system that allows its users to have fast transactions securely.
$500 Million
Coinvest ICO
Coinvest is the world’s first decentralized investment marketplace. It allows people to invest in segregated and regularized index of digital assets using one coin system.
ETH 0.002667 N/A $32400000
SelfKey ICO
Selfkey is a decentralized blockchain platform used for digital identity purposes.
USD 0.015 2,500,000 USD 21,780,000 USD
AidCoin ICO
AidCoin is a decentralized platform established by CharityStars. It aims to empower the Aidchain platform by making it fully transparent for not-profit sector and NGOs.
0.001 ETH 10,000 ETH 30,000 ETH
Giftcoin ICO
Giftcoin is a revolutionary, decentralized, blockchain based payment system that aims to build trust among its donors.
1 ETH = 900 GIFT $10.0m 10,000,000 USD
Lympo ICO
Lympo is a decentralized blockchain based crowdfunding platform that intends to provide support to its users, seeking funds as well as expertise.
1 ETH = 40,000 LYM 15% of 100% 650 Million LYM
PayPro App ICO
PayPro is an upcoming ICO that provides a platform for all financial applications. The platform is based on blockchain technology and supports its own digital tokens PYP as its based currency.
ETH 0.001481 N/A 50,000 ETH
ATFS Project ICO
ATFS Project is a decentralized Food Science and AgriTech crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology.
ETH 0.0002 12500 ETH 50000 ETH
Scorum ICO
Scorum is a media platform dedicated for sports. It is powered by blockchain technology that offers benefits to its active stakeholders by allowing them to earn tokens of Scorumcoins.
USD 1.00 N/A $17 Million
WePower ICO
WePower is a green energy blockchain system based on smart contracts to transform the dirty energy to locally distributed power.
ETH 0.001 5000,000 USD 35000,000 USD
NeuroToken ICO
Neromation is the world’s leading platform for artificial intelligence that provides deep learning of neuron based networks.
ETH 0.001 60,000 ETH N/A
Covesting ICO
Covesting is a decentralized platform based on blockchain that aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market for P2P asset management.
ETH 0.001 ETH 25000
Bitcomo ICO
Bitcomo is a system and decentralized network ideal for providing marketing solutions to corporate sector.
USD 0.3000 N/A 51000000
Gems ICO
Gems is a decentralized blockchain based Mechanical Turk that works on a protocol used for getting workers into a contract through which micro tasks can be done
Coinstarter ICO
Coinstarter is an upcoming fundraising platform based on blockchain technology. It will help entrepreneurs to raise funds efficiently without any need of going through complex procedure and fulfilling difficult pre-requisites to acquire finance as we see in traditional crowd funding projects.
ETH 0.0002222 25,000 ETH 154,622 ETH
Bee Token ICO
Beenest is the world’s first decentralized blockchain based home-sharing network that is built on Bee protocols hosted by guests without any commission involved.
$5 Million
The Abyss ICO
The Abyss is a decentralized digital distribution marketplace having a firm accent on F2P browsers, cryptogames, and client MMO gaming.
ETH 0.0004 5000 ETH 100000 ETH
CoinFi ICO
CoinFi is the world’s first crypto-oriented market intelligence platform that aims to provide its users Wall Street level intelligence with the help of curated research, trading algorithms, trading signals, market analysis and news updates.
$0.10 $3 Million $10 Million
Experty ICO
Experty is a decentralized knowledge sharing app based on blockchain technology. It allows experts such as doctors, legal advisors, bloggers, and advocates to monetize their services through a VOIP based application.
ETH 0.001 N/A ETH 33,000
e-Chat ICO
e-Chat is a decentralized instant messenger platform with crypto multi-wallet and a concurrency exchange service.
1.35 USD - 1.425 USD $300 million
CrowdCoinage ICO
CrowdCoinage is a decentralized OS platform based on Ethereum blockchain. 
ETH 0.001 50,000 ETH 150,000 ETH
FarmaTrust ICO
FarmaTrust is a blockchain based decentralized pharmaceutical tracking network that provides a secure, immutable and interoperable data source to track serialized products through the uninterrupted custody all across the supply chain.
$0.05 $7,000,000 $20,250,000
Social Media Market ICO
The social media market is the world’s first decentralized marketplace that connects social media advertisers with bloggers through a fraud protected blockchain based platform.
ETH 0.001 2,000,000 SMTs 10,000,000 SMTs
Gilgamesh ICO
Gilgamesh is a blockchain based decentralized social networking platform that focuses book community and enables them to share their knowledge through innovative, cohesive knowledge sharing module based on ethereum and blockchain technology.
0.1 ETH 12500 ETH
Let Bet ICO
Let Bet is a blockchain based decentralized online gaming network that intends to bring innovation in the current gambling system, where the right of players, developers, and service providers is often overridden
Xfermoney ICO
The xfermoney is a blockchain based decentralized financial transactions oriented platform that offers low-cost funds transferability to its users all across the globe.
1 ETH = 8000 XFM tokens 1 Million 5 Million
Sapien ICO
Sapien is a decentralized, blockchain based, customizable network that intends to develop a platform through which innovative content creators could be rewarded without involving third-party intermediaries.
50,000,000 SPN $30,000,000
Thrive ICO
Thrive is a decentralized blockchain based marketplace where advertisement services are bought and sold at very low prices
0.31 USD
SKYCHAIN is a decentralized blockchain based infrastructure that intends to use artificial intelligence to provide health care related services.
$1.25 12,000,000 SKCH tokens 14,400,000 SKCH
Signals Network ICO
Signals Network is a decentralized blockchain based platform that enables traders to trade crypto assets using automated trading bots and innovative trading algorithms invented by the community.
$2,000,000 $18,000,000
Invox Finance ICO
Invox Finance is a decentralized blockchain based platform that focuses on reinvention and reshaping the system of traditional invoicing.
USD 0.08500 20,000 ETH
iOlite ICO
The iOlite is a blockchain based decentralized network that is striving its best to make humans interact with system languages more conveniently.
$1,000,000 $12,500,000
MoxyOne ICO
MoxyOne is a decentralized blockchain based infrastructure that brings a solution for less common cryptocurrencies.
0.01 ETH 4000 ETH 50, 000, 000 SPENDs
VINCHAIN is a decentralized blockchain based used vehicle database that provides users all relevant information pertaining used automobiles.
1 ETH = 20 000 plus 25% stage bonus 23250 ETH
Market Cash ICO
Market Cash is a decentralized blockchain based cryptocurrency that is created with an aim to bring revolution in the blockchain industry.
Pecunio ICO
Pecunio is a decentralized blockchain based platform that intends to bring the world an innovative idea to concentrate investments on blue-chip assets.
1.5 USD $ 45,000,000
UULALA is a decentralized blockchain based platform that offers financial solutions to the world. The platform intends to bring revolutionary changes by banking the unbanked.
1 UULA = 0.28 USD. $ 5,000,000 $ 50,000,000
Fitrova ICO
The Fitrova is a decentralized blockchain based payment system that intends to serve the industry concerning Health & Fitness.
$71 Million $326 Million
Eligma ICO
Eligma is a decentralized blockchain based commerce-oriented platform that plans to bring innovation in the world of e-commerce.
0.1 USD 3,000,000 USD 24,000,000 USD
The ORCA is the world’s first decentralized blockchain based open source bank for crypto users.
$0.06. $14,000,000
Assistive Reality ICO
Assistive Reality is a blockchain based decentralized platform that anticipates an innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.
BitRewards ICO
BitRewards is a decentralized blockchain based loyalty platform as well as the ecosystem that empowers retailers to offer rewards to their customers on purchases.
0.00003472 ETH $3 000 000 $15 000 000
Ambit ICO
Ambit is a decentralized blockchain based mining infrastructure that intends to unite cloud mining as well as hosting services.
$0.5 3 Million USD 40 Million USD
Arcona ICO
Arcona is a blockchain based decentralized augmented reality oriented platform that plans to build an ecosystem which is useful for various businesses.
0.0025 ETH 2746 ETH 25 000 000 USD
ConcertVR ICO
ConcertVR is a decentralized blockchain based marketplace for entertainment and music content produced by Good stuff-Media based in Germany
60,000 ETH
Friend ICO
The Friend is a decentralized blockchain based open source platform that enables users (developers) to segregate their apps from technology data back.
1 ETH= 20,000 FNT. 25000 ETH 75000 ETH
Quarteria ICO
Quarteria is a decentralized blockchain based platform that enables its users to undergo real-estate transactions using the platform’s utility token, XQT.
PROOF OF TOSS is a decentralized blockchain based ecosystem that intends to bring revolution in the gambling world.
10 000 TOSS = 1 ETH 1,021,428,571 TOSS tokens 71500 ETH
Safein ICO
Safein is a decentralized blockchain based digital identity solution network that focuses to provide users a single sign-on identity and payments wallet.
1 ETH = 9,000 SFN 4000 ETH 12500 ETH
xDAC is a blockchain based decentralized company having autonomous power to operate on the xDAC platform
0.001ETH 1500 ETH 35500 ETH
Bitcoin Crown ICO
Bitcoin Crown is a decentralized blockchain based gaming platform that enables users to access crypto backed tools for managing and implementing products based on virtual reality.
$2,500,000 $10,000,000
Paygine ICO
Paygine is a decentralized blockchain based platform which is designed in such a way that it operates within its personalized proprietary structure of banking.
$0.10 $66 000,000
Viva ICO
Viva is a decentralized blockchain based financial technology that brings revolution in mortgage financing systems of the world.
25 Million Viva tokens
EOS is a blockchain based decentralized software that helps in enabling the horizontal and vertical scaling of applications.
Neoplay ICO
Neoplay is the world’s first decentralized blockchain based dicing platform that is based on NEO and Ethereum.
1ETH= 10 NEO
StasyQ ICO
StasyQ is the world’s first decentralized blockchain based platform that is offering a high-quality erotic content since 2015.
20,000 ETH
MyDFS is a decentralized blockchain based platform that brings daily fantasy sports solution by connecting sports fans all across the world via a transparent, investment-oriented, easy-to-use platform.
$1 $4,000,000 $40,000,000
CryptoFlix is a blockchain based decentralized network that has revolutionized the content market by incorporating blockchain and smart contracts thereby replacing the traditional content distribution approach.
5,000,000 FLIX 57,000,000 FLIX tokens
Asura Coin ICO
Asura is a decentralized blockchain based e-sports platform which is self-sustainable.
$25, 00,000 $12,000,000
SPRINTX is decentralized blockchain based platform that helps entrepreneurs to develop business ideas and create new opportunities for the crypto market with a backing of SwitchX that acts as a multipurpose exchange.
1 ETH = 1 785 SPTX 50 000 000 SPTX 50 000 000 SPTX
VLUX is a decentralized blockchain based subsidiary of a brand named as VURV. It intends to revolutionize the way energy was generated.
25 Million GBP
TravelBlock ICO
TravelBlock is a decentralized blockchain based network that intends to bring innovation in the contemporary system used for travel purposes.
ETH 0.1 $18,722,500 $37,445,000
Memority ICO
Memority is a blockchain based decentralized platform that offers secure space for sensitive and valuable data by incorporating blockchain technology.
0.1 USD 5,000,000 USD 85,500,000 USD
Tradelize ICO
Tradelize is a decentralized blockchain based ecosystem that enables professional traders to access a unique set of trading tools for trading purposes and make investors earn the same trading returns as that of ProTraders.
1.0 USD 30,000,000 tokens
Global REIT is a decentralized blockchain based world’s first real estate investment platform.
Grem $0.70 Gret $1.0
Equaliser ICO
Equaliser is a decentralized blockchain based marketplace that enables it’s users to buy various products using equaliser utility token.
1 EQL = $0.50c $30 Million
Carboneum ICO
Carboneum is a blockchain based decentralized social trading and networking platform that allows its users to copy trades of other professional traders and share their trading ideas and strategies with other people on the network.
Pavo is decentralized blockchain based platform that offers a state of the art intelligent solutions for the agricultural ecosystem on a global level.
$1 Million $65 Million
CryptoAds ICO
CryptoAds is a decentralized blockchain based platform that offers its clients a powerful advertisement tool.
$1 30, 000, 00 0 CRADs
Nuggets ICO
Nuggets is a decentralized blockchain bases e-commerce platform that offers payments and identification solutions to its customer all around the world.
$0.0069 ETH 20,000
Luckchemy ICO
Luckchemy is a decentralized blockchain based scalable platform driven by an innovative off chain cryptography. To know more visit www.coinlist.me
1 ETH = 12500 LUK 2000 ETH 45360 ETH
SUPERIUM is a decentralized blockchain based gaming platform that enables its users to earn SUPEREIUM tokens playing video games and winning them.
3000 ETH 90,000 ETH
Doctor Smart ICO
Doctor Smart is decentralized blockchain based ecosystem that enables its users to take care of their health 24/7 by accessing online consultation services and all the information necessary for the wellbeing of their health.
1 ETH = 1000 DSTT $5 Million $50 Million
Namahe ICO
Namahe is a blockchain based decentralized ecosystem that provisions a new standard to be used in industries to bring transparency in the supply chain.
1 ETH = 1000 NMH $4 Million $30 Million
DCRG is a blockchain based decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform. DRCG Coin is the world’s first digital coin which is backed by gold.
1 DRCG = 0.01 gram of Gold 3,150,000.00 USD
EO.TRADE is a decentralized blockchain based ecosystem that brings revolution in the world of fiat and crypto investments.
$0.20 $10 Million $100 Million
Ubex ICO
A global decentralized advertising exchange
1 UBEX = 0.00001 ETH 28,800 ETH 4,000 ETH
BidiPass ICO
BidiPass is a decentralized blockchain based personal authentication system that uses bi-dimensional codes for the verification and authentication.
0.3 USD 2000 BTC 6000 BTC
W Green Pay ICO
Token reward system for reducing greenhouse gas emissions
$2 $25 million 200 million WGP
U Run It ICO
U Run It is the world’s first decentralized blockchain based gambling platform which is cent percent managed by its community members.
1 URUN = 0.00125 ETH 9,000,000 tokens 60,000,000 tokens
AR platform for connecting businesses and developers.
$0.035 $5 million $30 million
Cyber Capital Invest ICO
Automated investment ICO
1 CCI = $0.20 15,000,000 CCI 175,000,000 CCI
Elements Estates ICO
European Real Estate ICO
1 ELES = $0.55 $2,500,000 $50,000,000
PopulStay ICO
AirBNB on the Blockchain
1 PPS = $0.01 $5,000,000 $10,000,000
Video streaming blockchain platform
1 ETH = 20,000 NDVX at Pre-Sale; 1 ETH = 8,000 NDVX at ICO 1,500 ETH 20,000 ETH
Video games reward system
$0.03 66,666,667 RAWG 333,333,333 RAWG
The Stoby ICO is launching STB, the propriety token of…
Is NODVIX ICO a Good Investment? NODVIX is…
Elements Estates is a real estate company that…
What is the PopulStay ICO? The PopulStay ICO…
The Cyber Capital Invest ICO offers investors effortless…
Blockchains are set to change the world and…
Video games are bigger than ever and the…

Upcoming ICOs

With the huge year ICOs have had in 2017, more and more companies are launching their own coins to raise cash. This conveyor belt of upcoming ICOs is becoming an excellent place for knowledgeable investors who are looking to make good returns on their investment.

So why invest in ICOs? There’s a simple answer to that. It’s accessible as a financial asset (not quite cash yet) and it is unregulated. It’s the people’s money.

With returns jumping tens, sometimes hundreds of dollars in value on almost a daily basis, and the high-end figures becoming even higher, the best time to invest in ICOs is now. These stocks will eventually demonstrate the need for regulation.

So while it looks like it’s a ridiculous amount of money for an investment, it is only going one way; and that’s up.

On Coinlist we pride ourselves on our ability to offer practical, honest advice for the people who need it. So you’ll get numbers in 24 hour real time. You’ll also have the option of investing in any upcoming ICO you choose. We’ve got them all here.

ICO Launch

If you’re looking to make an ICO investment but feel nervous because of the volatility, or you’re just uninformed, simply contact us. We’ll help you choose what ICO to invest in to ensure your investment will bring returns quicker and larger than the major companies on the stock exchange right now.

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With detailed resources and guides, you’ll soon know all you need to know about ICO investment. We’ll also recommend a broker we trust. On top of that, we offer a comprehensive news service so you’re always in the know.

Jump in with the confidence that comes with knowing you have true experts behind you every step of the way.

Who invented the ICO?

The idea of the ICO and the ICO cryptocurrency is not new. For obvious reasons it became something people talked about after the release of Bitcoin. A man named J.R. Willett decided he thought it would be a good idea to essentially treat cryptocurrency the same way you would treat companies that were starting up (as in ‘startup’). He suggested that, to raise investment, an ICO could be arranged, as a kind of launch, so that all he would do is ask people to come in and invest in a ‘new layer’ on top of the Bitcoin protocol.

Essentially, Willet was speculating about what it would be like. For months nothing really happened. In 2012 he created a white paper about the idea. In the white paper he made this point, which has now become famous:

J.R. Willett inventor of the ICO

“We claim that the existing bitcoin network can be used as a protocol layer, on top of which new currency layers with new rules can be built …. We further claim that the new protocol layers … will provide initial funds to hire developers to build software which implements the new protocol layers, and … will richly reward early adopters of the new protocol.”

Willet did actually launch the world’s first ICO, back in 2013. Back then it was called Mastercoin. It later changed it’s name to Omni. After Willet created that very first ICO off the back of a whitepaper, a number of ICOs were raised. The next big one was Ethereum. Since then ICO lists are common practice online.

As you can see, there can be tremendous benefits when you invest in ICOs.

What are ICO coins?

ICO coins are what the ICO eventually produces. The ICO has to take place with tokens allocated (just like shares in a company). Sometimes these tokens will just immediately be converted into ICO coins as the currency goes live. Other times, the tokens will instead be distributed to the core team as ICO coins, pre-sale.

The Bitcoin ICO white paper was what started the whole thing off, and it was a fascinating read. It went into great detail on how the currency and blockchain would revolutionise transactions between businesses. It had research that proved the quality of the work that went into it.

So should I consider an ICO investment?

In the final analysis, any ICO carries risk. However, every time a new ICO arrives, excitement builds. This is primarily because every ICO has real potential. An ICO that has a solid team behind it, and a clear direction and vision, communicated through a well-written white paper, should give you confidence. And if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right.

No one can predict the future, and the next time you look at an ICO list, you’re probably in the same boat as everyone else. Well, nearly everyone else, because there is one factor that separates the shrewd and successful investor from everyone else, and that’s research.

ICO Research

If you learn of a new ICO investment possibility, it’s time to do some homework. The more you know about a new ICO cryptocurrency, the better. There Isn’t too much to get concerned about here, and the basic idea focuses around the concept of due diligence around ICO cryptocurrencies.

  • Going on the principle that knowing more is better than knowing less, the first thing you need to be absolutely clear on is team strength. There are developer teams and management teams around ICOs that are, for want of better phrasing, ‘sure-fire teams’. These teams are basically people who have worked at top companies before (such as Google or Microsoft) or are already successful ICO investment experts, people who have launched before and met with success.
  • The big thing to be aware of here is that the best teams don’t have to exclusively consist of ex-Microsoft employees. If there are such people on an ICO list of stakeholders, this is a great bonus, and should fill you with even more confidence. But it’s not the only piece of the puzzle.
  • You also need to be looking for people who know what they’re doing. So if you have someone who has worked extensively on blockchain technology, or has worked alongside an entrepreneur who created a high performing cryptocurrency, you should start to join the dots and realise that the ICO investment has potential.
  • Another key aspect of the team is the financial backing. The majority of ICOs out there will give details on the backers of the ICO. Many will talk about the funding they have. If the ICO is detailing the extensive funding process and the funds that were acquired, you are again looking at an ICO that is most likely worth investing in.

Bitcoin ICO

When the Bitcoin ICO was launched at the start of the whole cryptocurrency story, there was nothing like the same level of scrutiny investors can implement now. Like any business deal, it makes sense to learn as much as possible about the opportunity before you commit. And this extends beyond the current price of a coin or past performance of similar currencies.

ICO Cryptocurrency

If you’re able to do some research into how an ICO cryptocurrency has been put together, you should be able to carry out some kind of prediction on how the currency will perform. This will enable you to make a decision. And if you’ve also kept up with the media and you are informed about how ICOs are going, this will again stand you in good stead.

Ethereum ICO

As investors become more involved in ICOs, momentum builds, and if you’ve made the right decision (with a certain amount of speculation in there too) you should be in a good position. When the world first met Ethereum, through the Ethereum ICO, speculation was required then, and some risk-taking. But those who had researched the concept and found out where it was headed knew the value. And Ethereum became the major force it is.

If you’re around at the right time before an ICO goes public, keep an eye on what is happening. If the distribution of ICO coins looks like there is going to be a huge amount of coins floating around, this shows a little caution on the part of the team. They aren’t (potentially) certain that their ICO is a great idea, and are probably looking at how to maximise gain as soon as possible.

If they issue a relatively small number of ICO coins, or restrict mining for example, it is arguable that they have more faith in their project, and want to add some exclusivity to it. Fewer coins builds demand. An excess of coins could arguably mean more supply than demand.

If you are in a position to invest in ICOs

Then you should do just that. Invest in ICOs, not just one ICO. It’s best to diversify as much as you can, so if things do go wrong with one ICO and it doesn’t fly, you’re able to minimise the risk.

As you build up your ICO cryptocurrency, keep spreading the risk as reasonably as possible. This will make you a better investor, because you’ll have practised assessment of the value of ICOs, and you’ll have learnt how to tread carefully and watch for growth.

All time ICO investment

Warning signs

There are a few key things you should always be aware of when invest in ICOs. Not every ICO is legitimate, and already a number of fraudulent cases have turned up, where ICO teams are essentially just trying to take your money. Here are three things to be wary of:

  • If someone offers you a guaranteed amount that you will receive by investing, it’s probably fraudulent. There are no guarantees in any investment in anything. Investments always go up and down. No one can make guarantees
  • Along the same lines, if an investment opportunity in an ICO seems incredible and just too good to be true, it probably is
  • Never invest in ICOs that are brought to your attention unsolicited. There is absolutely no reason why a good quality ICO has to be ‘sold’

To sum up

ICOs will keep popping up, offering investors great opportunities to invest in ICOs. Do your research, read the whitepaper, and focus on spreading investment, and you should profit too.


Why invest in ICOs?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is an investment opportunity that is shaping up to be something rather special. But it’s not until you see how much has been achieved by investors that participation in the process starts to make sense.

According to Business Insider UK, if you had invested in every single ICO to date you would be looking at a healthy return:

A blind investment in every ICO to date, including those that have failed, would have generated an average return of 1.320% for investors…’

Business Insider UK, October 2017

As you are well aware, every ICO stock investment carries risk, but cryptocurrency has had a consistent record of delivering well for investors. In recent months, corporate-level investors such as hedge funds and mutual funds have begun to invest in ICO crypto stocks. And Goldman Sachs is now reportedly interested in setting up a trading desk.

An ICO investment also allows for high quality, effective projects to be started. The best example of this in recent times is Ethereum. This is now the second largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Those projects have a lot of credibility going forward, simply because there is a community that is built around them. That community is made up of people who are passionate about ICO crypto, and can steer it in a positive direction.

Perhaps the most important reason to invest in ICO is the ‘early access’. If an investor gets in early enough, there is a frankly staggering amount of profit to be made. For example, when Ethereum was in pre-sale stage, you could purchase a unit for 35 cents. At time of writing, it is at $647.01

As you can see, there can be tremendous benefits to investing in an ICO.

What are the top ICOs?

This year has seen a large number of ICOs hit the markets. However, even though many have done exceptionally well, five in particular have set the standard for high quality returns.

Dubai Coin

It was created to facilitate business in the Arab world, and since its inception it has been seeing excellent returns. In July 2017 it hit a high of around $40.00 USD. Right now it is at $5.59 USD. It is particularly favoured by investors due to its steady pitch at the moment, with spikes giving excellent returns. It is expected to spike again moving forward.


This is a very popular and fast-moving ICO. The return on investment in 2017 has been 8,294%. The currency has been notably vocal about it’s security, stating it offers one of the most secure cryptocurrency units around. That security is much admired among crypto enthusiasts, because the cryptocurrency model is always vulnerable to cyber attack.


It has an interesting name, but for once the image that the name presents is perhaps justified. It has had an amazing 2017, with returns reaching 75,063%. This has made it a very popular offering, and we see the currency becoming even more powerful in 2018.


Another high-end offering in 2017, Influxcoin seems to become more powerful every week. One of the big reasons why it has suddenly spiked in popularity is that Microsoft is interested and now has involvement in the growth of the coin.


This has a dedicated team of developers behind it, and is currently one of the highest performers for returns. The key factor in the success of Fastcoin (or any ICO crypto) is linked to the name. It’s touted as one of the most scalable cryptocurrency offerings in a long time, with lightning fast transactions, delivered via 12 second block times.

Which ICOs should I be looking to invest in for 2108?

That is not an easy question to answer. The investments you make are always a risk, and you can find that any ICO stock carries risk. It’s just the way things are. You can’t enter the ICO arena without exposing yourself to risk. That’s the nature of any investment, and is perhaps even more of an issue with cryptocurrency ICOs, which can be incredibly volatile.

The best way to approach the situation is to be cautious, and do some due diligence before you choose the best ICOs to invest in. Just as if you were buying a business, you wouldn’t invest money into something that hasn’t been planned and doesn’t have any long-term forecasts attached to it.

When you are thinking about looking at an ICO investment, there are four main areas you should be looking at before you pay for anything.

The team behind the ICO

Buying into an ICO stock without checking out the team first is foolish, because the team who create the ICO are responsible for the success of it. So you need to look carefully at who makes up the development team.

Just as an investor’s eyes light up when they see that an ICO crypto team contains ex members of Google or Microsoft, you should be excited when you see any brand names associated with the ICO.

And if there are no brand names, you should be looking closely at the people who are involved, their credentials are absolutely vital. Are there experts involved in the ICO? Do they have an understanding of the industry they are working in? Carry out the due diligence aspect and make sure you are going in with your eyes wide open.

The scale

Is the ICO obviously looking to become scalable? You need to understand how the project is going to grow. Is there room for massive growth? Is the team ready for massive growth? Unless the token is one that has the ability to grow quickly and to the scale that will bring huge ROI, is it worth even bothering?

The plan

The majority of ICOs and ICO crypto sales come compete with a white paper, a way of allowing investors an insight into the history behind the ICO and the methodology they will follow to make profit.

The whitepaper has to be carefully written so that it outlines exactly what is going to happen along the road ahead. If you don’t feel the whitepaper has been carefully planned (and to be honest, is well-written) it shouldn’t make you confident enough to invest. Checking through paperwork and making sure you’re clear on the ICO terms of business will stand you in good stead.

The landscape

The best ICOs have a strong community already in place. These people are investors or early adopters; the more the merrier. They should also have a platform where they communicate and share ideas. Whether that is talking about an ICO crypto on a forum on the ICO site or something external (even Facebook), unless people are talking about investment, it could well be lot of hot air. As you’ve probably gathered, investing in ICO stock carries its own set of risks, but if you work hard to plan ahead and research the stock you’re thinking of, you’ll find that your exposure to risk is limited.

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