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How to earn Bitcoins for free

As ridiculous as it might sound there are many legitimate ways that can earn bitcoins for free while

You will, however, have to wade through a sea of scams to find credible platforms that give out free bitcoins. Just like in the real world, no one will give you free bitcoins without anything in exchange.

earn bitcoins for free

If you come across investment plans that are just too good to be true, they are probably just that. Unfortunately, the exponential growth in the value of cryptocurrencies in 2017 gave people unreasonably high expectations. It is not surprising that a good number of people fall for the numerous bitcoin scams online.

How do you get bitcoins for free? Here are a few ways you can earn free bitcoin online. To be clear this is no way to get rich. It might not even be the best use of your time but a great way to earn some few satoshis while pursuing your interests online.

One advantage with bitcoin is it can be broken up to just about any fraction you can think of. One satoshi is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin. This gives marketers a new way to monetize your attention online and actually pay you for it, which by the way is impossible with ordinary fiat.


The good news is that you can earn Bitcoins for free, and it’s really very easy. But you won’t make dozens of dollars in a couple of hours by just looking at a few ads, the truth is that as soon as you begin, you’ll need to invest a lot of time each day to earn 3, 5 or $10 a week.

Online Games

Online games are a great way for marketers to place advertisements. If you like gaming and you actually spend some considerable time playing, you could actually earn some free bitcoins while at it.

One of them is the Blockchain Game which you can download from your Android. Apple just banned offers to pay in cryptocurrencies for doing tasks so we are not very sure of the App Store.


You just need to sign in with your email address and enter your bitcoin address. The drawback is that you will get a lot of advertisements. But again that’s exactly how they get to pay you.

Gameplay is played in levels. The higher you go, the more the rewards. Some platforms let you earn free games while at it If you are really good. This is also another avenue on how to get free ripple coins if you want to diversify.


If you work in the taxi business, you can get free instant bitcoin as tips from your customers. Certain platforms allow you to print receipts with QR codes of your wallet which your customers can scan and tip you with free bitcoin. If you have been asking how can I get free bitcoin, this is how.

Online Tasks

There are several websites that give you free bitcoins for doing simple and fun tasks like watching movies. Sometime back, you could actually get 1 free bitcoin for simply watching and reviewing movies.

Imagine watching fast 8 online free and actually earning bitcoin. If you regularly have some free time or love movies, then this is one of the best ways to earn free bitcoin daily. If you missed, you can simply catch fast 6 online free on fast 5 free online and get your free bitcoins fast.

Websites like Coinadder give free bitcoins for signing up and watching ads. Others like Freedigitalmoney let you earn free bitcoins online for trying new apps, filling surveys and viewing ads.


Trading crypto is one of the most lucrative activities and one great way to free earn bitcoin. There are numerous free bitcoin trading courses online you can take advantage. Bitcoin trading is actually one of the best examples of how to make money online fast for free and easy.

There are numerous ways to earn free bitcoin online. Whatever you do, be sure to check local laws governing cryptocurrencies.

Free Bitcoin Faucets

Despite being marred by scams, there are legitimate free bitcoin faucets where you can actually earn free bitcoin by completing tasks such as filling captcha codes. You should do your own due diligence before settling on a website.

Many of the systems in which you can earn those free Bitcoins, are related to seeing advertising, solving Captchas or playing some games on your phone. So looking at it that way, it won’t be bad to invest those downtimes while you’re on the subway or waiting for someone.

Another positive part of faucets, games and pages that offer you Bitcoins, is the referrals. As if you invite other people to participate, the system gives you a percentage of an extra profit. Therefore, the money you earn will depend more on your power to attract new people to earn Bitcoins, and having them register with your referral link.

For any of the methods I’m about to explain, whether for games or faucets, you only need to have an email and a Bitcoin address to transfer the money you earn, to your wallet address. Making money without making an investment is really complicated, but there are several sites that offer Bitcoins in exchange for a small time investment. So I’m going to mention some of the best faucets I’ve tried, which have been working well for a long time and which pay promptly:


This is one of the best places to earn Bitcoins and hides no secrets. On this page they offer you to play a new game every hour, and depending on the number you get in the lottery draw, you’ll receive more or less coins.

  1. They pay you as soon as you have at least 0.00030000 BTC. You can receive automatic payments to get them once a week (every Sunday), and they will transfer them for free.
  2. To charge whenever you want, you must have a balance of at least 0.00010400 BTC. This entails a commission, but transfers will reach your wallet within 6 to and 24 hours later.
  3. If you want to charge instantaneously (less than 15 minutes) you’ll need to pay a higher commission, as this will make the miners verify the transaction faster.

You can earn from 0.00000226 BTC to 0.22585089 BTC per roll (amounts vary).

BTC Clicks

In this list we couldn’t discard the option of earning Bitcoins by viewing ads or visiting websites, which have to do with investment and Bitcoin subjects. It’s a very safe system and isn’t heavy, you only need to have the page they ask for open for 20 or 30 seconds, so you can do it while you’re watching TV or doing anything else.

This website has a section called “Surf Ads” with a list of ads, and you simply need to select the one that pays the most, watch it, solve the Captcha to confirm that you’ve seen it, and receive Microbitcoins as payment.

As in many pages, you can invite other people through a referral link and you’ll receive a commission for it.

[featured site=’eToro’ ][/featured]

Earning Bitcoins by playing

There are several games with which you can accumulate BTCs while playing, all of them are quite simple and are based on the principle of advertising to players, by which they charge the announcing brands and share a percentage with the players:

Blockchain Game

With this App you’ll earn Bitcoins while you align blocks. The game is quite entertaining and worth the time, but it’s basically an excuse for you to see the ads they show from time to time and for which you’ll receive a payment in Satoshis.

Whatever you earn depends on your skill and luck, but every time you play you’ll earn between 70 and 150 Satoshis.

Available on:

Mining option

Although it isn’t a free process and this article is dedicated at earning Bitcoins without having to mine, I would say you shouldn’t discard this either. It isn’t complicated, and there are several ways to do it with your own computer, without having to buy new specialized equipment.

Thanks to the miner pools, you can make your computer mine while you work, watch a movie or distract yourself on Youtube.

– Pools comparison: Bitcoin.it

On the other hand. Keep in mind that this is a payment currency like any other and that if you want to earn Bitcoins quickly and without investing any money, you’ll always have to sell something you already have or offer a service. In this article, in which I refer to getting BTC for free, I’m always referring to small amounts, no one really gives away money without asking for at least some work in return.

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