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Investors Snapping Up IQeon ICO tokens Fast

IQeon is making a grand entry into the lucrative gaming business with a promise to give users access to a wide variety of online gaming from one platform. The decentralized peer-to-peer decentralized network will give room to developers to build their gaming apps on top of it allowing users to easily monetize their bets.

Users will not just see results of their bets on the platform but also from other platforms.


The project has now raised $1,933,159 at press time in the ongoing token sale, making it one of the most successful in recent months. Participants can still buy IQN tokens at a  15% bonus but this ends soon in 5 days. A total of $1 258 168 of a successful round one and round 2 presale was raised.

The IQeon main token sale started on January 30 with early participants receiving handsome bonuses.

The IQeon tokens are based on the ethereum network and fully complies with the ERC-20 standards. Moving it from one wallet to another or between exchanges should therefore be easy.

What IQeon Does

IQeon as the name suggests allows users to participate in intelligent games. The best players are rewarded with IQeon tokens. By monetizing games for players, IQeon is solving a big need in the market where most of the benefits go majorly to third parties. The IQN tokens can be spent on the platform or converted to other cryptocurrencies.

Only 3% of players have learned to monetize their games. Players can host tournaments and define rules and other parameters such as fees and number of participants. Developers too can earn a percentage of the proceeds from the tournament.

Intelligent games are the third most downloaded with users spending an average of one hour every month, the highest in any genre according to Survey Monkey.

Mobile smart games have a market of over $4.9 billion

The team behind IQeon has already participated in high profile blockchain meet-ups including London Blockchain Week 2018, Blockchain Conference in Thai, and World Blockchain Summit where they gave interviews to various ICO outlets.

IQClash Lite is one of the first games to be featured on the platform. The games allows users to compete in intellectual mini-quests. IQClash Lite is based on the blockchain technology.

IQeon Ratings

With the huge number of ICO’s currently being floated, it is worth looking at IQeon ratings.

The ICO actually enjoys some of the highest ratings from some of the trusted ICO  rating agencies. ICOBazaar and ICOBench rates the project 4.5 out of 5 and ICORanker — 78 out of 100. You can read our IQeon review here.

Achieving such a high rating means that the project has robust business goals and a high quality technical side.

IQeon tokens give users several unique advantages. They can for example use the tokens earned in other platforms.

IQeon is now looking to add more third-party developers as it embarks on an ambitious plan to have 10,000 partners, 150 IQ Clash applications, and 15,000,000 active users by 2019.

This means the chances of success are quite high and making IQeon a low risk investment option for investors. The project has one of the most experienced teams in the industry with several years experience to take the project through.

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