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7 Reasons Why Factom Is the Cryptocurrency You Should Invest In ASAP

With a vast world of cryptocurrencies to invest in, it is sometimes hard to make sense of them all. Yet, if you do not keep your eyes peeled, you might lose the opportunity to invest in a coin that is remarkably worthwhile – like Factom. Here is why you should consider getting some on your portfolio and look to buy Factom today.

1. Factom Is About to Take Off

Factom is one of those coins that still hasn’t seen the success of Bitcoin or Ethereum – just yet. Even though the signs are there that Factom is a promising option, we have still not seen it realize its full potential. This means that right now is a prime time to invest in it and buy Factom before the price takes off.

2. Support Is Growing

Factom developers have, over the past months, hinted at growing support for the cryptocurrency and have promised great news going forward. There are rumours that it will soon hit gold with adoption, which should make its price skyrocket.

3. Factom Is Tied to Blockchain

Factom Inc. started out as a blockchain software company – which means that it has the potential to tap into the vast blockchain market. It uses blockchain to store and move data – just when the big data industry is really taking off, which means that whoever is looking to buy Factom now is also looking at high returns.

4. Factom Is Bigger than Bitcoin

Factom was devised to deal with several core issues of the Bitcoin blockchain. Even though the BTC blockchain cannot handle a large volume of transactions and users have to pay a heavy price to enter data at a high volume, Factom has none of these problems. Instead, it is much less pricey and has much more capacity to handle transactional volume.

5. Factom Is More Secure

If you are considering whether to buy Factom or any other cryptocurrency out there, take a look at their security levels first. Factom has incorporated layers of additional and redundant security that no other blockchain can match.

6. Factom Is Open Source and Decentralized

Factom is open source
Factom is open source

The decentralized nature of Factom means that no single individual can control it, while its open source character ensures that anyone with something to contribute can improve its core code.

7. Banks Will (Most Probably) Use Factom

Factom is perfect as an impartial intermediary between banks, allowing them to synchronize databases without leaving too much unsupervised wiggle room between each other – and, if banks begin putting their trust in Factom, it will rise in prominence.

If you are looking to buy Factom, today might be the perfect opportunity – tomorrow, it might already be the new star of the crypto world.


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