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Intergalaxy SA, an international benchmark

From the outset, Blockchain technology has been gaining more and more space in large financial companies and even governments around the world.

Large business owners and investors are turning to Blockchain to bring more agility and security to their businesses. This system is completely transparent and functions as a record of the activities of companies, such as a shared record, which makes it so safe. With Blockchain systems, your company can share data and processes with other organizations, without risk of fraud and with a very fast flow. According to a Forbes story, 50 market giants with minimum revenues or valuations of $1 billion are already testing key blockchain systems.

Intergalaxy Crypto System

Today the market is full of companies offering software development services, including the development of blockchains. But in a survey conducted by cryptocurrency and blockchain consultants, a company caught our attention. Intergalaxy is recognized as the largest developer of crypto-systems, one of its main services being the creation of Blockchain systems, becoming an international benchmark.

Present in more than 35 countries, providing services to large clients in the technology market, Intergalaxy has been a response to the world with its technological and effective solutions, from its more than 1000 systems developed to its 250 clients.

With numerous clients around the world, Intergalaxy already has offices strategically located in 6 countries such as USA, Panama, Brazil, Hong Kong, London and Dubai.

Intergalaxy has a highly trained team and a team of developers specialised in programming languages such as PHP, Laravel, CSS, JavaScript, Ionic and many other languages to offer a fast and secure technology, such as the development of a faster blockchain than those developed by Ethereum, one of the world’s leading, fast and secure blockchains developers.

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