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Bringing the user directly to the advertiser with KIND tokens – Kind Ads removes 3rd parties

Advertising is as old as humanity itself. As long as things have been bought and sold, people have tried to amplify their sales strategy with images, words, performances, and other advertising tactics. In the modern world, the average person is constantly subjected to advertising images, to the point where many of us have learned to tune most of them out completely. But we all need to learn about better products and services. Can’t there be a better way?

Kind Ads is a blockchain solution looking to change the way advertising works on the modern internet. Rather than an advertiser paying a third party to spread the news of their product, Kind Ads will enable this advertiser to go straight to the user or publisher. The user and/or publisher, in turn, will be directly paid by the advertiser. The middleman who used to take as much money as possible from both sides will be entirely eliminated.

The Kind Ads ICO is a chance to get in on the ground floor of this new day in advertising. If you want to see digital advertising changed, or you are simply an investor who can tell that this is going to be the next big thing, the Kind Ads ICO could be for you. Let’s get started!

What is the Kind Ads ICO?

kind ads ico

The Kind Ads coin (KIND) will be an ERC20 token (released via the Ethereum blockchain). Kind Ads has already received $20 Million in private funding and will be announcing details about an upcoming Kind Ads ICO public sale in the future. For now, interested parties should take the time to learn about the Kind Ads team, future plans, and technical information. We’ll do our best to inform you about all of the reasons why Kind Ads is an ICO to watch as more information is released in the coming days.

How the Kind Ads Platform Will Work

Kind Ads for Users

When the Kind Ads platform is released, a user will be able to sign up and choose which personal data to reveal. The more data revealed, the more Kind Ads coin value the user will gain. The information contained in this user profile will be made available to advertisers, who will use it to send advertisements tailored to the interests and identity of the user. Today, data like this is shared indiscriminately, with the user having no real control. The Kind Ads ICO offers to put the user back in the driver’s seat, and give better tools to advertisers in the bargain.

Another cool feature of the Kind Ads network is that it will allow users to Opt In and Opt Out whenever they like. Are you tired of advertisements one day? Just go into the Kind Ads platform and shut them up! Of course, users will receive better incentives if they keep themselves open to advertisements, but simply giving users control of when they are shown advertisements and what those advertisements are, will change the way many people use web and mobile applications of many kinds.

Kind Ads for Publishers and Content Creators

Let’s say you have a blog. You’ve worked hard for three years writing great content in a specific niche, and readers around the world have started to look to you as an authority on your subject. But as your site has grown, so have the costs associated with operating it. Many bloggers (and content creators of all kinds) get money from advertisers, who sell to the blogger’s audience as an income opportunity for the blogger.

The problem is, many content creators have been forced to rely on advertising networks, because they don’t have the time or knowledge to set up individual advertising contracts with individual advertisers. The networks often put ads that aren’t relevant to the content creator’s brand, and sometimes ads have been found to be malicious. All the while, the network takes as much more as possible, from advertisers and creators.

Content Creators and Publishers will be given a “Domain Trust Score”. The DTS measures how effective the Publisher is with reaching their audience. A high score will make advertisers want to work with this publisher. This rewards the publisher for their good, socially-useful work, and will help the advertiser find its best audience.

Kind Ads for Advertisers

Advertisers will sign up with the Kind Ads platform, and will be able to approach specific content creators like the blogger in the previous section. Together, content creators and advertisers will be able to create a situation where relevant content is tailor-made to a content creator’s brand. This relevant content will also be of value to the end user, much more than the random ads provided by third parties in our present era.

The Kind Ads Economic Model

Kind Ads will not take any network fees (while today’s third parties can take 30% or more!). 85% of advertising fees (money paid by advertisers for content used by a publisher) will go to the publisher. The remaining 15% will be given to users, as an incentive to keep using the Kind Ads platform. This payment will be made daily, in KIND token. Once KIND is on the public cryptocurrency exchanges, users will be able to trade KIND token for any other cryptocurrency they like, or for US Dollars and other fiat currencies.

Final Thoughts on the Kind Ads ICO

While the Kind Ads ICO has not been formally announced, we know it is on the way. In the meantime, the concept behind Kind Ads is a compelling one, and we look forward to learning more about how to get an early price on Kind Ads coin (KIND). Kind Ads has competition in the blockchain advertising space, but with a qualified team, advising from the founder of Polymath, and strong early partnerships, we believe they’ll be making a splash in the advertising industry soon. Stay tuned for the upcoming Kind Ads ICO. We think it’s going to be big!

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