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ASU’s COVID app uses Hedera Hashgraph technology

Safe Health Systems announced the launch of HealthCheck, a COVID testing platform powered by the Hedera Consensus Service

It was announced yesterday that Safe Health Systems (SHS), a company that helps people play a more active role in their own healthcare through the SAFE diagnostics platform, had launched HealthCheck, a turnkey pandemic response solution.

SAFE enables rapid deployment of specialised healthcare apps and was developed by the MedTech Accelerator program of the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University (ASU) Alliance for Health Care — a program designed to help entrepreneurs accelerate the development of new healthcare products and services.

Their new testing and health status verification platform, HealthCheck, will use the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) from Hedera Hashgraph to verify transactions in real-time. The hashgraph is a distributed ledger technology which differs from blockchain in that every block is incorporated into the ledger, rather than “pruning” would-be forks. This technology provides HealthCheck with a real-time auditable log for all events on its platform and will allow it to broaden its capabilities to reporting more accountable health data in connection with rapid testing providers and health insurance companies.

CEO of Hedera, Mance Harmon, said “We are pleased that Safe Health Systems has selected HCS to provide the transaction throughput and security needed to help them deliver on this mission.”

HealthCheck can provide the tracking and testing of COVID-19 and the delivery of virtual care. It is already integrated with ASU’s mobile app where 74,500 immersion students and 12,400 employees use the self reporting symptom checker each morning and have access to Mayo Clinic’s expanding COVID-19 guidance.

President of ASU, Michael M Crow, commented “The health and well-being our community is of the utmost importance. HealthCheck is a simple-to-use way to help us understand the overall health of our community and to provide guidance to students and employees on managing their health during the pandemic. The outcome is a solution that helps us make smart, informed decisions and provide a healthy environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus.”

HealthCheck can also provide digital health passports which could be key to establishing a new normal for safe travel and economic participation during the pandemic.

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