Litecoin Price

Litecoin is a decentralized digital currency, offering a cutting edge payment system that allows instant and cost-effective transfer of payments among its users. The cyrptocurrency is believed to be the third most popular digital currency after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to Check Real-Time Litecoin Price?

On our website, we offer live litecoin price feed and charts. Not to mention, accurate price is a foundation for all kinds of trading analysis. Our website is mobile friendly which means you can get updated with live litecoin price on the go as well.


Rise in Litecoin Value – A Historical Overview

Litecoin started 2017 with a price hovering around $4.50.On May 10, the cyrptocurrency surged to the all-time high level of $37 before pulling back to $28 till June 8. The next upward wave peaked at $52 in July, printing a fresh all-time high for Litecoin. The third upward wave in Litecoin was observed during September this year when the cyrptocurrency surged above the $80 mark. According to projections of analysts, Litecoin is likely to test the $100 resistance by the mid of next year.

Litecoin Market Capitalization

Litecoin market cap is around $5 billion at the time of writing – the third largest cyrptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ether. Litecoin holds 1.67% share in the total cyrptocurrency market which is now worth more than $200 billion.

Litecoin Market Cap

How to Predict Litecoin Future Price?

Predicting Litecoin future price is similar to prediction of any other asset. You have to consider two factors in mind for successful prediction of litecoin future price;

1) Fundamental analysis

2) Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysis refers to the study of various fundamentals responsible for change in the litcoin price. Some main fundamentals include regulations and laws pertaining to cryptocurrencies, change in the value of US Dollar or unusual events such as widespread hacking etc.

On the other hand, technical analysis refers to the study of charts. Technical analysis focuses on candlestick charts, Fibonacci numbers, chart patterns and volume analysis.

Litecoin Exchange Rate Vs Other Currencies

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin exchange rate is primarily compared with the US Dollar followed by its biggest rivals Bitcoin and Ethereum. On our website, you can check out Litecoin exchange rate verses dollar as well as other currencies and cryptocurrencies.

How to Conduct Litecoin Price Analysis

In order to conduct Litecoin price analysis, it is preferred to analyse a real-time Litecoin chart (which can be found on our website). You can insert different technical tools on our chart. The tools include but are not limited to trendlines, Fibonacci ratios, Fibonacci arcs and indicators such as MACD, Moving Averages and CCI etc.


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