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Coinbase announce first Bitcoin Core developer grantees

0XB10C and João Barbosa will be the first recipients of grants from the Crypto Community Fund for their contributions to Bitcoin Core

Coinbase today announced the first beneficiaries of the Crypto Community Fund. The fund is initially focused on Bitcoin developers who contribute directly to the Bitcoin Core codebase or closely associated Bitcoin projects. The first two recipients will be 0XB10C (Twitter handle: @0XB10C) and João Barbosa (Twitter handle: @promag).

The Crypto Community Fund was launched in October with the aim of making crypto simpler to use and more secure while growing and improving the entire crypto industry and building an open financial system for the world. If the Bitcoin Core developer grants are successful, Coinbase plan to broaden the program to include other kinds of projects and crypto communities.

The Crypto Community Fund advisory board includes Dan Boneh, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, and Amiti Uttarwar, the first known female Bitcoin Core contributor who previously received a $150,000 developer’s grant from OKCoin and HDR Global. The board was impressed by the precise and actionable outline of intended projects provided by both candidates, as well as their consistent history of contributing to Bitcoin Core.

João Barbosa impressed the board with his previous work on code reviewing, which the grant will allow him to continue with in the future. However, his main focus will be on developing a Bitcoin Core graphical user interface (GUI) based on the Qt Quick framework with the aim of improving the Bitcoin Core user interface on Android and iOS.

0XB10C, on the other hand, gained attention for launching transactionfee.info and mempool.observer, as well as his research articles, which he will continue to publish on topics such as improving functional testing, how the Bitcoin network is being used and providing reviews on Bitcoin Core pull requests (PRs). He also intends to build and advance existing open source tools, like a web interface visualising forks on the new Signet test network, for example.

The Crypto Community Fund grant recipients will be paid in Bitcoin or US dollars according to their preference and will make regular public blog posts about their work to provide periodic updates. Other developers can still apply for the grant as the advisory board will continue to review any proposals submitted by 11 January 2021.

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