DADI: Decentralized Architecture for a Democratic Internet


What is DADI?

DADI is a decentralized global platform that offers cloud services, computing power, content delivery, database storage and many other functionalities that can enable you to scale and grow your business. It is based in the United Kingdom (UK). Unlike other platforms, DADI seeks to have all the services decentralized enabling the relevant stakeholders to have access and control hence creating a more democratic environment.

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A democratized market place will significantly reduce the costs of operations. Developers project a 90% reduction on operating costs of business that will operate on the DADI platform. It will also provide enhanced security as it will be operating on the Ethereum blockchain.

There are companies that are already using DADI’s technology. These companies include What Car?, Monocle, Empire, Virgin Limited Edition, and

This technology can be utilized for various functions and services. They include:

  • Content manipulation and distribution
  • Always-on products
  • Content and publishing platforms
  • Apps: tablet and mobile
  • Cost-sensitive products
  • Subscription services
  • Content classification
  • E-commerce
  • Big data
  • User experiences with machine learning
  • Customer relationship management


The platform utilizes smart contracts to provide its services. A smart contract is a computer program that facilitates the performance and negotiation of a contract on a digital platform. It is powered by the blockchain technology. Smart contracts allows parties to enter into and agreement without having to involve the services of a third party.

This system sets the rules and penalties that underpin a given contract. The participants of any particular contract must adhere to those rules or pay the penalties.

DADI also utilizes the fog computing structure. In this system, a pool of decentralized devices is all connected to the internet. There is no one single machine that controls computing resource distribution. It uses a computing system run by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This system eliminates the need to pay an advance fee for monopolized and private cloud computing platforms.

Another technology DADI utilizes is microservices architecture. This architecture provides a series of intelligent apps that are useful for building digital products.

DADI technology simplifies the grueling task of having to create an API and the need to scale every time the demand grows. In this case, the only concern is the data. The platform will feature DADI API. It is also available anytime you need it to assist you in scaling automatically when the demand increases.

It will also utilize GRPC, a technology used to distribute procedures across multiple hosts.

The Zookeeper is a peer-to-peer technology that will enable node communication. It will also allow distributed synchronization.

As long as your digital product is powered by web services, you will be in a position to build on DADI’s platform and scale your business to greater heights. Those with powerful machines at home will have a chance of generating passive income by sharing their computing power for a fee.

DADI Tokens Scooped Up After Launch

DADI’s public sale ended soon after it started, underlining the interest in the platform. During the pre-sale, 10,000,000 tokens were sold, and 50,000,000 sold during the public sale.

Partners will receive 10,000,000 tokens, the founding team 20,000,000, the Ecosystem 2,500,000, DADI+ ops 2,500,000 and the referral program 5,000,000.

The ICO or public sale started on January 29, 2018, and ended on the same day. The company sold the DADI token at 0.4 USD for one DADI token during the pre-ICO and 0.5 USD for 1 DADI during the ICO.

The crowdsale was capped at $29 million, and all investors will receive a 20% discount on the public sale price.  The total supply of the DADI tokens is 100,000,000

Why Should You Invest in DADI?

  • The company is an ongoing business that is now four years old. It has a team of 18 people working on the platform and supports reputable companies that we have already mentioned above. The founders have so far invested about $2 million for research and development, and the company now has $165,000 in revenue. While this might not sound much, it is at least a step in the right direction.
  • Global web services market is now worth about $250 billion. That notwithstanding, the market is still growing at the rate of 18% per annum. DADI aims to scoop about $100 billion market share with their technology. Quite ambitious but certainly worth buying into the vision.
  • As stated earlier, businesses are set to save a lot on this platform. Considering that it is open-source and pay per use system, it is set to attract a lot of reputable businesses. It will also not have upfront costs or license. Developers project that it will be up to 90% cheaper than other platforms that offer cloud computing like AWS
  • The platform is set to use the Proof-of-Stake system which will increase in value based on the importance of the node category. Those who are going to operate the node will receive a given percentage of the revenue that will be in the network.
  • One of the founders Chris Mair is on another promising platform called RaiBlocks with a very promising future.
  • Investors will be part of the network and will generate extra income from the network.

DADI will be an interesting token to invest in considering that they already have a running business. Unlike other start-ups whose value is purely speculative, you can actually analyze DADI’s business model and make an informed decision.

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