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Could the Verge Community be Key to XVG Success?

Verge has one of the best communities in the crypto sphere. And, though Verge (XVG) has courted controversy throughout its history, this privacy coin has stood the test of time. Some critics claim that Verge’s enthusiastic and committed community is the only reason it has survived, but there’s a reason that fans gather around this unique altcoin.

Why Is Verge’s Community So Committed?

Verge’s fans have stuck with XVG through the thick and thin. Like too many altcoins, XVG has lost more than 80% of its all-time high value. On the other hand, these bull market months have seen Verge introduce innovative new solutions to make a privacy coin that’s useful the world over. Here are some of the Verge community’s favourite attributes.


Even though some people didn’t like that Pornhub, the adult video web giant, was Verge’s first major partner, others saw big value. Pornhub is an erotic entertainment monolith, and it just makes sense for such a platform to accept a digital currency built for privacy.

New Technology Solutions

Verge is not a centralized cryptocurrency. Verge developers are career volunteers, not employees of some corporation or shadow foundation. Nonetheless, these devs have continuously added new technologies to the Verge ecosystem. The Wraith protocol, TOR onion integration, and a forthcoming method to recover lost private keys all contribute to the Verge community’s full confidence.

The Best Security?

Verge security
Verge’s security is seen to be ones of the best

Verge lagged behind privacy altcoins like Monero and Zcash for many months, in terms of reputation and community support. And even though Verge’s community may be small compared to Monero’s, the Verge community believes that Verge’s privacy/anonymity system is the most secure in the space. Verge’s success in real-world security applications (like Pornhub anonymity) seems to validate this perspective.


Verge developers are famous for communicating openly with those who buy Verge. Even when controversial decisions are enacted, the Verge community is kept up to date. This creates a sense of community trust that is invaluable for the long-term survival of a cryptocurrency platform.

Not everyone loves Verge, but those that do tend to stick with XVG in good times and bad. Is this community’s success central to Verge’s real-world adoption? Whatever the case, Verge seems to deserve the community support it has earned.



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