Best Time to Buy Bitcoin?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some Bitcoin oracle out there who could reveal the best time to buy? Investors could buy low, sell high, and all would be right with the world.

Unfortunately, anyone who claims to know when Bitcoin will hit a certain price is lying. There is no 21st-century asset more unpredictable than Bitcoin, and investors have missed out on some serious opportunities when trying to time this market.

On the other hand, Bitcoin prices have followed certain trends in the past. Why is it unwise to predict these price fluctuations in advance? Well, this is because chasing short term profits is a misunderstanding of Bitcoin’s true potential.

Now Might Be the Best Time to Buy Bitcoin

Let’s imagine a world in which Bitcoin has succeeded. It is now a currency used by millions of people, and is accepted by the majority of vendors all around the globe. What would the price of Bitcoin look like in this scenario?

If Bitcoin becomes a true international currency, its 21 million (less if you’re counting unmined and lost coins) will be in incredible demand. There’s always a chance that, for some unforeseen reason, Bitcoin will not succeed. But if it does, tomorrow’s prices will make today’s BTC prices look like pennies.

The best reason to buy Bitcoin is because you believe that this future is likely to become reality. In this case, certain methods to buy Bitcoin will give you the best results.

Buy the Dips

When Bitcoin’s price declines, this represents an opportunity to dedicated Bitcoin investors. Buy Bitcoin in these events, and you’ll be impressed with your portfolio over the coming months and years.

Learn About Bitcoin

If this strategy makes you nervous, it’s time to educate yourself about Bitcoin. In the end, only you can convince yourself about this investment’s value.

Buy Bitcoin, Don’t Sell

Bitcoin traders who buy and sell in search of short-term profits often miss out on Bitcoin’s long-term potential. If Bitcoin achieves the original goals of Satoshi Nakamoto, day trading it in its early days will seem short-sighted in the future.

Bitcoin is a remarkable asset, technology, and international currency. Because of its future potential, now might be the best time to buy Bitcoin. But don’t take our word for it – only time will truly tell.



Featured image source: Unsplash
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