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10 Bitcoin Forums to Answer All Your Bitcoin Questions

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies shot to prominence since last year after their meteoric rise in value. Naturally, people are seeking information to understand some of the basic concepts about this technology.

Whether you want to follow discussions on prices or simply want to understand concepts like bitcoin mining, the many online Bitcoin forums are your best bet.

Here are some of the best bitcoin forums.

Bitcoin Talk

This is probably the longest running bitcoin forum having been in existence since June 2011. In the course of all those years, bitcointalk has grown to become one of the most robust bitcoin forums out there.


Apart from discussions on anything bitcoin, you will also find questions and answers on altcoins. There is a  litecoin forum within bitcointalk for instance.

If you are into mining forum hardware bitcoin might be good for you.

If you are into security issues you might want to check the bitcoin security forum, all within bitcointalk. What’s more, there are several languages to choose from.

Cryptocurrency talk

This is a forum that discusses everything cryptocurrency. You will find discussions ranging from the Bitcoin network to some of the most obscure cryptocurrencies. Although not nearly popular as Bitcointalk, cryptocurrencytalk is your alternative forum for important announcements, advice on mining, and a general discussion on the state of cryptocurrencies.

This forum has more than 50,000 members and over 370,000 posts.

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is your stop if you are looking for curated answers. Responses with the highest votes  are given priority. Stack exchange was initially meant for developers but it has since evolved into general use.

Reddit Bitcoin

Reddit (Bitcoin) is one of the most active bitcoin forums. Reddit filters questions depending on their relevance.


If your question gets a good number of upvotes, you are likely to get an answer. Downvoted questions are not likely to be answered. Be sure to search the thousands of answered questions on the site.

r/Bitcoin has more than 867,000 readers currently

Take time to also explore the various sub-reddits containing more focused bitcoin discussions. r/Cryptocurrency for instance has over 18,000 readers.


It is easy to overlook but Facebook is a great resource for bitcoin discussions. Cryptotrust Group for example has over 10,000 members.


This is not the greatest social media site but you can actually find great discussions on bitcoin. Be sure to join the many bitcoin communities on Google+ to follow discussions and updates.


This popular question-answer forum has a dedicated section for bitcoin. Quora is better known for the insightful discussions from experts. You will not be disappointed especially if you are looking to understand certain concepts.

Bitcoin Security

Bits.media is a Russian language forum dedicated to bitcoin security issues. However, you will still find other information about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin Garden – Bitcoin Garden is another notable bitcoin and cryptocurrency forum. You can follow official announcements, events, giveaways, trading, faucets and everything crypto. Get a good serving of altcoin discussions here.

Bitcoin Foundation Form – This is a forum dedicated to the bitcoin foundation.

Bitcoin Forum

This is an unofficial bitcoin forum but nevertheless contains varied and useful discussions including news and announcements, bitcoin projects, bitcoin mining, gambling and marketplace.

Remember, if you use any of these forums, never reveal the amount of Bitcoin that you may or may not hold!

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