Changelly Partners with Viberate to Promote VIB Tokens |

Changelly Partners with Viberate to Promote VIB Tokens

Changelly, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges has announced it is partnering with Viberate, a blockchain based music marketplace. This is in a bid to drive adoption of VIB tokens, Viberate’s native tokens that will be used to pay for services in the ecosystem.  The partnership now opens VIB to Changelly’s huge customer base.

Changelly Vib Partnership

The platform hopes to open up the world of live music by directly connecting musicians and booking agents using the decentralised platform.

Changelly hosts one of the most diverse ranges of cryptocurrencies in its exchange allowing customers to seamlessly transact and exchange their tokens. The platform has more than 1.5 million users and offers some of the lowest conversion rates and fastest turnaround times. The company has been in existence since 2015 with a volume of about 60,000 BTC per month.

VIB tokens are now available in major exchanges including Bittrex Binance and OKEx.

About Changelly

Changelly has one of the most advanced security features including 2FA verification as an added layer of security. A wide range of payment options for purchasing cryptocurrencies is available including Visa and MasterCard. Viberate no doubt is keen on tapping the high level of confidence that Changelly enjoys among its customers.

Changelly overcomes some of the most annoying barriers in traditional platforms by allowing seamless cryptocurrency conversion. Its robots integrate with some of the largest platforms such as bittrex to get the most profitable trading pairs for you. It also has one of the most competitive fees at just 0.5%.

Viberate ICO

Viberate recently held one of the most successful ICOs ever raising over $10 million in under 5 minutes. Viberate can only hope to build on the momentum of high goodwill from the community to take it to the next level of mass adoption. The partnership with Changelly is a plus. Viberate has even signed in Imogen Heap, a Grammy Award winner to promote its token.

“Changelly will provide thousands of customers with VIB tokens they can use for interaction with the Viberate platform,” Konstantin Gladych, Changelly CEO is quoted as saying.

VIB token widgets will now be featured on Changelly allowing customers to invest in the music industry through Viberate’s ecosystem. Users can earn VIB token rewards while browsing through profiles on the platform.

Buying VIB tokens used to be a tedious process. Users had to wire fiat to an exchange which took a number of days, buy bitcoin or ethereum then move it to an exchange that hosted VIB to be able to purchase it.

Now, with Changelly, the process is as easy as having an ether wallet and a credit card. Users also have the option of exchanging the tokens with over 90 cryptocurrencies on the platform.

You can also earn VIB tokens by promoting Viberate services. 5000 VIBS will be distributed daily for customers who are active in the database.

Changelly Partners with Viberate to Promote VIB Tokens
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