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Cryptocurrency and Reddit: Top Subs You Should Follow

Reddit is one of the top places to feel the pulse of the crypto universe. From the latest news, trading tips to the merits of the next bitcoin fork, there is no dull moment here.


Reddit cryptocurrency is where you find the largest cryptocurrency and blockchain communities including leading influencers, developers and traders. If you are here for a little fun, you might want to head on to r/Cryptocurrencymemes a dedicated subreddit with dozens of hilarious memes.

Reddit is one of the top sites on the internet and a source of quality information if you know what you are looking for. This forum hosts discussions virtually on any issue and reddit crypto is one of the many additions in the last few years. As expected, it is also one of the most vibrant.


This is one of the largest and most popular subreddit when it comes to issues crypto. Follow the latest news, discussions about technology, the hottest cryptos at the moment and much more. See unique insights about trading, who is on his way to getting that lambo and loads of jokes about cryptocurrencies.


r/bitcoin is easily the biggest cryptocurrency reddit. Follow the latest news developments on bitcoin including regulations around the world. You can also catch the more technical discussions about the lightning network or whether that upcoming bitcoin fork is necessary.


All discussions Ethereum including what its founder Vitalik Buterin is up to is to be found here. You can follow the most riveting discussions on the technical side of smart contracts and get a glimpse of what Ethereum Casper is all about from leading experts.


When it comes to anything about the markets, reddit cryptomarkets is one of the best subreddits. Follow conversations about the best cryptocurrency exchanges and the best trading strategies to employ.

This cryptocurrency trading reddit is also where you will find first hand information about lousy customer support, and platforms with the worst records for resolving issues.

From the comments these forums attract, it is clear that this is a rather serious issue affecting investors. Hopefully, it will help you make better decisions about where to entrust with your money.

Scouring through the posts here can also help you avoid the many cryptocurrency scams being floated online – from cryptomining investments that deliver nothing to Ponzi schemes promising outsized gains.


So, you want to venture into cryptocurrency mining but don’t know where to start? You might want to get a few basic concepts right here. You can also estimate your profits depending on where you are using the several bitcoin mining calculators. See some of the best ones here.

Bitcoin miner

Cryptocurrency mining can be very unpredictable. If you are still not sure and you want to get concrete first hand information, you should probably checkout the r/cryptocurrency mining reddit for a few insights, the most popular on the topic.

Get information and tips on how to go about litecoin, monero, bitcoin and a lot more coins. You can also find out which coins are the most profitable to helpful information on how to optimise your miner.

This is a platform where you find everything under one roof. If you are struggling with things like how to invest in cryptocurrency reddit is one of the top sites to visit. Of course reddit is an open platform, so whatever you do, exercise your due diligence.

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