E-Chat Blockchain Network Makes Social Media Truly Private

The third round of the e-chat ICO sale is ending within hours. The soft cap of $5,000,000 has already been achieved with token prices going up to $1.5 after February 15.

One of the most remarkable messaging platforms, e-chat is banking on the millions of users it already has to deliver a new era of privacy using the blockchain network.

E-chat has a lot in common with messaging platforms like Telegram and Whatsapp. But e-chat developers are making a leap in terms of privacy by creating a decentralised P2P network. On this front, e-chat is far ahead of privacy-centric applications like Telegram. If everything goes to plan, e-chat will develop a lot more exciting functionalities to meet your day to day needs from a smartphone.

Multitasking Messenger

The multi-tasking messenger will function as a wallet with chats, video calls and audio. It  is one of the most integrated. Users will send and receive money using the multi-currency crypto wallet. It also allows users a free hand to integrate their credit cards to make payments.

Bloggers will be able to monetise their content using the decentralised network without advertisers.

One of the main limitations of the current financial system is making micropayments especially across borders without having to incur a huge cost. Think about that helpful advice you receive from a chat.

You have probably been in a situation where you want to give a little token of appreciation for some valuable help online. With e-chat, this will be possible through the integrated wallets. You can for instance send a few tokens through within your chat or buy an item directly from your social media platform. The multi-currency wallet comes in very handy.

Curated Content

The content browser will have a rating system to help you identify some of the best content available on your area of interest. By so doing, creators can easily get followers and get paid on the go. Users will also have an easy time finding valuable content. Eliminating third parties from the equation means better pay for content creators and cheaper access to quality content.

New Era of Data Protection

But the promise of a decentralised nature of the platform ushers in an new era of data protection. The current centralised system of messaging apps leaves users particularly vulnerable to cyber security threats and government intrusion.

Such violations will no longer be possible with the e-chat messenger. Developers used P2P, IPFS and blockchain technologies to achieve this. One can choose to be anonymous.

The system will even continue functioning even when the government shuts down the internet, according to the developers.

The E-Chat ICO

The ICO basically targets to raise funds to fund some of the more ambitious objectives. So why exactly do you need an ECHT token, you ask? Basically, token holders enjoy some of the fringe benefits like having more on the distributed data store.

The sale is now in its third round but ending on February 15. If you buy ECHT tokens now, you get a 15% discount.

ECHT tokens will ultimately appreciate in value given the already huge popularity of the platform. As more and more users flock in, the value will even climb higher. Tokens are now priced at an attractive $1.5 a unit.

If you have some extra HDD space to spare, you can participate in mining and get some rewards in the process.

For more information on upcoming ICOs, try our calendar.

ECHT Prospects

E-chat will embark on an aggressive marketing campaign to net as many users as possible. The exponential growth of the sector and a solid user base gives e-chat a unique advantage. The platform is already registered in China giving it access to the largest market for its product. E-chat enjoys some of the best reviews right now and it’s up to the team to deliver a solid product.

With the right marketing and capitalisation, the platform forked from ethereum network stands to create some of the most engaging communities online.

The idea of a decentralised messenger is ripe in the market as more users get online and demand privacy. The odds of e-chat succeeding are very high given its footprint and head start it has on the sector.

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