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Mindexcoin Joins Intergalaxy and Gets Listed on IDAX Exchange

Encrypted payment solution Mindexcoin has set itself apart in a crowded field in 2019. The first quarter of the year saw Mindexcoin launch several important aspects of its blockchain, as well as lead its own industry event in Hong Kong. But none of this news measures up to the latest.

The Mindexcoin (MIC) project has been absorbed by Intergalaxy, one of the largest cryptocurrency software development companies in the world. Intergalaxy may be an unfamiliar name if you’re not in the industry, but this is because they are the ones designing systems behind the scenes for recognizable companies in this sector. To date, Intergalaxy has designed more than 1,000 technology systems for 800+ clients, spread across more than 35 countries.

To take Mindexcoin under its wing is to speak of the great potential of the crypto project. Mindexcoin has not been clear whether Intergalaxy will be developing its software for a specific client or for generalised purposes that will affect the general public. In any case, the name “Mindexcoin” will remain in place, as will most of the leadership and applications so far known to Mindexcoin fans.

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We know Mindexcoin is here to stay because there have been major updates to various system architectures, concurrent with the move to Intergalaxy. Included in these is a major update to MindexWallet, which now allows users to store multiple currencies, send and receive transactions, and receive payments from customers.

Mindexcoin (MIC) will also be listed on the IDAX Exchange in the coming days. The IDAX move will give MIC a much higher profile in the eyes of many, as IDAX is one of the world’s top 15 crypto exchanges with more than $1 billion in trading volume on most days.

This is a lot of good news for MIC fans and holders. Regarding the move to Intergalaxy, the IDAX listing, and the powerful updates to MindexWallet, CEO Francisco Silva has this to say, “I feel challenged and at the same time very happy to take on such a full and promising project, my expectation is to leverage Mindexcoin and surprise the market in the next 3 years”.

MIC has a great deal of potential for customers and those following the latest crypto projects, with the MindexWallet’s ability to provide greater protection against malware and trojan breach attacks setting the combination above other projects as an incredibly secure option. We’ll follow further developments for MindexCoin as they are announced.

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