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Crypto ATMs Reach the 6.000 Figure

Have you ever used crypto ATMs? If you haven’t yet then there is a chance that you will soon. This is because they are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Current figures show that there are now thousands of them dotted across dozens of countries.

More crypto ATMs are appearing across the planet
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The Full Details

ATM-tracker site Coinatmradar recently revealed that the number of crypto ATMs has passed 6,000. In fact, their site currently points out that there are 6,017 around the globe. This is a growth rate in 2019 of almost 50%. At the start of the year, there were 4,113 of these ATMs on a worldwide basis.

The US is where most of these machines are seen, with almost 4,000 of them dotted across the country. Next is Canada with 733, followed by the UK with 295 ATMs currently and Austria (193). In total, there are 75 countries with these crypto machines in them

In terms of the American market, we can see that Los Angeles has 438. Chicago has 273 and Atlanta 233. The top spot in Canada is Toronto, where you can choose from 227 ATMs.

Where Else Can Cryptocurrencies Be Used?

Your options for using digital money aren’t limited to just crypto ATMs. The research also points out the existence of over 148,000 services that can be used with Bitcoin (BTC) and other currencies.

These include bank ATMs, retails chains that now accept cryptos, kiosks and mobile payment terminals. The leader is Bitquick, owned by Athena Bitcoin, which offers a fast way to buy or sell Bitcoin with a variety of payment methods. They have over 106,000 locations around the world. Next on the list is Bitnovo Teller. This Spanish firm has close to 40,000 places where people can trade digital coins.

Around the planet, there are 42 companies that manufacture crypto ATMs. General Bytes and Genesis Coin account for more than 60% of all of the ATMs currently in use. 563 operators then run these machines.

Is It Time to Try One of These Crypto ATMs?

Anyone who is interested in using digital money more easily may like to give one of these machines a try. They offer a fast and convenient way to access your cryptocurrency funds in different parts of the world.

It is also worth keeping an eye on the number of new ATMs that appear. This is a sign of how popular these currencies are, and of how more people are using them as part of their daily life rather than simply as an investment.

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