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IBM Blockchain platform to optimise the wine supply chain

VinAssure will use AI and blockchain to improve traceability, efficiency and profitability in the wine supply chain

IBM announced yesterday the release of VinAssure, a new platform for tracking wines from vineyard to consumer, powered by IBM Blockchain. VinAssure is being released in collaboration with eProvenance, a company offering innovative services in the monitoring and analysis of wine shipment conditions such as temperature, humidity, shock and geolocation.

VinAssure is designed to improve efficiency, traceability and profitability within the wine supply chain through a shared record of data which is permissioned and permanent. It is built on IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply and runs on IBM Cloud, using AI, blockchain and cloud technologies to optimise outcomes for wine producers, négociants, transporters, importers, distributors, retailers and restaurants.

eProvenance CEO Robin Grumman-Vogt explained, “No one wants to open a bottle of wine and discover it’s been corked. When the supply chain fails to maintain proper temperature conditions, that’s precisely what can happen. VinAssure™ is designed to bring collaboration and clarity to an often-chaotic supply chain. The sensitivity of the product, the number of actors, the complex logistics challenges and a convoluted patchwork of regulations across the USA and from country to country, are all factors that play into the need for a wine industry ecosystem.”

De Maison Selections, a US importer that responsibly sourced alcohol from independent French and Spanish producers, has become the first member of VinAssure. Maison Sichel, Export Division and Ste. Michelle Wine Estates also intend to join. Together, these three companies represent millions of bottles of wine moving through the global supply chain.

eProvenance uses a scientific algorithm to produce a score between 0 and 100 to indicate the quality of wine shipments. Information from vineyard to delivery will be validated and stored on the blockchain and accessible to supply chain members and consumers. They will be able to learn about a wine’s flavour profile and provenance, or if it meets biodynamic, organic and sustainability standards, by using existing identifiers like a QR code on the bottle.

Raj Rao, General Manager IBM Blockchain Platforms, commented, “Blockchain is the ideal solution for bringing transparency to a supply chain as complicated as that of the wine industry, which involves numerous participants and where needs vary depending on the destination of the shipment. Having an immutable digital record of transactions and conditions simplifies process and represents the future of moving sensitive goods. It also provides the end consumer with greater information that the wine they purchased tastes as the winemaker intended and reflects the immense care that went into producing that wine.”

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