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ConcertVR Gives You the Best Seat in the House

ConcertVR is a new cryptocurrency-driven concert viewing experience, deliverable on any device of your choosing. Like its name implies, however, ConcertVR is about the virtual reality experience – one centered around musical performances delivered by some of the world’s most recognizable and sought-after stars.

ConcertVR already has a working prototype, and the project has been in production since 2016. As the network expands, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in live performances by white-hot musical talent, even if they never tour anywhere near your part of the world. There’s a lot to get excited about with ConcertVR.

What Does ConcertVR Do?

Have you ever tried to see your favorite artist in a live setting at the height of their popularity? How did the ticket-buying experience go for you? You may have been one of the lucky ones, but many fans are left out in the cold. Global A-listers like Justin Bieber can sell out a stadium in less than an hour, and once tickets land on the semi-legal secondary markets, fans are often forced to pay 10X face value for seats that are less than stellar.

ConcertVR changes all this. The company is built upon an understanding that the music industry is changing. Streaming has replaced physical album sales as the primary way recorded music is bought and sold. This has forced artists to rely more fully on live performances as a source of revenue. But there are limits to how many concertgoers can be packed into any given live setting.

ConcertVR gives users the live concert experience in virtual reality. Put on a pair of VR goggles (any existing set is compatible) and experience the performance of your choice. Choose a perspective within the audience, from the front row, or beside your favorite musical act on the stage itself.

Users can buy full shows or even individual songs if your interest is limited to the performance of a favorite single. Users can watch classic shows that exist within the ConcertVR database, or watch live performances the world round in real time. It doesn’t matter where you live. Even though the biggest tours still miss out on 70% of municipalities and their largest venues, ConcertVR gives you access to the live music you crave.

The Role of Cryptocurrency in ConcertVR

The music industry is famously hard to break into. This is true for artists, bands, producers, and innovative musical platforms. Traditionally, it has taken music platforms years and hundreds of millions in venture funding to enter the industry in a meaningful way, but ConcertVR has taken advantage of the cryptocurrency ICO system and has taken its place at the front of the line.

The ConcertVR cryptocurrency CVT will be used to make all payments on the network. As ConcertVR expands, it can serve as a payment vehicle for artists, content creators, intellectual property owners, and power users, cutting out the middlemen so notorious within the music industry.

Payments and content delivery will be performed by smart contract. Content data will be stored within the blockchain itself, in a decentralized manner that doesn’t depend on server farms that can be hacked, taken down, or otherwise exploited. This means fast content delivery and 100% uptime for user content and revenue sources.

CVT will act as a cryptocurrency in its own right in the wider market, with its own transient value subject to the laws of supply and demand, and exchangeable for digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. To start, CVT will be fixed to Ethereum, but will grow into its own self-sufficient network token as the system progresses.

2018 Will Be a Big Year For ConcertVR

Whether you are a music fanatic, a cryptocurrency investor, or both, ConcertVR has something for you. Even in its early stages, ConcertVR is a compelling technology, and its compatibility with all screen devices (not just VR headsets) makes it immediately accessible to the world audience.

As no other service like this exists, ConcertVR’s path forward is clear. Through the amazing financial provision of the ICO funding model, the company isn’t reliant upon the stringent requirements of private capital, and can immediately give back to its early investor/users, as well as seek their input through a democratic voting process.

It’s clear that there is no end of opportunity to create digital access to the physical art space. Art and music are necessarily localized quantities. Their limitations in physical space make then rare and sought after. No one will ever be able to fit more human bodies into a venue like Madison Square Garden (at least without doing a major construction project), but the ability to invite people in through digital channels is a major disruption.

As ConcertVR expands, expect to see much more access to a diversity of space-limited artistic events. Backstage passes will show ConcertVR users what it’s like behind the scenes. One can well imagine ConcertVR being integrated with museums, festivals, and other cultural events. The system will provide a new audience to live performers, who can then enhance their performance to meet the needs of this new unique audience.

Suffice to say, with a working primary protocol, a great idea, and endless integration opportunities, ConcertVR is a big story in music and in cryptocurrency. Blockchain is the way of the future, and this is just one more example of how it can be used to deliver quality and experience to widespread populations who would otherwise not have access. Stay tuned for this one!

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